Om Namah Shivaya Part 31

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Om Namah Shivaya!
''Bholenath' why did you suddenly want to roam in the sky at night''
This merciful chanting seems to come from a sad lady.
''Today' you keep questioning without waiting for an answer''
First get the answer to your first question.
Why did you suddenly want to go sky-roaming at night today?
To fulfil your wish.-My wish? -You only keep telling that... get fed up sitting at Kailash always. Don't you?
''Yes' but never for night roaming -There is a special purpose for...'' today -What is that purpose?
''Are you hearing that mercy call? -Yes' l asked you also about it''
Who is that sad lady?-One who lives in the Star world...
...planet Buddha's mother Tara. -What is her sorrow? Why... she calling you repeatedly in sad tones?
The reason is a sin committed by her which is pricking her ...
...conscience continuously. -What sin did she commit?
That you will come to know after some time.
''Now' Tara is living like an ascetic in the Star World.''
''Swami' why did Chandradev suddenly vanish from your head''
Please answer me. Chandradev has never done this before
You want to know everything now itself. lf you use your...
''...divine sight' you will know that Chandra has been the cause...''
''...of Tara's sin. -What? -Due to my fear' Chandradev...''
...has vanished and gone into the Chandralok
''Then will Shiv stay without Chandra now? -No' he can't be...''
...away from me for a long time. He'll be compelled to come back
Why did you leave from Lord Shiv's head so suddenly?
l am scared of Lord Shiv's anger-Why are you scared?
l can't tell you this now. l need your support at this time
''Whenever l remembered you & called you many times' but...'' never came. l had to bear the pain of separation.
''But what mishap has happened suddenly today' Swami''
l will tell you everything. But don't ask me anything now.
''Please be calm' Rohini. Don't ask me anything' Rohini''
''Mother' your call for mercy is piercing my heart.''
''Tell me' what is your sorrow' mother? -Son Budh'''
''Tell me' what l can do to remove this sorrow of yours.''
''Tell about your sorrow. l can't see these tears of yours' mother''
''You have to tell everything to me' mother.''
''Let me bear this alone' son. l have to face the consequences...''
...of the unforgivable sin done by me.
''Hence' l will repent for my sin alone.''
''What is that sin that you wish to hide from your son' mother? ''
''This is a sin which can't be revealed to you' son.''
Leave me alone. lf merciful Lord Shiv hears my painful call...
...he will surely appease my mind burning with guilt.
''Till that does'nt happen' l will have to burn in repentance.''
l have always tried to find out the secret behind your sorrow...
...but could'nt find out. Can't you think of your son's sorrow?
Don't you know the mental condition of a son when...
...he sees his mother in sorrow and pain.
''Tell me' mother. l will also worship Lord Shiv along with...'' and be a part in your repentance.
The sinner has to repent alone only & no one can share it.
l will definitely learn today about the thorn which is continuously...
...piercing your heart. You have to tell that today.
''Why has Tara's voice stopped suddenly' Swami?''
We have to go to her to find this out & also answer her.
Let us go. l am also very anxious to know about her pain.
l am here even to sacrifice my life for removing your sorrow.
Tell me the truth which has been hidden in your tears till now.
''No' l don't have that much courage to reveal that truth.''
Tara! -Mother! Please relieve me from this suffering. l can't...
''...bear this any more. -Be patient. Get up' Tara.''
Both of us have appeared here only to remove your sorrow.
Tell me your sorrow-Nothing is hidden from Lord Shiv.
''Mother' l have committed a great sin towards my husband which...''
...can't be repented anyway. This sin only hurts me continuously
''Devi Tara' there is no sin which can't be removed by...''
''...some way. You were not alone in this sin. Chandradev' who...''
...decorates my head & my favourite was also part of this.
''But that does not reduce my sin' Lord.''
''Tara' first tell us in detail how your sin started''
''Tell everything to Devi Parvati. By revealing the sin' the...''
...darkness & the pain due to sin also reduces
When Sage Athriya's son Chandra came to learn from my husband...
''...Guru Brihaspati' l was first attracted by his beauty.''
''Chandra' who is easily tempted also got struck by my beauty.''
''Salutations' Gurudev -Salutations''
''Through this union of love through sight' l have not only...''
...betrayed my husband but also my sacredness.
''The consequence of this sin is your innocent son' Budh!''
''Don't tell like this' mother. The whole world knows that l...'' the son of Guru Brihaspati and Devi Tara.
''My heart has broken into pieces after hearing this' mother''
''Tell that this is false' mother''
Calm down. The truth which has been accepted by...
''...your mother' has to be accepted by you too.''
''ln reality' this truth has been revealed to everyone now.''
''What!- Yes' your father Chandra has hidden behind the image of...''
...Chandra due to this fear only.
''Lord Shiv' this truth was not hidden from you.''
''Then' why did'nt you punish Chandra.''
''You also know Chandra's nature' Devi. Hadn't l decorated him...''
''...on my head' God knows' how many stories would have been...''
...created liked this-lt is necessary to punish the sinner
Have'nt you even advised Chandra regarding this?
''Chandra understands the language of my eyes' Devi.''
''No' Chandra is taking undue advantage of your mercy.''
''Hence' he needs to be punished. -One whose nature is itself...''
''...weak to be tempted always' how long will l punish him' Devi''
''When he was cursed by Daksha Prajapati' l had established...''
...Somnathling to relieve him from his disease
''When he was cursed by Ganesh' you had shown mercy on him.''
But you had always decorated criminal Chandra on your head
''For this sin' it is better for you to sacrifice Chandra forever.''
''During Samudra Manthan' l had promised to keep Chandra on...'' and remain Chandrashekhar forever. l am only fulfilling that..
''...promise' Devi-But today the shameless Chandra has...''
''...come out on his own-Whether cursed or blemished' l will...''
''...always fulfil the promise of supporting him' Devi''
But the sinner Chandra who corrupted my mother's sacredness
...l will surely avenge him. l will curse him and teach him...
...a lesson. l'll surely punish him for his shamelessness.
''Though a culprit' Chandra is your father and deserves your respect''
''Otherwise also' the power to curse comes only through...''
''...severe penance. Now' you are not in a position to curse.''
''So' leave the thoughts of cursing Chandra''
''Then' what should l do' Bholenath.''
Will l always be restless like my mother due to the painful truth...
''...l learnt today. Give me some relief' Lord.''
Great is Devguru Brihaspati who has not cursed Chandra or Tara..
...even after knowing everything.
Brihaspati has achieved the position of Devguru only due to...
...this greatness.- ls this mental torture less than any curse?
''This can be appeased' Tara -How?''
''You go to your husband' and ask for his forgivance.''
Tell him about the sufferings of your heart. l fully believe that...
...he will forgive you with a true heart.
''Lord Shiv' l don't have the courage to show my face to him.''
''How will l face him?-l will take you to Devguru Brihaspati' Mata''
Our prime duty is to obey the orders of Lord Shiv
Broad-minded Devguru will surely forgive you. Go to him with ...
