Kid Conversation - January 2012

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>> ♪ "Kid Conversation"
"Kid Conversation" ♪
♪ "Kid Conversation"
"Kid...Conversation" ♪
>> [ Scat singing ]
>> ♪ "Kid Conversation"
"Kid Conversation" ♪
♪ "Kid Conversation"
"Kid...Conversation" ♪♪
>> Well, hello, everybody, and
welcome to "Kid Conversation."
My name is, of course, Kid!
And this is my brother Sid.
Sid, how you doing?
>> I'm good.
How's it going, brother?
>> Yeah, what are you
up to, brother?
>> My brother.
My brother, my brother.
>> My brother from the same
mother. So what'd you do
this weekend, Sid?
>> I actually ate a whole
Yeah, even the green part.
>> You ate the whole watermelon?
>> Yeah.
Still full.
>> Hmm, seems a bit odd.
>> Hey, you know what?
Can I offer a word of advice?
>> Yeah, sure.
>> Never eat a whole watermelon.
>> Words to live by, Sid.
You're very wise.
You're wise, my brutha!
>> Yeah. Thank you.
>> All right, we've got a great
show for you tonight!
On today's show, we got two
wonderful kids from
Gunpowder Elementary School.
We've got Conner
and we've got Luke.
You're gonna love 'em, Sid.
All right, everybody,
stay tuned.
We've got some great guests,
some fun, all here on
"Kid Conversation,"
where the kids do the talking
and we do the listening.
Be right back. Be back, Sid.
>> Yep.
>> Hi, my name's Kyle and I got
a little joke for you.
What do you do if you find a
dinosaur in your bed?
You should consider finding
somewhere else to sleep.
>> [ Laughter ]
>> Don't --
>> Hello, everybody, and welcome
back to "Kid Conversation."
You know, we're going to get the
show started with our very first
guest, who happens to be from
Gunpowder Elementary School,
so let's bring in our very first
guest, who is Luke!
>> SID: All right, Luke,
well, come on out, buddy.
>> KID: Come on out and grab
your chair, man.
How's it going, buddy?!
>> LUKE: Okay.
>> KID: How you doing today?
>> All right.
>> So, like, tell me a little
bit about Gunpowder.
It sounds dangerous.
>> SID: Yeah, it does.
>> KID: Gunpowder
Elementary School, whew!
Sounds explosive!
You brought a lot of stuff with
you. What is that?
>> Here's my BotCon
Transformers figure.
>> This is fascinating.
>> [ Muffled speech ]
>> KID: You're not eating it?!
>> Ugh!
>> I'm not eating it!
I'm not eating it!
>> SID: Security!
>> It's just how I get the hand
out. It's kind of hard!
>> You use your teeth?
>> Yeah!
>> Didn't you just lose some
of your teeth?
>> Yeah, I just lost one.
>> Where? Where'd you lose it?
>> Right here.
>> Let me see that.
>> No.
>> SID: Well, where did it go?
>> Are you looking for it now?
>> Tooth Fairy.
>> KID: The Tooth Fairy?
>> Yeah, and I got $10 for it.
>> KID: Ah!
>> SID: You got how much money?!
>> $10.
>> SID: Ah!
>> And I have more money
than just that.
But it's all change.
>> More money than $10?
>> $10 for a tooth?!
Man, I got a quarter
when I lost mine.
>> I got to not have to clean
the toilet bowl for a week.
>> You said you wanted to see
more stuff, so I'm showing --
>> KID: Can I see that $10?
>> What?
>> KID: Can I see the $10?
>> Sure,
but you're not having it!
>> Just put it in my hand.
I want to see if it's real.
>> You're not having it!
>> Come on, give it to me.
>> You're not having it!
>> I just want to borrow it.
>> No!
>> I'll buy you lunch.
>> No!
>> SID: Ah, you can always
just give it to me.
>> No!
>> I think it's real, Sid.
>> Are you serious, Kid?
>> LUKE: Yeah.
>> It's real, Sid.
This looks like real money.
I recently heard that aliens
are double-jointed.
