Uploaded by polinternational on 14.07.2011

Hello, my name is Arthur Carlucci. I am from Ribeirão Preto, in the state of São Paulo
I am a Designer, and I am studying here in the "Product Service System Design" course.
I am studying at the Politecnico di Milano, at the Bovisa Campus, and I can say that the University infrastructure is very robust, it has a lot of laboratories, all very well equipped, and large, something that pleasantly surprised me.
Also, the classes are very dynamic, they have a lot of interaction with professors from other countries;
for example, last week I had a class with a professor from Chicago - actually, not just a class but an entire course with him - it was very interesting
It helps a lot my professional development. For classes, it is important to speak Italian very well.
One piece of advice I would give you is to study it throughly before coming here, since it makes a big difference
to get the hang of communicating well with the other students and with people in the city, not just at the university
Another suggestion I have for you has to do with housing, because when I arrived here I had a housing problem...finding a place to live...
so my suggestion is to get a place for at least a month before arriving here, and then, once you are already here, it will be easier to find, for example, someone to share an apartment with, something like that.
Also, the university residences are a good option for those just arriving, because it is a safe place, good for meeting new people, because it is only for students
that is my advice for you... Okay then, I hope that you all like it when you come here to Milan and...perhaps we will see you around here. Ciao!