...your son. Don't hesitate. You are still feeling guilty as you...
...stayed away from him due to your shyness.
We can't ignore the orders of Lord Shiv & Mother Parvati
We have to go near Devguru Brihaspati- As you order!
May welfare come to you!
Why don't you tell me the reason of your sorrow?
Why are you scared of Lord Shiv Shankar?
''That means' you don't consider me eligible to share your secret.''
''That too' l am your most dear wife. How long will you keep...''
...something hidden from me? -Will you forgive me for...
''...that sin? l feel very ashamed of myself' Rohini''
''My courage has left me. What should l do' Rohini?''
lt is my duty to support you in every bad & good deed of yours
Don't hide anything from me. Tell me clearly.
''Rohini' Guru's wife is like a mother- Yes' that is true.''
Guru's wife should also be revered just like the Guru.
''When l had seen my Guru's wife with lust' how my mind would...''
''...have lost its purity' Rohini. Can you imagine that?''
Which guru's wife are you talking about? Who was she?
You never told me anything about this-l deliberately hid this matter
l am only the sinner and a sinner always tries to hide his sin.
''Tell me the name of that Guru's wife' Swami!''
l assure you that l will support you in every situation and...
...fulfil the duty of a true wife. -The name of that lady is...
...Devguru Brihaspati's wife Tara. l have been bearing the burden...
''...of this sin from that time. -By doing this' you have...''
...tarnished your name. You are considered as a Devata.
''Does all this suit you? -l knew' you will also view...'' with hatred after learning all this.
''That is why' l always hid this sin of mine from you.''
''l have promised to support you in any situation' which l'll fulfil.''
''lt is surprising' Lord Shiv had worn you in his head inspite of...''
...knowing everything.-Lord Shiv Shankar is great and merciful
But l have lost the courage to face Lord Shiv & Mata Parvati
lt would have been better if l had been destroyed due to...
...Daksha Prajapati's curse before only.
Lord Shiv & Mother Parvati Please protect my husband...
...from getting destroyed due to Lord Shiv's anger. Have mercy.
''So' today Chandradev has told you everything about this matter''
Please protect my husband. l will fall at your feet.
''You can understand my sorrow. -Be brave' Rohini''
''lf l had to punish Chandra' l would have never appeared here.''
While adorning Chandra on my head after churning of ocean...
...l had promised to him to remain as Chandrasekhar.
''l will fulfil that promise. Be assured' Rohini''
''You are great' Lord Shiv -But now Chandra will have...'' take a oath that he will keep his temptations under...
...control and never see any strange woman wrongly.
''l take oath with a true heart that except my wife' all the...''
...ladies will be like mother or sisters to me.
''Forgive my sin and adorn me on your head again' Bholenath''
''Has your anger on Chandradev calmed down' Devi Parvati.''
l am your better half. How can l remain angry with one who...
''...has been forgiven by you. -Chandradev' come to your place''
''l will be obliged to you for many births to come' Lord Shiv''
''Tara' you are here! -Salutations' Devguru''
l have come here with a wish to get your mercy. Bless me
Are'nt you Chandra's son Budh?
l am definitely Chandra's son. But you are my religious father
''No' Never! You are famous as Chandra's son and remain like...''
''...that in this world. -Swami!' mother Parvati has...''
...said that you are broad-minded & will forgive my unforgivable...
...mistake and will give blessings to my son Budh.
''l know' l have lost the right to call you as Swami but l also...''
...know that your greatness has only prevented me from getting...
''...cursed. -Tara' our relations had finished the day' you got...''
''...entangled by Chandra's lust. From that day' you have become..''
...non-existent for me. You are like any other lady for me.
Don't recall those relations which have been finished forever
''Now' you won't get anything from me. Hence' go back to...''
...your Star-World with your son.
''Religious father' don't be so rude. l will repent for my...''
...mother's sin. Order me and tell me what l should do to...
...relieve mother of her sin. Till you give me the orders...
...l won't leave your feet. -l am the Devguru
''As a planet' you are also like the other devatas for me.''
''Please have mercy and call me as your religious son' father.''
l won't forget this favour of yours throughout my life.
''By laws of nature' a Guru becomes compelled in front of...''
...a disciple who has fallen at his feet. l have also...
...been compelled due to your true devotion for your mother.
''Please tell me a way to come out of this sin' father.''
Leave my feet and take oath to repent with a true heart under...
...Lord Shiv's feet. -l will do whatever Lord tells me to do...
''...for repentance.- For that' you have to go to the earth.''
Earth!- You have to worship Shiv in the form of a sage there
For how long?-You have to stay as a sage on earth till you...
...don't become a father of a virtuous son who will destroy...
...the blemish of your parents by his good deeds.
How will it be possible for me to become a father when l...
''...will stay as a sage' Guruvar? -Shiv's Leelas are strange' son''
Lord has only instructed me to foresee this through my...
''...divine sight. -What did you see' father?''
l can foresee that you will definitely succeed in this...
...impossible task and relieve your mother of her sin.
''Where will l stay on earth' Guruvar?''
Go to lkshvatsu dynasty's Manu's son Heel and ask him to donate...
...a land to meditate at Kamyag forest- Kamyag forest!
''Yes' that place will become a place of Shiv-Parvati's Leela...'' future. l have got these instructions through Shiv worship
Please permit me to leave l'll obey your orders fully.
''Swami' till my son does'nt...''
...succeed in completing his penance as per your orders...
...l will keep worshipping Lord Shiv for his success.
l will also pray to Lord Shiv for Budh's success.
May welfare come to you!
''Where are you going in this changed guise' Budh Maharaj''
''Salutations- Salutations' but you have not answered me.''
Why have you left your place Budh planet and where are... going in a sage's guise?
l am going to the earth as per Devguru's orders.
l can only tell you this much now.
Devguru is only my teacher. l can get the knowledge about...
...your journey to earth from him also.
But l want to learn from you
Your actions show you don't want to reveal it to me.
That is alright. But l will always pray for your welfare.
''But' l have'nt understood one thing.-What is it?''
The whole world knows you are Chandra's & Tara's son
''Then' why do you need to take orders from Devguru Brihaspati''
You know that l am also a planet and hence a Devata
Devguru is also my teacher. To obey his orders is my duty.
ls this much knowledge not enough for you. Now let me go
May Lord Shiv fulfil all your wishes.
''Lord Shiv' have you deliberately made Nandi & Shivgans to sleep ''
They were not aware of our departure or arrival.
''lf any demon had attacked during this time' then...''
''After Bhasmasur's appearance in Kailash' you have started...''
''...imagining too much about demons' Devi.''
Demons come to Kailash only with a special purpose
Salutations Devadidev and Mother Parvati
You were under an illusion till now. When Nandi pretends to...
''...sleep' he is actually awake.''
''Lord' l am awake- When he stands in front of us as if...''
''...he is awake' he is actually sleeping as he has nothing...''
'' do at that time. -l don't understand you' Swami''
''You are directly seeing' what l am trying to tell you.''