Did you hear that?
>> Oh, yeah, that's common, uh,
common fact.
>> Did you ever hear about that,
double-jointed aliens?
>> Yep.
>> That doesn't even make sense.
>> Well, I heard that aliens
are double-jointed.
>> That's how you can tell if
it's an alien or not.
Are you double-jointed?
>> Well, my thumb is.
>> Ahh!
>> KID: You're an alien!
>> I'm not one!
>> Hold your thumb up.
Let me see if it's
>> Yeah, let's see this thing.
>> Let me see that thumb.
>> [Sigh] Listen! Their whole
body has to be double-jointed
to do that, if you said
they're double-jointed.
>> So your whole body has to be
double-jointed, to be an alien?
>> Yeah!
>> Well, let me see your thumb.
How do you know it's
Could you hold it up
so I can see?
>> This part of my thumb.
>> Wait a minute.
Hold it up a little higher.
I can't really see.
>> I can bend it back a little.
>> SID: Uhhh!
>> Am I double-jointed?
>> No.
>> SID: I think I am.
>> What about Sid?
>> You're not even
double-jointed, you're just
moving your thumb!
>> Oh.
>> Well, I guess we're not
aliens, then, Sid.
>> Oh, that's kind of a relief.
>> We love this thing you were
talking about.
RotCon? What is that?
>> BotCon!
>> ButtCon?
>> SID: ButtCon?
>> BotCon!
>> Oh, BotCon, right, yeah,
yeah, we talked about this,
yeah, BotCon.
>> BotCon. I love that.
Give me a high-five for --
a high-five for BotCon.
>> SID: Give me a high-five.
>> Give me a high-five.
>> LUKE: Uhh...
>> KID: Don't give him, give me.
>> I'm not giving either of you
a high-five!
>> BOTH: Aww!
>> KID: Hey, you know what?
I have a robot -- I mean,
We have a robot that we've been
working on, Sid and I.
We call it the "VIC 2000."
>> SID: Oh, yeah.
>> It's a prototype that we've
been working on for years and we
thought maybe we could bring him
out and show you.
What do you think?
>> Anh, it's okay.
>> You like robots, right?
>> Anh, yeah.
They're like Transformers, so...
>> You're going to love the
VIC 2000, so I'll tell you
what we'll do --
We will take a short break and,
when we get back, we will bring
out the VIC 2000 and we'll let
Luke take him for a spin.
All righty? All righty.
We'll be right back.
You're going to love this.
You're going to love
the VIC 2000.
>> Today's word is "courtesy"!
>> Courtesy counts!
>> Courtesy!
>> Courtesy counts!
Courtesy counts!
>> Okay, we are back to
"Kid Conversation" and, as we
promised, we are going to
introduce to you the VIC 2000.
Right here, I have the remote,
so I'm going to show everybody
the VIC 2000. VIC!
Let me get this to work.
>> SID: Don't forget to press
the button over there.
>> Come forward.
Walking forward.
>> SID: Here it comes.
>> KID: Is it working?
Is he coming?
>> SID: He should be coming.
>> VIC! VIC! Agh.
>> I just changed his
batteries this morning.
>> You did?
>> Oh, there it is!
>> Okay, good good good good
good good.
All right,
let me get him to turn.
All right, turn.
Oh, no, other way.
Turn the other way.
>> Yeah, you got to hit the
other direction. There you go.
>> Okay, okay, okay, okay.
All right, all right.
This is -- This is -- Watch.
Press this one here, move,
and then he raises his arm.
Arms up!
>> There it is.
>> Which button? Which button?
>> This one right here.
>> Oh.
>> This one will make him turn,
if you spin both of these
at the same time.
Watch him turn around.
Turning around in a circle.
>> Here it is.
>> There we go. All right.
Very good. All right, beautiful.
>> Put his arms down. I like it
when his arms are down.
>> Okay, putting his arms down.
>> [ Alarm pulses ]
>> SID: Oh, no no no, you didn't
want him to put his head down.
>> Oh, wait a minute.
