How to Assemble a Model Car : Prepare Your Model Car for Painting

Uploaded by expertvillage on 22.02.2008

Hi, I'm Greg B. from expert village. today we're going to talk about model cars. Ok,
we're going to talk a little about a bit about preparing our car for paint and actually painting
the car. Remember, safety is the most important thing when you’'e using chemicals. You take
your model car and you get like 500 grip wet and dry automotive sandpaper, you can pick
that up in your local hardware stores. You want to scuff the body down and you want to
sand it, scuff it down, so you get rid of that shiny finish. Then using warm water and
dish detergent you want to wash your car. You want to wet it, rinse it off very well
while you want to let it air dry. If you have a compressor you could blow it off but you
want your car to be dry, and what I like to do is I like to be in a well vented lighted
space for safety. I like to use a cardboard box for paint booth. Right now we're out in
a garage. when you use your cardboard box, when you spray any over spray will stay in
the box and it wont fly all over the room or garage your doing it in. never use your
spray paints inside the house, it'll smell for days. I like to take a coat hanger and
fabricate me a little bracket for holding the body so I don't have to touch it with
my hands. Here's a handy little item you can get in Home Depot or Lowes it simply attaches
to your spray can and you're ready to start spraying. Naturally you want to shake your
paint up. Your model car is clean and dry, it's scuffed. Here's a handy little thing,
you can buy a box of masks they have all different kind and this is better then just breathing
straight in and it gives you that feeling like your in a real body shop. There's many
different types of paint you can use from your automotive dupli-color touch up paints
which you can get in many, many different automotive colors to your Rustoleum. I like
to use a gloss black or semi flat black for my chassis, sometimes my interiors. Many different
colors of household type paints you can buy. In your hobby stores they do have regular
model car paint your medal flicks and what ever fancy candy colors you can think of,
but right now we have some American tradition Valspar primer and we're going to shoot a
little bit on the car. I like to start from the bottom and work my way over. If you start
from the top and work your way down you could get some running in there. Doesn't take much,
you don't want to get no runs. I don't know if you can see that paint flying but she is
flying around,
and there's your car primed out we'll wait about a hour, we'll be able to put some color
on there.