''Tell me' whether Nandi is awake or sleeping now.''
''Nandi' are you awake or asleep now? -Forgive me' mother''
''l have appeared from Lord Shiv. Like Him' l am awake even...''
''...while l am meditating. Even when l look asleep' l am awake.''
''Looks like' my words have pierced Nandi like an arrow''
''Now' he will remain awake forever- Definitely' Lord''
''Without your orders' it is impossible for me to sleep''
But permit me to go after such a long sky-roaming and...
''...also the planets' as l need sleep now.''
l know that Goddess of power Parvati never has deep sleep.
''lf you want to take rest' definitely do so''
Devi Parvati got permission to take rest.
But Bholenath is always alert which is natural as...
''...if He goes into deep sleep' how will the world run.''
''To continue the cycles in the world' a new Shiv Leela...'' going to start whose main character is Manu's son Heel
Hail honest and just king Heel.
''Chief Minister' are all happy & auspicious in our kingdom''
''Yes' all the citizens are praising the king's justice & administration''
Everyone is happy and prosperous in our kingdom.
But only one question is coming in everyone's mind repeatedly
What is that question? Why are you quiet?
Please tell that question Chief Minister.
''You are aware of that question' king. Every citizen wants...'' know when our prince will be born.
You are telling the truth. l am also aware of this question.
But l have no answer to this. l ask this question to myself also.
''Royal astrologer Pramukesh wishes to meet you' king''
''Definitely. Chief Minister' you go and bring him with respect here.''
Every citizen wants to know when our prince will be born.
When will the prince be born?
Hail Just King Manu's son Heel.
''ln what thoughts were you lost' king.''
''l welcome you' Royal astrologer.''
''Seeing your worry' l am also worried.''
''Tell me' what is that worry that has made you so restless.''
Nothing about our kingdom or about me is unknown to you.
You are aware of the reason of my worry.
Can't you do something to relieve me of my worry.
l have come with that purpose only.
Have you got the answer to that question?
''Nothing is impossible due to the mercy of Lord Shiv' King''
Some matters can be discussed only in solitude.
l wish to discuss alone with you for sometime.
''Definitely' please come to my private room''
''What are you saying? -lt is true' king. Queen Vidya...''
...has no child in her destiny. l am expert in astrology as well... studied Shaturthi chanting and l have Lord Shiv's mercy too
Everything is pointing out that you will beget a son but not...
...through queen Vijaya. -How unbelievable is this matter can... understood by you and also how it will hurt queen Vijaya.
How will l tell her that she will not become mother of my son
There is no need to tell her now She will know at the right time.
Then she will have no repentence.
What is this play of destiny that the world's first man Manu's...
...son will remain childless. -Don't blame your destiny.
The revered God of Manu's family is Lord Shiv Shankar.
To understand his Leela is beyond our wisdom.
''But' have belief. Only auspicion will come about. Lord Shiv...''
...has mercy on you & He will only solve all your problems.
''So' no need to worry. You will soon see signs of the Prince.''
l had only come to give this message to you. May Lord...
...Shiv bring you welfare.
''Queen Vijaya' what is it? Why are U awake till so late?''
''What is it' queen?''
What is that sorrow of yours which you don't wish to ...
''...reveal to me?-No' king l have no sorrows.''
''After getting a great husband like you' why should l be sad''
But some things crop up in my mind which make me sad.
''The reason for your sorrow is not hidden from me' queen''
You know that and l know that you also don't show your...
...sorrow on your face and keep it hidden inside your mind.
''This was true a long time back. But now' l have no sorrow.''
lt is 12 years since our marriage and we are still childless.
God knows whose curse is on our great race.
We will be soon relieved from this curse. l fully believe that...
...our prince will be born soon. -What is the basis for that
But l don't have that belief. l see only darkness around me
''My belief is due to the forecast of Royal Astrologer' Pramukesh''
Forecast! These future predictions do not become true always.
Our astrologer is also a Shiv's devotee and his words can never
'' false. He said' we'll soon see the image of our Prince.''
The image of our unborn Prince!
''May King Heel' Queen Vijaya be always praise worthy''
''Welcome' sage. You are here at our bedroom at such late night!''
Where have you come from?
l have heard lot of praise about you that you never disappoint...
...whatever a sage asks as charity.
Our prime duty is to serve the sages. First tell me who you're!
And what sort of help do you expect from me
l need a meditation ground at the Kamyek forest in your kingdom...
...where l can worship Lord Shiv without interruption or disruption
lt will be our good fortune that a young sage will make our...
...Kamyek forest sacred by worshipping Lord Shiv there.
Just little away from our capital is Kamyek forest surrounded... mountains. Every wish of one worships there is fulfilled.
Arrangements for your hermitage near the pond will be made...
'' our kingdom. - No' king' l don't need any other help''
An ascetic has to create his meditating ground himself.
l just wanted to take your permission.
Sages don't need to take the king's permission in truth.
This is good manners. You may know that even Lord Shiv...
...took permission from King Himalaya for meditating there.
And l am just an ordinary sage & thank you for your permission
''Did you see' queen? l never thought the astrologer's future...''
...prediction will become true so soon.
Now my belief has become stronger- That means this...
...young sage was an image of our unborn prince.
''Yes' our prince will also be so handsome & calm.''
The king & queen were immersed in the happy thoughts of the...
...prince who will be born as if future had become the present.
But the future is known only to Lord Shiv whose knowledge is...
''...boundless as He is aware of past' present and also the future''
''While roaming in the sky with Mother Parvati' Lord Shiv...''
...explained the sorrow of Tara & appeased her burning guilt
But that event gave birth to lot of doubts in Parvati's mind.
There was a struggle between her mind and the Jyoti of Shakti
''...present in her mind. Then' Shakti came out from her mind...''
...and appeared in front of Her.
''How are you' Shiv's companion Parvati?-You!''
''Call me you or me' it does'nt make any difference' Parvati...'' you are my image. Sometimes l stay inside you...
''...and come outside sometimes. -Still' l have met you after a...''
...long time- You might have met me after a long time but...
...l meet you every moment.
''Shakti' sometime you talk in puzzles which is difficult to...''
...understand. Tell me the reason for your appearance at this time.
Purpose is to remove the confusion in your mind.
What confusion?- Don't try to act ignorant even after knowing.
''From the time you have seen the bad condition of Tara' your...''
...mind is restless with sadness. You are not able to understand...
...what you should be doing -There is nothing like that.
What are you seeing with so much delight?
To show delight to remove your sorrow is my religion.
Those people are fools who fear my vigorous power and...
...get scared without reason. But they don't know that...
...getting delighted is also part of my nature.
l know that- Then why this sadness & sorrow?
Do work according to your wishes.
l act only according to my wishes and who can compel... to act against my wish.
Did you go for sky-roaming today with your Swami as per...
...your wish? -l love to roam in the sky.
l know that. But you had to bow before your Lord's wishes today.
He had taken you to Tara and Chandra as per His wish to...
