Dumb Hero™

Uploaded by SegmentiLavorativi on 30.09.2012

Have you ever dream about becoming a ROCKSTAR, but your job didn't allow you to do it?
The city grayness inhibited your need of ROCK'N'ROLL?
You can't bring a console at the office to play Guitar Hero?
With DUMB HERO all you need is: two drum sticks...
...and a VICTIM.
By buying the Dumb Hero PRO version, you'll get the victim-cam.
Watch the best replays of your CHALLENGES!
Challenge your workmates and your friends! The VICTIM has been tested for 101.029.666,475 hits!
No Marcos were harmed in the making of this video. All scenes were performed by professional stuntmen. We insist that no one submit any videos of themselves or others performing any dangerous activities. We will not open or view them.