How to set up & use BlackBerry® Messenger on your BlackBerry® Pearl™ 3G smartphone

Uploaded by TelstraKnowHow on 01.07.2010

BlackBerry Messenger is an instant messaging app just for BlackBerry smartphone users.
You just add your friends to your BlackBerry Messenger contacts, and then you can chat one-on-one
or even create groups to have group chats with your friends.
You can set up your own BlackBerry Messenger profile, then follow these steps to get up and running.
Step 1. From the main menu, click ‘Instant Messaging’ and then the ‘BlackBerry Messenger’ icon.
Step 2. On the contact list screen, press the ‘menu’ key, and select ‘Invite Contact’.
Step 3. You can enter a friend’s email address, PIN or name.
Or, you can scan the person’s barcode, which can be found by pressing the menu key and selecting ‘My Profile’, and click on ‘Display Barcode’.
Step 1. On the contact list screen, highlight a contact you’d like to chat to, press the menu key, and select ‘start chat’.
Step 2. Type a message, and press the enter key.
You can see when your message is delivered by the D on screen.
You can see when it’s been read when the D changes to an R.
Step 1. On the contact list screen select ‘Create New Group’.
Step 2. Give the group a name, and if you’d like to - add a brief description and icon.
Step 3. Go through the options, and then click ‘create group’.
Then if you selected to show the group on your home screen
you can start a conversation with group members by clicking on it from your home screen.
With BlackBerry Messenger and the Telstra Next G™ network, it’s quick and easy to get in touch with your friends in more places.