'' that' He can adorn unjust Chandra on his head. ''
Did'nt you feel sad during that time?
''l did feel sad' but Swami had to fulfil His oath given to Chandra''
And you had to support your Swami
''Yes' to support Him is my religion & duty.''
Will you sacrifice your wishes in the name of religion & duty.
What wishes?- You are yourself the embodiment of strength and... image and to act against your wishes does'nt suit you.
You can make the whole world by your wish and to act against..
''...your wish is not right-Yes' you are telling the truth.''
l should'nt act against my wish and should express my wishes...
''...without hesitation would be right- Parvati' why are you...''
...hiding disrespect that has come against men in your mind
''l don't understand' how to express that disrespect''
''My swami is not an ordinary one. He is the Lord of Lords'Mahadev''
l can't show disrespect to my husband like other men.
l don't have any relation with any other man at all.
Why no relation? When you see that unjust Chandra adorned on...
''...your husband's head day & night' won't you feel sad and...''
''...after learning the story of bad deed done by him' your sadness...''
''...should have increased- Shakti' l'm not in a position to think.''
''l can decide only after discussing with you. Tell me' what should...''
''...l do now-l will surely advise U' but answer my question first''
Does your husband differentiate between a man & a lady?
ls Lord Shiv proud to appear in the form of Ardhanareeshwar?
''Yes' this is true. He has never insulted my womanhood till today''
But does any man under Lord Shiv's creations consider the...
...woman as his equal -Possibly not.
Has Lord Shiv taken a single effort to equalize a woman?
You might not remember anything
''Parvati' you asked for my advice. -Yes''
''After Chandra's act' you wanted advice to end the sorrows-Yes''
Advice to rise the status of a woman to a respectable one.-Yes
''Then listen' you have to instruct your husband to create respect...''
...for women. -He will surely accept this immediately.
Do you believe this? -100 percent
Then tell Bholenath to create a Shaktivan where every particle... full of womanhood and where if anything belonging to...'s world enter it becomes a woman.
Very beautiful! Even imagining that gives me great pleasure.
''Then' make this imagination of ours to become true' or else...''
''Or else!-Then' that day is not far away when a woman will...''
...rise and avenge the attrocities committed against her.
''Revenge!-Yes' anyone can be subdued only to some limit.''
After that great explosions will take place.
That explosion will be very dangerous-And also decisive
lt is possible that a woman refuses to bear a child of a...
'' in her womb. -No' to avoid this dangerous situation...''
...l will surely establish a Shaktivan and create awareness...
...of respect for a woman-You should succeed in your mission.
Om Namah Shivaya!
''Since that night' you are standing like this only' Nandi''
''From the time' you doubted my sleep' Lord' l had decided...'' stand like a statue in front of you at all times.
l will also stand erect like a statue.
''Accept Narad's salutations' Bholenath.''
''Have you made Nandi like a statue' Bholenath?''
Nandi has himself decided to stand like a statue always... that he does not have to do any work.
''No' it is not like that. Whatever you say' l stand on my decision''
''To be firm is good' Nandi as my other devotees will get...''
...morals through this.
''You are telling the truth -Narad' there is no question...''
'' your mind today' then is there any special purpose to...''
...come to Kailash.
''l was searching for a question' when you raised a query which...''
''...had given rise to a question in my mind. lf you permit' l'll ask.''
''What question?-Every morning' Mother Parvati comes here and...''
''...does ''Aarti'' to you. Then offers flowers on your feet.''
''Why is She not present here at this time' Bholenath?''
l have no answer to this question of yours.
l myself don't know why Parvati has'nt come here till now.
You've decided to remain as a statue and can't tell you anything
''Hence' l have to send Narad to find out the answer to his query.''
As you order! l'll go to mother's room and find out why she...
''...has not come yet.-Why've you given my work to Naradji' Lord?''
l have only given strength to your decision.
''Now' you stand like this during day' night and at all times...''
...whether l am here or not.
''Ganesh Maharaj' why have you left Ganeshlok' Buddhi-Siddhi...''
...and appeared here.
Why have you become quiet? -l am quiet as l have no...
''...answer to give you and by telling this' l broke my silence.''
''Now tell me' where is mother Parvati.''
Why are you asking this strange question? Where will mother...
...go leaving her room?-l am asking as Lord Shiv has sent... to bring mother Parvati from here.
''Devarishi' you can't enter mother's room -Why? ''
That is Her order. -What are you saying? l also have equal...
...rights to go to Mother Parvati. -You can't enter Her room as...
...entry is prohibited today. Please return now.
''You somehow look changed. What is the matter' Ganeshji?''
Nothing! Mother has ordered me not to allow any stranger...
'' enter her room - Have l become a stranger' now?''
l am also a member of Shiv's family in a way.
''Why are you not understanding my words' Devarishi?''
''Except Lord Shiv' nobody in our family has the right to enter... ''
...mother's room. Please go back without arguing with me
''Listen' mother won't get angry if l go inside.''
She loves me the same as she loves you. Will you allow me?
''Your cleverness will not work in front of me' Devarishi''
l request you not to compel me to insult you.
Please return the way you came.
''Mother' -Devarishi! Don't compel me to insult you and...''
...please do not disobey mother's orders.
''You have oath on Lord Shiv' that you return now.''
A small matter has reached to an oath. What is happening?
Why is Lord Ganesh behaving so rudely with me?
Devarishi Narad has not returned with mother's message till now
''l know that till l don't go' mother Parvati won't come here''
''Please give me orders to go there' Lord.''
''That means' you will break your firm decision on my orders''
''Nandi' have you become tired as you are standing continuously''
''No' l am your part. When you don't get tired of meditation...''
'' can l become tired of standing' Bholenath.''
''Nandi' when you can't break your decision at all' how can you go...'' Devi Parvati. lt looks as if Devi is annoyed with me today
''That is why' she has'nt come even after Narad called her.''
''Bholenath' there is no question of coming or pacifying when...''
...your son Shri Ganesh has become the guard there and...
'' also stopping me' then even to see Mother is difficult now.''
''Shri Ganesh has come to Kailash' and we did'nt know only''
l will go and meet Him and bring Mother Parvati also.
''Be firm on your decision' Nandi lf you break it' l will feel sad.''
''Lord' Shri Ganesh is more affected by motherly love these...''
''...days-Your statement seems to be true' as it has never occurred''
...that he has not come to meet me first while coming to Kailash
''l am also astonished' why He is in the form of guard in Kailash...''
...leaving his Ganeshlok and what is the purpose behind it?
Then l will only have to go and see why this change has come.
Where is Shri Ganesh?-He was here just a while ago.
May Shri Ganesh has gone inside Mother Parvati's room
''Did you by chance see Ganesh in your dreams-No' l was awake''
And l saw Shri Ganesh here. l take oath on your name and...
...tell that He was here and stopped me from going inside.
This is a strange Leela of Shri Ganesh.
''lf you don't believe me' you can go and ask Mother Parvati''
''May be' Shri Ganesh is with his mother. ''
''No' he said that He also had no rights to go inside. Then' how...''
