25 year old virgin-- Hilarious Stand up- Kimberly Young Actor/ Comedian

Uploaded by GrlwBigSmile on 24.01.2013

When did virginity become like old furniture you had to get rid of?
I mean, I was holding on to mine like I was on the Worst OF Episode of Hoarders.
the host would be like...worst than the old man with a tub filled with toe nail clippings.
worse than this old lady with stacks of cat skeletons,
meet this woman- with ten weeping pussies rotting from the inside out.
well, when you're 25 living in your own apartment
and you haven't been on your first date yet,
you start to realize...
whats the point of waiting til you're married
if you may never get married until you are 42 and you have a droopy cooch?
well once I realized that...
I got rid of my virginity quicker than a
teen mom dropping her baby in the dumpster.
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