>> LUKE: I think you put
his butt up.
>> KID: All right, turn a
little bit to your right.
We got -- Turn --
Okay, good good good.
All right.
>> SID: Looking good.
>> Oh, here, you want to try it?
>> LUKE: Yay!
>> KID: What are you going to
do? Tell me what you're
going to try to do.
Are you going to try to make him
lift his arms, or what?
>> LUKE: Uh --
>> KID: Arms up!
>> LUKE: Arms!
>> KID: Oh, wait a minute.
>> SID: Be careful, there.
Don't press those buttons
too fast.
Nice and easy.
>> Easy does it. Easy does it.
Easy does it! Easy does it!
>> There you go. Better.
>> We've been trying to train
VIC 2000 to help us around the
house with vacuuming and
cooking and cleaning.
He's kind of like a
personal butler.
>> LUKE: Arms up!
>> KID: Okay, can I see the
remote again?
Let me see the remote.
You know what?
>> LUKE: It doesn't really --
What is he doing, dancing?!
>> KID: I don't know.
>> SID: You must've hit one of
those dance buttons along
the bottom.
>> Let's see if we can get him
to do something here.
Luke, go hand VIC 2000 that box
of cereal there, would you?
Hand the VIC 2000 the box
of cereal.
>> And the bowl?
>> Just, yeah,
put it in his hand.
Not the bowl, just the cereal.
>> Oh.
>> There you go, yeah.
>> [ Beeping musically ]
>> Try to put it right
in his hand.
>> Kid, you got to make sure you
got your hand on there right.
>> LUKE: Oh!
I think he lost a piece.
>> Get the bowl. Get the bowl.
And hold the bowl out so he can
pour the cereal into the bowl.
>> We've been working on this.
This is going to be good.
>> All right, let me get this.
The remote's kind of
acting strange.
>> SID: Hold still.
>> Try to get the cereal
in the bowl.
>> Don't move the bowl.
Keep it still.
>> All right, hold on. Ugh!
The remote's acting
kind of funny.
Try to pour the cereal
into the bowl.
Help him out, there, Luke.
>> [ Luke laughing ]
>> KID: Ah! Ah!
>> SID: What's going on?!
>> KID: The VIC 2000's lost it!
Something's wrong with
this remote!
>> SID: Holy moly. Careful.
>> Can we shut him down?
>> Shut him down!
He's shutting down.
>> Luke! What happened?!
>> I didn't do anything!
>> It's like somebody has
another remote, or something!
I totally lost control of
the VIC 2000!
>> SID: I don't know what's
going on.
Don't look at me.
>> [ Luke giggles ]
>> KID: Ugh.
>> Well, at least it's all done.
At least he's not moving
anymore, or doing
anything crazy.
>> He seems to be frozen.
>> I think he lost a piece.
>> KID: He's falling apart.
I'll tell you, what, Luke --
have a seat, would you, please?
Sit back down for a second.
>> Do that again!
>> I'll tell you what --
You said you're good at drawing
Transformers, right?
>> Yeah.
>> Why don't you go over and
draw some Transformers on the
easel over there and, while you
do that, we'll try to see if we
can fix the VIC 2000, okay?
All right, all right.
You know what?
We'll be back, everybody.
Sorry about that VIC 2000.
So hold on, we'll be right back,
right after this.
>> All right, we'll get
this guy fixed.
>> ♪ "Math Homework Helpers"
it's time for, time for ♪
♪ "Math Homework Helpers"
oh, yeah ♪
♪ "Math Homework Helpers"
it's time for, time for ♪
♪ "Math Homework Helpers"
oh, yeah ♪
♪ Multiply, divide
add, or subtract ♪
♪ figure what
the answer will be ♪
♪ You can do it
with a little help ♪
♪ from your friends
here on TV ♪
♪ "Math Homework Helpers"
it's time for, time for ♪
♪ "Math Homework Helpers"
oh, yeah ♪
♪ "Math Homework Helpers"
it's time for, time for ♪
♪ "Math Homework Helpers"
oh, yeah ♪♪
>> That's right!