...could He go inside- Let us remove this confusion by...
''...asking Devi Parvati' come. -No' l don't want to become...''
...subject to Mother Parvati's anger. lt is certain that she is...
...angry or would'nt have kept Shri Ganesh on guard here.
''Lord' now you go inside alone and pacify Mother Parvati.''
l am leaving.
''Open your eyes' Devi. l have come.''
''What is the matter for which you are stubborn today' Devi''
Open your eyes.
Why are you looking at me as if l am a stranger or unknown?
Have l erred in some way? How long will you be like this?
Please say something
''lt seems' you have taken a oath to remain silent today.''
l will answer you only if you give me a promise.
What sort of promise? -Promise to fulfil my wishes.
''Without knowing your wish' how can l give you that promise.''
''lf you can't promise me' there is no meaning in talking with me.''
You also remain silent and l will also be silent.
l know how to pacify my annoyed Devi.
''lf you can't promise to me' leave me alone and go to meditate.''
''No' l won't meditate now. First l will appease your anger.''
Let me know why you are angry and how you will be appeased.
''lf you give me the promise' l will accept.-Have given promise!''
''Now tell me your wish -Swami' far from here' create...''
...such a Shaktivan where all the race of men become women and... reason remains there for the cunningness of a man.
Where trees & plants & all animals become womanly.
You also won't remain a man there and where only nature...
...of a lady remains and not a man
Who had given you this thought and why did you take on this...
''...stubbornness without asking me' Devi.''
As there was no other way to make you accept my wish.
You called Ganesh here and made Him stand on guard at the gate.
''No' l did'nt call Ganesh here.''
l don't understand whether it was Ganesh Leela or Narad Leela
You understand everything. This must be Shiv Leela.
''To astonish Narad' you must have only played this game.''
But don't forget in this talk that you've given me a promise
''When l have given a promise' l will surely fulfil it.''
''Will you play some Leela in it? -That Leela will be yours' Devi''
''When Shiv & Shakti are inseparable' there is no parity...''
...between Shiv & Shiva. When l can appear as Ardhanareeshwar...
...l will not hesitate to create a Shaktivan. l will fulfil your...
...wishes completely soon.-You have to choose the place for...
''...this Shaktivan- Sure' l have already chosen that place' Devi''
Where is that place?- Near the kingdom of Manu's son Heel... Kamyek forest where many's wishes are fulfilled. Let us go.
Will we go without telling Nandi & other Shivgans?
''Will solitude remain' if we inform them' Devi''
''Budh!-Salutations' Suryadev' you have made my hut sacred...'' coming. What are the orders for me?
''Without taking my orders' you left the planet world and came...'' earth. Did'nt you realize that your absence will affect the...
...movements of the planets.
l had no time to take your permission. As soon as l got...
''...Devguru Brihaspati's orders' l proceeded to earth' thinking'''
To do penance is not the work of planets.
Our duty is to move according to laws of creations and brighten...
...the world and to guide the path of life of beings.
''l know this truth' Suryadev' but due to the compulsion to remove..''
'' mother's sorrow' l had to come.-Then will the movement...''
...of planet Budh and other planets be stopped till then?
l had full belief that due to the presence of king of planets...
''...Suryadev' the movement of planets can't be stopped.''
But l feel sad that you did'nt think it necessary to take my....
''...permission & if Devguru had'nt informed me' l would not have..''
''...forgiven you for this problem. -Suryadev' you are capable...''
...of running the movement of planets without my presence.
Otherwise also Budh planet has always run under Surya planet
''Hence' l request you to please retain the movement of...''
...Budh planet through your bright rays.
ln Brahmadev's arrangement a gap of even one moment...
...can lead to a destruction.
''Hence' l have already ensured the movements already.''
l again request you to please allow me to do penance in earth.
l know mother's place is higher than that of heaven.
''Hence' l won't disrupt your work for repentance of her sins.''
l had just come to make you aware of your mistake.
May welfare come to you!
Salutations King & queen. l am honoured by your visit.
l hope you have no difficulty here- Do you like the place?
''Yes' this place is very suitable for doing my worship.''
''We are happy to hear that. lf you lack anything' please tell...''
...without hesitation- An ascetic's work is to unite the soul with...
...the mind. lt does'nt suit him to bother about bodily comforts.
''Youthful sage' you have neither introduced yourself nor told...'' about the purpose of your meditation.
You are so handsome and have a magnetic presence.
Then what do you want to achieve by doing meditation?
Please think we are your own & don't hesitate to tell us
''Queen' l can't introduce myself till l succeed in my purpose.''
''Hence' l won't be able to answer you now.''
''lf you have any objection' l will leave this forest to go elsewhere''
''No' we have no problem. What objection can we have towards...''
''...the worship of a sage?-Sage' won't you tell your name also.''
''My name is Taraputra-That is' your mother's name is Tara''
You will also have your name -l've forgotten my name and...
...identity to come to do meditation. You can call me 'Yogi'
That is what we were calling you- One Yogi (sage)should...
...forget his identity as the past memories can disrupt his worship
You are telling the truth. Let us go now without disrupting his...
...worship further- Let us go -l am grateful for your favour
''See there' Devi''
How do you like this part of Kamyek forest situated within...
''...the kingdom of King Heel? -Very beautiful' Swami''
Will this beautiful place be suitable for Shaktivan?
l leave this decision to you. l will accept your choice.
And l like your wish that l should now become complete...
...Nareeshwar from Ardhanareeshwar.
''See there' Tara's son Buddha is praying to you.''
l will surely fulfil his wishes. But l will keep his hermitage...
...outside the boundary of Shaktivan filled with womanhood
''What a strange coincidence is this' that he has come to...''
... Kamyekvan to do penance. -Devguru Brihaspati has ...
...instructed him to do that and he is following that orders.
You did'nt tell me why you will keep Budh's ashram outside...
...the womanly place- There are two reasons for that.
''Two reasons!- Yes' l don't want to see Budh in womanly form.''
And second reason- l have to fulfil the wish of my another...
''...devotee' but don't ask his name now- Why' Swami?''
You will come to know of it yourself when the time comes.
''As you wish' Swami. Now' when we have reached Kamyekvan...''
...let us create Shaktivan. Why should we wait for it now?
The waiting is over. l will fulfil my promise immediately
Let the womanly world be created.
''Come' let us start the dance of delight in this Shaktivan''
''Nandi Maharaj' why are you standing like a statue here?''
Due to Lord Shiv's orders!
Lord Shiv can't give such severe orders to his beloved devotees.
''When Lord is not here' to whom are you bowing here?''
''Then' what should l do. Lord Shiv told me to be firm on my...''
''...decision. lf l break my decision' what will the Lord say?''
Now tell me where are Lord Shiv and Mata Parvati at this moment.
l don't know anything. l am anxious to see Lord Shiv and...
''...Mother Parvati' but l am under a compulsion.''
