Fieldsports Britain - Screaming pheasants + build your own night vision (episode 162)

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Welcome to Fieldsports Britain and happy New Year. Coming up the nights are long and dark,
but we are lighting them up with night vision. Roy Lupton is out doing the kind of things
that Roy Lupton does at this time of year. He is knocking down foxes. First, Andy Crow
has forgotten his pigeons. He can't recall his corvids. He has had an invitation, he
is going pheasant shooting.
Some of you, especially if you are a pigeon, will only have seen Andy from the neck up
- but today he is stepping out from the hide for some exceptionally high flying pheasant
He's a guest here today as a thank you for helping out with the cover crops which, as
many of those watching in the UK will appreciate, have been difficult to manage with the appalling
wet weather we have had. Crow and his son also beat here regularly, so he knows the
guns and how well the birds fly.
We see some nice birds here. They stop in those trees and hide, well three quarters
up the bank and a pheasant over the top of those trees is going to be harder than most
usual shoots. It is good birds here, serious birds.
On the first drive, shoot manager Mike tells Andy where he wants him.
When they start coming through here and Nigel starts missing them, you can have a crack
at some nice birds.
On most occasions he'll be a back gun.
Andy's cousin Gary is also here today - not to shoot, nor to load - but just to enjoy
the scenery, the weather and the company. Could pheasant shooting become a major spectator
sport? Today that depends on how well Andy shoots.
The first drive doesn't deliver much for Mr Crow but the birds flying across this Surrey
valley are wonderful to watch.
When Andy does get into the shooting he'll be trying out some speciality pheasant cartridges
from British ammunition manufacturer Hull Cartridges.
I am shooting some quite high birds today. I have been sent High Pheasant Extreme. I
have asked for them in size 5 shot. We are only using fibre ..... here 32g, because they
are serious birds here. Every one who knows me knows which cartridge I use. These are
totally different to what I am used to using and I am going to see how they go and give
them a good try.
Drive 2 is a favouite of Andy's and if it goes well there should be some screamers.
Tell me about the gun Andy.
Gary brought this up, brought this up for me to use. He has had it since he was 17.
He bought it from Chris Potter Guns. It is only Maruko, only Maruko, it is a lovely gun
I shoot it well. I shoot it better than he does, that's why he lets me use it. It is
just that me using my auto here wouldn't really go down very well I think.
He's certainly got his eye in for this one and makes some cracking shots.
Getting a feel for these cartridges now. Yes,I am getting some quite nice shots here. Had
a couple of silly misses, but it would be boring if you got everything you shoot at
wouldn't it.
Time for a snifter, for medicinal purposes only. In case you are wondering, this man
is not a midget, but a normal-sized bloke with an enormous hip flask.
The first two drives were just a warm-up for this one. If it were a ride at a fairground
it would be known as "the beast" or "the big one". The birds can be as much as 150 yards
above you, well out of range for most shooters, so it has got Andy's blood pumping.
Yes, I have seen them fly off this drive before, some of the best birds I have ever seen. You
have got to know your stuff to get these. We will see how they come over today, but
I was up there beating a few weeks back and they take off from the top of the bank and
we have got a wood behind us and they make for where the pen is at the top of the wood
and I have seen them come over here and come over 100 to 150 yards up and they are unshootable
really, unless you are George Digweed and he is definitely in a different league. People
like him can shoot at 100 yards, but I can't. I don't claim to either. But let's just see
how it goes.
There are a few partridge in here too but it's the pheasants that are supplying the
sport - and here comes Andy's bird of the day. He later confesses that it's one of the
birds of his life. Unfortunately, cameraman David's new year yoga classes have come a
bit late to bend with the shot, but he gets on it for the re-entry. And the splashdown.
There is nothing better than that. That is what you come out for that, to shoot those
big ones. To shoot something like that, that has made my day that has, I'll tell you.
Very impressed, yes, yes. I would have liked to have had a go. I don't think I would have
hit it though. It was high.
After a shot like that you do just want to put your gun away and go home so as not to
spoil the moment.
But then again with birds like this it's worth sticking around.
I am not a big man on the pheasants anyway. You have only got to have one shot like that
and you can take that home and remember it for a while. That's way I work. That was some
shot. Yes, like I say it is not the big bag and things. It is picking the bird you want
to shoot and that was one I wanted to shoot. When I came here I was a bit worried that
I wouldn't shoot anything on here because they do come off here seriously high. But
no, I am having a good day. I didn't start off too good, but these cartridges are performing
well. It shot that one nicely so yes.
On the last drive before lunch Andy stands behind the guns which are lined up along the
bottom of the valley.
Andy gets a few chances on birds that have already ducked and weaved past a number of
Thankfully, this one is not his - it's a foot away from an insurance claim.
It's been another great drive and there is plenty of praise for those who have shot well.
How did you get on?
I shot two.