Here on BCPS-TV!
Call us every Wednesday!
>> Don't forget!
The number is 410-494-1459!
Call us! Do it!
>> Whoo! Whoo! Whoo!
>> BOTH: Whoo! Whoo! Whoo! Whoo!
[ Laughing ]
>> We are back to
"Kid Conversation."
We're taking the VIC 2000 in
for repairs.
>> That was a little scary,
there, Kid, I got to tell you.
>> Yeah, well, we got a lot of
work to do on the VIC 2000.
And funny. It's true.
>> It was funny.
>> Anyway, you know what?
Why don't we bring out our very
next guest, who also!
happens to be from
Gunpowder Elementary School.
Shall we bring out the
next guest?
Conner! Come on down, buddy!
Come on, Conner!
How are you, man?
What's going on?
Give me five.
>> SID: Give me five.
>> Actually, you should probably
give me four. Give me four.
>> [ Connor laughing ]
>> You know why I'm asking you
to give me four?
>> No.
>> Give me four.
>> Yeah. Give me three.
>> [ Laughs ]
>> All right!
>> Give me two.
Two. Again.
>> Give me one.
>> Give me none.
All right, so what did you bring
with you there today?
>> Uh...
I brought two masks.
This is from book I,
when they were looking for
Jabba the Hut's son.
>> Ooh, "Star Wars"!
>> "Star Wars"?
>> And also, I got another mask,
of Darth Vader.
>> Ah! Isn't he bad?
>> [ Dramatic music plays ]
>> When he was Anakin,
he was good.
When he is Darth Vader, he's
bad, and, in the last movie,
he is good.
>> SID: Can you put one of
those masks on?
>> KID: Ahh!
>> Darth Vader!
How'd you get in here?!
Oh, Conner, you're back.
Conner, you missed it!
>> Conner, I am your father.
>> [ Conner laughing ]
>> Darth Vader was here, man.
>> Conner, I am your father.
>> SID: No, I'm your father.
>> I am your father.
>> SID: I am your father.
>> Conner --
>> Ahh!
>> [ Conner laughing ]
>> Conner.
What happened to Conner?!
>> SID: Where's Conner?
I don't see Conner anywhere.
Excuse me, soldier weird guy,
where is Conner?
>> Soldier weird guy!
>> I'm an alien.
>> SID: Oh, another alien.
>> Are you double-jointed?
>> I have two heads.
>> Kid, we got to stop booking
aliens on this show.
>> I know. I'll tell you what --
[As Yoda] Maybe we should do
something else, should we?
>> Hey, that's your, uh,
yogurt impersonation.
>> Yeah, that's my yogurt
[As Yoda] Maybe we should do
something else, should we?
Maybe we should pretend we are
something else.
>> Yeah, that's good.
>> Pretend, we will.
>> CONNER: Okay.
>> Let us pretend we are all
somebody else.
>> Can you pretend to be
somebody else?
>> Here, you wear this.
>> Okay, put it on.
>> Okay.
And you wear this.
>> Okay, put it on me.
>> Okay.
>> KID: I am now somebody else.
>> [ Laughing ]
>> I am completely
somebody else.
>> [ Suspenseful music plays ]
>> Look at him.
>> Whoa!
I'm totally your father.
Ohh! My face fell off!
My face fell off! Security!
>> [Giggling] I got it.
>> I am somebody
completely different.
>> Kid, you kind of
scared me, man.
>> I am a robot.
I. will. serve Lord Va-der.
>> That's me.
>> You're a good guy!
>> I am good.
>> I am your father.
>> I am your father.
>> No, I am your father.
>> You are good and you are bad.
>> SID: I'm your father.
>> Conner, I am your father.
>> I'm your sister.
>> Conner.
>> [ Laughs ]
>> KID: I'm your uncle.
>> I'm your pet dog.
>> I think this is going crazy.
>> I am your goldfish.
No! My face just fell off again!
>> My face fell off, too!
Oh, don't worry about these.
Let's move it on.
You know what?
Don't worry about that mask.