''Nandi' l request you to not to combine your mind's difficulty..''
...with your body. Leave this bowing form of yours and give...
...some rest to your tired body. lf you remember Lord Shiv...
''...and Mother Parvati with a true heart' you will get to know...''
...where they are.
''You also try to search for them' Devarishi. You keep roaming in...''
...all the places. No place is hidden from our side.
''Definitely. Don't worry' l will find out where Lord & mother...''
''...Parvati are. Till then' you keep chanting the Panchakshari Mantra''
Now that is only our support. -Om Namah Shivaya
Om Namah Shivaya!
''Can you see' how anxious queen Vijaya is to beget a son?''
Have you given an indication of the prediction l had told you to...
''...the queen?- l had given the indication' but...'''
l understand it will be hard & unjust to tell the queen that she..
...will never become a mother but you'll surely have Shiv's mercy
You just tell her that you will get a Prince very soon.
''You had also said' we will see the image of our Prince soon.''
''Yes' my prediction is strong' you would've seen the image of the...''
...prince.- We have seen the image of our Prince and Queen... greatly impressed by that form and is praying for such...
...a prince while worshipping Lord Shiv.
''By Lord Shiv's grace' this wish of yours will be fulfilled soon.''
Now allow me to leave.
''You' Chandradev!''
''Salutations' Nandi! -Salutations' Chandradev''
Where is Bholenath?
''Please tell us where our Lord left you' Chandradev''
Where is our Bholenath?-He is in an unknown place with...
...Mother Parvati. lt won't be right for me to reveal that place
Why it won't be right? We are all anxious to see them.
You have to tell us where Lord Shiv & Mother Parvati are...
...& what they are doing in an unknown place.
''Why are you quiet' Chandradev? Are they in some problem?''
Why are you looking at me with anger? Tell us!
l feel sad that you can even imagine that the all powerful...
...Lord Shiv & Mother Parvati can be in problem.
''They are the caretakers of the whole world' what problem can...''
...come to them? They are in great delight and are not willing.. come out of that.-They don't want to leave their delight.
That means they have forgotten Kailash and we Shivgans.
Lord Shiv is not ready to remember anything about the past
''Hence' me' Trishul and the Nagdev had to come here.''
Lord Shiv Shankar has sacrificed his old form and Mother Parvati..
'' lost in the Shaktivan.-We don't understand' please tell... ''
''...clearly' Chandradev- Then listen. As per the wish of...''
''...Mother' Lord Shiv has created a Shaktivan which is full of...''
...womanhood. -We still don't understand.
''ln that Shaktivan' no man can remain as a man.''
The man who goes there will become a woman.
Lord Shiv has also taken the form of a woman.
''Due to this' he has abandoned me' Nag and also the Trishul''
Where is that Shaktivan? -ln Kamyek forest
''Can't we go there?-lf you go' you will become a woman...''
...first and then become subject of Shiv's anger.
Now you do whatever you think is right. Allow me to leave.
''Brother Nandi' we are ready to become women but we can't...''
...stay away from Lord Shiv & mother for a long time.
We have to stay away from them and bear the separation
But none of us will try to go there as that will ... against Shiv's orders without which we can't...
...even step out of Kailash. There is only way to...
''...come out of this problem i.e. to chant ''Om Namah Shivaya''
''See' tears are coming out of Nagdev's eyes also.''
Nagdev will have to anxiously wait for Shiv till He comes back
Son Budh! Open your eyes and look at me
Who are you to call me as your son?
First give your introduction
l am your religious father Chandradev.
Religious or irreligious father. The way you blemished the...
''...sacredness of my mother' have you come to disrupt my penance''
''Are'nt you ashamed to do like this' Chandradev?''
l've come here with the thoughts of your welfare. Don't blame... unnecessarily- l don't want to ask or hear anything from you
Please go away from here. -l have come to remove the...
...bad feelings and hatred you have towards me.
''Don't you know' you are the reason for me to have come...'' earth and do penance. Now you want to disrupt this also.
ls this your wish?-That is not your wish. l take oath on my...
...revered God Shiv that your mother Tara's blemish should... removed and Devguru Brihaspati accepts your mother...
...and your son-Where were your good feelings when you eyed...
...on my mother wrongly and committed a sin.
''Budh' you accept or not' l am only not responsible for that sin''
Devi Tara's attractiveness and her looks compelled me in a way
As it is l am tempted easily. But any other Devata or even lndra...
...would have got tempted during that time.
''By reminding about the past events' you are disturbing me.''
l am doing penance to wash away the sin of my mother.
Do you want to disrupt it?
l request you to kindly leave me alone.
l have not come to you permanently. This relation...
...of ours has been formed due to destiny. Your anger...
...can't finish that relation -A relation which gives only...
''...pain & suffering' what is your wish by reminding about it?''
Do you wish me to return to my planet leaving this penance?
l will leave after sometime. Let me say what l've come to tell.
''Lord Shiv' whom you are worshipping has now become a...''
...woman and is playing a Leela. -Lord Shiv in a Leela.
''That means' my penance won't be completed soon now.''
''Yes' l know the purpose of your penance is to get a son who...''
...will become a supreme human by his good deeds and relieves...
''...Tara of her sin-Chandradev' how do you know the purpose...''
...of my penance. This secret was known only to three of us.
You have forgotten that l decorate the head of Lord Shiv
He is called Chandrashekhar due to that. Can anything about His...
...devotees be hidden from Him and also from me.
''Tell me clearly' what l should do' shall l leave the penance.''
''You will soon get the fruits of your penance. Anyway' how can...''
'' beget a son' when you are doing meditation.''
''For getting a son' you need a companion. Miraculous God Shiv...''
''...will soon fulfil your wish. To tell this only' l came here.''
May welfare come to you!
Had Chandradev come only to disillusion me?
''No' l will never stop doing penance. Never!''
Lord Shiv has taken my Swami with him only to punish him
''Now' what should l do to appease Him. What to do!''
''To appease Lord Shiv's anger' it is necessary to meditate on Him''
''But that is not needed' as His anger has calmed down now.''
''Swami' you!- Yes' Rohini' Lord Shiv is full of mercy and He...''
...has completely forgiven me and l have also promised that...
...l will be balanced and remain in control in future
l don't believe your sweet words any more. Your tempted mind...
...can do any mischief at any time.-You still consider me...
'' a sinner' Rohini. -You only tell' if Lord Shiv...''
''...had not sacrificed you' how could you have come here.''
''Last time' you came here as you got scared of Him.''
Believe me. Lord Shiv has sacrificed me with love this...
...time and not anger and that too only for some time.
Can anyone sacrifice with love? -Love is another form of...
''...sacrifice' Rohini. Were'nt you living alone without me and...''
...sacrificing your comforts out of love for me?
''Don't change the topic' and tell why Lord Shiv sacrificed you.''
''Reason is' he is full of His Leela now as per mother's wish.''
''That means' Lord Shiv is not in Kailash now.''
He has sacrificed Kailash also for some time.