Did you?
Yes, nice old cock bird....
Did you shoot the hen bird?
The one that nearly hit the car?
No, cock bird. Yes. Was it close?
Yes, about that far away.
About two foot away.
I heard everyone shout.
Thanks. Cheers.
Lunchtime and a chance to talk over this morning's shooting. This group of guns have shot well
today. They've had to. It wouldn't be much fun for a novice here. With the days being
so short at this time of year, everyone decides to save dessert for later. The last drive
is another stormer.
The valley is perfect for the experienced gun. Andy used to be farm manager on this
ground and grew up around here. He has known some of the guys here since he was a boy.
So before ground the rings out with shots, let's find out whether The Crow prefers a
day on the pigeons or the pheasants.
A good day pheasant shooting takes a lot of beating, hell of a lot of beating. Nice day
it has been a brilliant day.
When the birds come, it's fast and furious - Andy picks the bird he wants way in front
and stays on it - it's a technique that's working well for him.
It pays to pick out a bird and concentrate on it. Don't change your mind, stay on it.
That is what I always do. Cause you have made up your mind on that bird, so stick with it.
That is what I always do.
Cousin Gary has generously been offered a shot on this last drive and Andy keeps him
on his toes.
We have been so lucky today, the weather has been with us, which is a miracle, and we've
been able to witness some great shooting by Andy and the rest of the guns on ground that
keeps everyone searching the heavens for their next opportunity.
Now from tall birds to tall stories. It is David on the Fieldsports Channel News Stump.
This is Fieldsports Britain News.
Boxing Day hunts across the UK attracted strong support this year, despite the recent flooding
and poor hunting conditions. Foxhound packs and other hound sports are enjoying strong
support thanks - many believe - to Tony Blair's attempt to ban them.
Staying with hunting, and MPs are investigating the third-of-a-million-pound bill run-up by
the RSCPA in its efforts to obtain a conviction from a British fox hunt. The Heythrop Hunt
has pleaded guilty to four counts of unlawfully hunting a wild fox with dogs. It's not justice
but it is law. The RSPCA is too rich for most people to face in court. The presiding magistrate
called the RSPCA's £327,000 costs "staggering". We made a film about the ruling. Click on
the link on the screen to watch it.
UK shooting associations are hitting back at the Scottish Government, which wants to
ban airguns. Holyrood has launched a public consultation on plans to introduce a licensing
system for Scotland's 500,000 airguns. The proposals include a ban on people plinking
in their back gardens. You can take action. Both the BASC and the Countryside Alliance
websites have instructions on what to do.
A new British shooting Youtube channel is being launched next week, the Schools Challenge
tv. After years of inspiring youngsters to take up shooting the Oxford Gun company is
continuing it's drive to attract people to the sport with a new regular show going live
next Tuesday the 8thof January. And from then on each episode will be published on Youtube
every 2nd and 4th tuesday of every month.
And finally, it has been outed as a fake. Homegrown animations are becoming more and
more popular on YouTube. This film of an eagle apparently snatching a child in Canada is
one of them. It's also meant lots of people watching our own series of golden eagle films
which are real but don't include children being plucked from playgrounds.
You are now up to date with Fieldsports Britain News. Stalking the stories. Fishing for facts.
Thank you David. Well, now a typical winter's day out with the legend that is Lupton.
Now, when I get the camera settings wrong cameraman David often reminds me that... "even
a worm learns, Charlie". Clearly, rats are much further up the evolutionary ladder. They
have learned that when the security lights are on at Roy's house it can mean a sorry
These two were clearly not destined for greatness in Camp Rat. The others most now eat the bird
seed under cover of darkness, which means a change of tactics.
Welcome to my bathroom. No, little bit of an odd set up, but I have just been provided
with a new night sight that we are going to be using to go and do some fox hunting with,
but I really wanted to get used to it and see how it works and make sure we can get
it set up properly. What we thought we would do is put it on an air rifle and see if we
can shoot a few rats first with it. Make sure we have got everything as it should be. We
have got a tack light illuminator, our illuminator on there and we have got the night vision
unit on the back of it, on the back of the scope here. On a Webley Air Rifle this time.
And we are just experimenting with it. What I am going to do before we start ratting is
just take a few shots at a target and hope that we are somewhere on. We might just have
to do a few final adjustments. I am not sure if it affects it, affects the zero. I shouldn't
have thought it would do, but we will have a few shots just at the range where I am going
to be shooting 15 to 20 yards. Hopefully we wil
l be able to get a few rats in the bag tonight with the night vision.
Roy's artistic talents are tested yet again. Maybe he should design his own range of novelty
targets... but with what seem to be comedy bosoms.
So that nobody is under the impression that I am drawing boobies on a rat.
So it is now clearly a rat with paws .....and now it's a holy rat. That rifle is still shooting
true even with all the gear on. Soon we'll be talking through some of the kit we're using
to try and get the best hunting shots we can.
