Kid's Fitness is Easy with GeoPalz

Uploaded by geopalz on 12.06.2012

Like my new bike? I just got it by cashing in all the points I earned on GeoPalz. Want
to know how you can earn points and cool prizes like me? With GeoPalz. GeoPalz is an interactive
game that lets you earn points and prizes just by moving. Here's how it works. First,
Choose one of the 26 fun designs.
And clip it to your hip or shoe. Then climb, jump, and race your friends. You earn points
with every step. Recording your points is easy. Register online by entering your devices
secret code on Log the steps shown on your devices screen. The steps you
log are converted into miles, and accumulate as points.
Rack up points to win free prizes, certificates and rewards. Talk to your parents about adding
even more gear from to the GeoPalz prize wall. All they have to do is drag it
to the GeoPalz prize wall and set a point value. Visit and get moving today!