His new form is very strange and also astonishing
''Don't worry' Devi. Till Lord Shiv goes to Kailash and calls me...''
...l will be staying with you.
''Nagdev' accept Narad's salutations. ''
Tears in your eyes! ls this due to separation from Lord Shiv?
''Nandi' where are Lord Shiv and Mother Parvati?''
''Nandi' where is the one whose name you're chanting.''
Suddenly Lord Shiv & Mother Parvati have left us and...
...broken relations with us and also Kailash.
How is this possible? Kailashpati can't break this relation which...
'' immortal and permanent. -Whatever you say' Devarishi''
l have left hopes of early return of Lord Shiv & Mother Parvati.
'' alone in Kailash. l can't believe this' Nandi.''
You have some illusions or someone has disillusioned you.
''Can't you see that he has sacrificed Nagdev' Trishul...''
...and also Chandradev. We heard that Lord Shiv has created...
...Shaktivan in Kamyek forest where no man can go & remain... a man. Lord Shiv has also taken the form of a woman.
What am l hearing?-This is the truth. Chandradev will surely...
...not lie to us. - Lord Shiv has done another miracle there.
''What is it' Bhringi?- ln that Shaktivan' every man becomes...''
''...a woman. Now' we can't go there even if we wish to.''
''But Bhringi' l am thinking of going there. How can l refrain...''
...from seeing this changed form of Lord Shiv.
''Devarishi' please tell Lord Shiv about our bad condition when...''
'' meet Him- Sure. But...' -Are you changing your decision?''
''No' Nandi' l am only thinking' what will happen if l became...''
''...a woman as soon as l enter Shaktivan' then what'll happen...'' me. Now l should'nt become a lady but also see Lord Shiv.
''Then l have to act cleverly' Nandi' this Shiv Leela can be...''
...resolved only through a Narad Leela.
''Swami' listen! Leave your meditation and listen to me.''
Open your eyes as l want to tell you something.
''Swami' won't you really not leave your meditation.''
''Lakshmi' l know what you wish to ask me.''
''l don't want to ask' but to tell something.''
''Then tell' l am hearing. l don't want to open my eyes as...''
...l am seeing my devotee Narad now.
l want to request about Narad only. -Tell then.
Don't allow him to enter Vaikunth this time.-But the question...
...of entering does'nt arise as he appears inside directly.
''lf you wish' then you can stop him from appearing here.''
How? l can't put restrictions on anyone's entry in Vaikunthlok
''l am already annoyed' don't increase my anger.''
''ln this delightful Vaikunth' why are you sad when you're near me''
''When Narad comes' while you are in deep meditation' it...''
''...becomes easy for me to spend time. But' Devarishi is so...''
''...selfish that' he does'nt show his face also without a purpose''
''And this time' he has not even enquired about us for ages.''
''Mother' not for ages but only days. Anyway' you are'nt...''
''...aware of the passage of time' being in Vaikunth.''
''Narad' l won't talk to you.''
l know that you are angry...
...with me without reason. l also know that my Lord Shri Hari...
...will take my side and pacify you-l am not going to be...
...carried away by your words. lf you don't promise to come...
''...everyday here' l won't talk to you at all.''
''Mother' you know that l keep roaming in all the three worlds.''
''By falsely promising to come daily' l don't want to lie to you.''
Today Devi Laxmi's anger is at the highest limit and she...
''...won't calm down easily. Tell' what news have you brought.''
How can any secret of creations be hidden from you?
Please tell me the secret behind Shiv Leela this time.
''What Shiv Leela?- Mother'hasn't Shri Hari told you that...''
...Lord Bholenath has taken the form of a lady this time.
What! Then surely Devi Parvati would've taken the form of man
Nothing is impossible for Ardhanareeshwar Shiv-Parvati
No! l heard that Mother Parvati has become more womanly now.
''For Her only' Lord Shiv has created Shaktivan which is full...''
...of womanhood and any man entering there'll become a woman
''Prabhu' what am l hearing? -Nothing but the truth.''
''l also have a request' Lord -l don't count your requests...''
''...& accept all your requests' but don't ask a question which...''
...l can't answer-That can be known only after the question... asked. But there is nothing that can't be answered by you...
'' you are all-knowing. -l accept that' but l won't cross...''
'' limits. Ask your question -Though you know' l have to...''
...ask you as to what is the secret behind Shiv-Leela.
''Why has He created Shaktivan and become womanly' Shri Hari''
''No' l can't answer this question' as it is against Shiv's wish.''
l already had guessed that you won't give a clear answer.
But did'nt expect a direct refusal. Now permit me to go...
'' Brahmalok- Do you need my orders for that' Narad?''
''You can surely go. -As you order' Prabhu''
Did you see how selfish Narad is? When his purpose was...
''...not served' how he vanished in a moment.''
''Devi' this is not Narad's mistake as he is anxious to know the...''
...answer to that question and might get a hint at Brahmalok
Now l will forgive Narad only if U reveal the secret of Shaktivan
''The secret l did'nt reveal to my dear devotee' how'll l tell you?''
Looks like Brahmadev is very happy today. l will get my...
''...answers today-Narad' do you think the identity of Saraswati...''
'' finished in Brahmalok -Please forgive me' Mother''
''You know' l also get lost in happiness seeing anyone happy.''
That does'nt mean you ignore someone. l see that you are...
...becoming selfish day by day.
Being selfish is not bad but it should not hurt anyone.
l am happy to see you delighted today -Your happiness is only...
''...momentary' Narad -How is that momenatry' Brahmadev''
You have come to learn about the secret of Shaktivan here.
You won't get the answer here -You know that l have come...
...back without answer from Vaikunth. Please keep the..
...respect the question of your son. l am too restless to know.
l can only give you this hint that this secret is connected to...
...Manu's son Heel and Tara's son Budh.
King Heel and Tara's son Budh! But this information is not...
...enough for me. How do l find that Shaktivan? Tell me that.
Shaktivan is in Kamyekvan in King Heel's kingdom. Now l...
...won't tell anything more than this. May welfare come to you!
l've never seen you in such a delightful form before.
''Don't talk about the past' Devi. Talk only of this beautiful...''
...peaceful atmosphere. l want to forget the past & U also do that
''How can you forget the merciful form of yours' Parameshwar?''
That mercy has turned into emotions of beauty now.
l have created this Shaktivan according to your wishes to...
...take you to the limits of love and beauty.
Till now you have'nt told me whether you are happy or not.
My delight is spread in the form of beauty & is blooming here.
But what will happen to those countless devotees who are...
...praying to you for the fulfilment of their wishes.
Will they be deprived of your mercy?
Never! You know that l can take various forms for my devotees
''l am here' as well as there.''
''Wherever you are' l'm also there. Shakti can't be away from Shiv.''
You are telling the truth. But l've forgotten to tell you the secret
''You should not get surprised on hearing it- lf l get surprised'...''
'''ll satisfy that. Tell me' what is that secret.''
l have created this Shaktivan too to fulfil the wish of one of...