I'll tell you what, Conner --
Let me show you one of my
favorite toys.
It's the Millennium Eagle.
>> SID: Oh.
>> The Millennium Falcon!
>> No, it's the Millennium --
the Aluminum Eagle.
>> By the way, my dad had
a bigger one!
>> I say that, right here on
this television set, we have a
battle, a lightsaber battle,
with lightnoodles,
right here on the set!
>> Lightsabers!
>> Lightnoodles.
>> Lightsabers!
>> Anyway, I'll tell you what --
when we come back, would you be
willing to take on the most
fiercest enemy in the entire
univorce in a vattle,
right here?!
>> Who is it? And, remember,
if you get touched, except
your sword, you're dead.
>> SID: Oh, my goodness.
Are you sure you want to go
through with this, Kid?
>> We have somebody named
VIC Vader, who would like to
challenge you to a duel.
And, when we come back,
we will see Conner --
>> SID: Oh.
>> [ Kid laughs malevolently ]
>> SID: Gonna be scary stuff.
>> Hiya! My name is Catie and do
you want to hear a little joke?
You're darn tooting, you do!
And why did a student
eat his homework?
You know why?
Because the teacher told him
it was...a piece of cake.
>> [ Laughter ]
>> Okay, we are back
and Conner has his lightnoodle.
So, Conner, I'll tell you what.
Let's practice with it before
the big duel.
You can stand out on the floor
there, just swing it around,
and focus on using the Force.
>> SID: Yes, use the Force!
>> [ Zap zap zap zap ]
>> KID: Use the Force, Conner.
Use the Force.
>> SID: Use it.
>> Okay, step back, Conner,
and be ready, but here's what
we're going to do --
every time I say "freeze,"
you've got to freeze.
It's a freeze fight.
Do not start until we say "go."
>> Okay.
>> Come on out, VIC Vader.
>> [ Dramatic music plays ]
>> KID: Here he comes,
but do not engage VIC Vader yet.
>> SID: Oh, my goodness!
>> Do not engage.
>> SID: He's scary.
>> Okay, step off to the side,
though, Conner.
Take your positions.
Take your positions.
>> SID: Ready.
>> And you must bow.
Wait, don't do that, freeze!
>> SID: You can't move.
>> Freeze!
>> [ Powering down ]
>> KID: Bow.
>> SID: Bow.
>> Bow.
>> Bow again.
>> Keep bowing, show respect
for your adversary.
>> SID: Bow. Bow.
Bow again.
>> Okay, take your positions.
You guys ready?
Okay, everybody get ready...
>> SID: Ahh!
>> [ Conner laughing ]
>> SID: Holy moly,
look at this action!
>> KID: This is great!
>> When are we going to battle?!
>> All right, this time,
we're going to do it for real.
>> SID: All right, here we go.
>> Get ready.
And...get ready.
And...get ready.
And...get ready.
>> Begin!
>> [ Rock music plays ]
>> He's dead. I got him.
[ Laughing ]
>> SID: Oh, no!
>> KID: Unh!
>> SID: Oh, my goodness!
>> KID: Freeze!
>> BOTH: Freeze!
>> KID: Freeze!
>> SID: Ah!
>> Freeze!
>> SID: I can't watch.
>> [ Conner laughs ]
>> I think you've taken
care of him.
Put the weapon down.
>> SID: I think VIC Vader
has been officially noodled.
>> Now hop back up on the chair.
>> CONNER: Like what I was --
>> VIC Vader has been defeated.
>> Like I was saying --
>> KID: You guys, thanks for
joining us on the show today.
We really appreciate it.
We'll see you, everybody,
next time on "Kid Conversation."
Tune in, where kids do all the
talking and we do the listening.
That's right, you're on
"Kid Conversation."
All right, guys, you want to do
a little dancing?
Get up and dance.
>> ♪ "Kid Conversation"
"Kid...Conversation" ♪
>> [ Scat singing ]
>> ♪ "Kid Conversation"
"Kid Conversation" ♪
♪ "Kid Conversation"
"Kid...Conversation" ♪♪