Today we've had to use our initiative to try and get a video signal from the new night
vision kit, which Roy's clever friend has made him. It's incredible how cheap some of
the most vital component parts on this set-up are. If you have the knowhow, why pay hundreds?
It is based on a CCTV unit you can pick up on eBay for under a tenner.
The budget from Fieldsports Channel strikes again and what we have done is we have stolen
a kiddies DVD player so rather than watching Snow White it is going to be playing shooting
of Ratty Rats. We haven't got any way of recording directly to the camera at the moment. We are
transmitting from this to a receiver and we are going to play it on a CD player and then
obviously film it from the CD player for tonight because we haven't got a dedicated recorder
for the unit which we will hopefully get next week.
The image is not great at close range - getting better at ranges of 30 to 40 metres, not the
15 to 20 we've been working with. Roy does get three rats within five minutes. He hit
this small one just in front of Roy's Christmas present to his parents. See - he does actually
love his mother and father.
Roy finds the other two rats close to the food tray. After he deals with them, confident
that the kit works, he is happy enough to swap the IR illuminator and the box of tricks
on to his .243 - put a round or two down it, and look up an old friend.
I have got a lamp shy fox in one of the fields not too far away which has been causing me
grief for the last few weeks. So we will have a pop over there and see if we can account
for that.
En route we spot some rabbits and Roy just has a look to see what is the best magnification
to work with - then we go looking for Charlie. A scan shows him up and Roy starts calling.
He is sure there are two in the field, probably a mating pair.
Roy keeps calling, trying to bring them as close as possible. Eventually he drops the
fox in front. ..
For getting that fox coming in like that, that was absolutely superb. And to actually
watch it coming in, no light, no lamps and he came off from a fair distance as well.
That was absolutely superb. Very, very impressed with that. I definitely think I am a convert
to the dark arts.
Back at base we have a look at our Charlie.
The only pity about taking the shot that I did there, obviously I shot the fox. Preferably
I would have liked to have taken the vixen, but when you are looking at them like that,
you can't tell. So we will head back out another night and see if we can pick up that vixen.
She looked like a very, very dark fox in the imagery we were getting there. So she shouldn't
be too hard to mistake.
Night vision is an excellent tool and it's vital for those tricky customers. But with
everything there is a downside. One thing Roy is aware of, just from this short outing,
is losing out on the team work and the sociable side of foxing or lamping - and there's a
lot to be said for that!
And on that note, if you have made your own night vision kit, let us know so we can tell
the world.
Now, from small, brown rodents to the wider world of hunting on Youtube. It ‘s Hunting
This is Hunting YouTube, which aims to show the best hunting, shooting and fishing videos
that YouTube has to offer.
Let's kick off with rabbits. Rabbit Hunt, Big Running Bunnys, brought to you by BuckeyeBunnyHunter,
is a hilariously pointless film where two hours-worth of two couple of fat beagles running
riot after what appears to be the same rabbit is reduced to six minutes, mainly showing
two men standing around in the rain, one carrying a horn and a pistol, listening to hound music.
It's not easy being an American rabbit. Skyview's Beagles & Heartland Kennels Rabbit Hunt shows
much the same, a bunch of good old boys from West Virginia unsuccessfully out after bunnies
with hounds, only this footage is 6 long minutes unedited.
It's a relief to get back to the UK, where viewer Sam Badham of YouTube channel SRSPower
sends us his latest film, Carrion Crow shot with the Browning B525. He is out pigeon shooting
and manages to bring down a crow. That's one more kill than the first two films combined.
Dislikers of livebaiting look away now. DizzyFIshUK is back in his kayak for a river weir pool
session livebaiting for pike. He catches 14. Here are the tactics and tackle he uses.
Viewer Neil Hawkins sends us this fishing film with the warning "Bit of swearing, but
you will understand why part way through". The one that got away / shark bait has had
nearly 12 million views and this is the reason. A shock for any angler.
To Northern Ireland for the latest from the much-loved HuntersVermin. Air Rifle Hunting,
NiteSite NS200 Rat Hunt 2, 2012, shows the man wielding his BSA Super 10 Mk2 and - still
sore from missing a rat in his last film - not missing any this time.
Now we go to the USA for one of the big TV shows. Desert Sheep Hunt has our old friend
Jason Bruce of Headhunter Chronicles heading down to Mexico for a grand slam big horn ram
in thick brush. Good shot.
Meanwhile, GrowingDeerTV offers Hunting Whitetails And Turkey The Redneck Way. It is out with
the guys from Redneck Blinds as they bow hunt turkeys then take the muzzleloader for a late
season doe hunt with an unexpected double -- a doe and a bobcat.
You can click on any of these films to watch them. If you have a YouTube film you would
like us to pop in to the weekly top eight, send it in via YouTube, or email me the link
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