'' devotees-That means' it was not done on my wish.''
You had also wished only according to my wish.
You are also very dear to me and also the devotees.
''lf the wishes of both are fulfilled simultaneously' what...''
...objection can you have?
''He is Planet Budh Maharaj' Chandradev's son.''
Brahmadev said this Shiv Leela is connected to Budh.
Then Kamyekvan should also be somewhere nearby
But what is the purpose of Budh Maharaj's Shiv worship
''Narad' don't get entangled in this & search for Shaktivan''
''Devarishi' please come to Shaktivan.''
You also become a woman and join us in this delightful dance.
''Come Narad' you will never get the enjoyment of this dance again''
''No' forgive me. As it is' l'm astonished to see your forms.''
''Bholenath' what form have you taken? Where are your Damru...''
''...Trishul' Chandradev & Nagdev. -Those were the attires of...''
'' Manly form. Now l have completely come to ''Shiva'' form''
Whoever touches the soil of this Shaktivan becomes a woman
You are still away in sky and that is why you're still a man.
Forgive me. l am blessed to have seen this beautiful form.
''lf you permit' can l ask you a question. -Yes' you will get...''
...answers to all your questions today.
l saw Budh Maharaj praying to you very near this Shaktivan.
How did he not become a woman due to the effect of Shaktivan?
That area is outside the boundary of Shaktivan and...
...l did'nt want to convert Budh into a woman.
''Don't waste time. Become Naradi' and enjoy the dance with us''
''No' forgive me' mother. As it is l have already suffered the...''
...effects of a woman before. l will see this Leela of yours...
...from here only.
''You and your Leela are great' Lord.''
To understand that is not only difficult but also impossible.
''Salutations' Royal Astrologer. -May all your wishes come true''
''Our astrologer has brought a very auspicious news' queen''
''What sort of news' king? -Lord Shiv & Mother Parvati...''
...have left Kailash and are living in our Kamyek forest now
We have been blessed and also our kingdom is fortunate.
What can be more auspicious than having Lord & mother in...
...kingdom?- l am also delighted by this news. Lord Shiv is our...
...revered God and we'll have the fortune of seeing Him.
''By His blessings' our wishes will be fulfilled.''
Now we don't have to wait for a long time for our prince.
Queen Vijaya will not give birth to the Prince from her womb.
This is true that Maharani Vijaya has no children in her destiny
She will never become a mother
''What have you started thinking suddenly' king?''
''Nothing' queen. You are telling the truth. We'll have the...''
...fortune of worshiping Lord Shiv and Parvati in person
''By His blessings' our wishes will be fulfilled soon.''
This was told by you and not me and it is true that we...
..don't have to wait for a long time for the birth of our prince.
''Yes' l only told. Now we have to go quickly to see Lord & mother.''
''Definitely' King. Now it is not right for us to delay even for...''
...a moment. Let us depart immediately.
''What are you thinking' king? -Today is the most auspicious...'' of our life. We will see Lord Shiv & Parvati today.
Our life will be blessed.
Brahmadev said that this Shiv Leela is connected with ...
...King Heel and Budh Maharaj.
This is King Heel and his queen.
They are going towards Shaktivan.
ls'nt king Heel aware of this fact that every man entering...
''...Shaktivan becomes a woman. Lord Shiv' what is going to ...''
...happen now.
King Heel has become Hila. What will happen now?
''What has happened' King? -What is this' queen?''
You have'nt changed and how did l change?
''What is this sudden problem' you've become a woman.''
''What will happen now' king? We are going near Shiv-Parvati.''
''Why are you getting scared? By their blessings' everything will..''
''...become alright' queen-No' this is not right. ''
l have also become a woman
''Mother' what is this? My swami has changed into a woman.''
''What is this Shiv-Leela' mother? And where is Lord Shiv Shankar''
No man can remain a woman on entering this Shaktivan.
This is Lord Shiv Shankar!
That is why King Heel became Hila on entering Shaktivan
You don't worry-How?lt looks as if an explosion has fallen on me
l had prayed you for getting a prince. What sort of strange...
''...fruits have l got now? -This had to happen' queen.''
That is why l played this Leela & this will only end in auspicion
How should l behave with you now as you have become a...
''...woman. Am l your wife now? l don't understand anything' king''
''Lord & Mother' what situation have you put us in?''
''Please return back my Swami to his previous form' Lord.''
''This is impossible' Queen Vijaya. According to laws of destiny...''
''...the work for which King Heel has become Hila' without...''
''...fulfilment of that work' he can't change into a man again.''
''Lord' when our citizens come to know that our king is no more...''
''...a man' injustice will prevail & administration will be shattered.''
Nothing of that sort will happen as the citizens of Heel's kingdom
''...are religious and cultured. They will accept you' i.e. Queen...''
...Vijaya as their administrator.
Are'nt your citizens anxious to get a prince for their country.
''Not only the citizens' all of us are waiting for our prince''
''But since this explosion has fell on us' l am out of my mind.''
''But l don't understand' if king stays in this form' how will...''
...l become the mother of the prince.
The secret of this Shiv-Leela is becoming even deeper
''Bholenath' what is your intention?''
''What are you thinking' Devi? Say' whatever you want to say.''
lt is your duty & religion to remove Queen Vijaya's worry.
''Queen Vijaya' l am going to tell you a harsh truth. Please...''
...strengthen your heart to hear it. Due to the sins committed...
'' your past births' you can't become a mother in this birth.''
''No mother' don't hurt me like that. l have come to you with...''
...great hopes. Don't break my wishes into pieces.
''Lord Shiv' you are all powerful. By your devotion' the sins...''
...of the past births can be washed away. l had thought...
...this and prayed to you. Do you want your devotees to get this...
''...sort of punishment. Don't be so unjust to me' Mahadev.''
''Don't break my heart into many pieces. No' Mahadev.''
You have to hear another hard truth. You did my devotion.
But your mind was keen for a son and not on Shiv devotion
''While praying' you saw Budh in your yearning for a son in...''
...Shivlingh and not me as you wished to get a son like Budh.
''lsn't this right' queen? -Yes' you are telling the truth' Lord.''
l was so anxious for a son that l could'nt think of anything...
''...except Budh -Even then' you don't have to be sad.''
You will beget a son like Budh but you won't give birth to him
Hila will give birth to him
''Hila' your body has become womanly due to Shiv Leela.''
But your soul is King Heel's only.
The wish you had as King Heel will be fulfilled through Hila
Do you accept this?
''Vijaya' you should'nt become sad but become delighted due to this''
We have to announce another truth to you.
''To show the strengths of woman' on my request...''
...Lord Shiv has established this womanly Shaktivan
''Only due to this' your husband has taken the womanly form...'' give birth to a son like Budh.
''Vijaya' to fulfil the wishes of your husband who is my true...''
''...devotee and of Budh who has great Motherly devotion' l have...''
...played this Leela.
''Lord' the meaning of every Leela of yours is really miraculous.''
What all forms do you take to fulfil the wishes of Ur devotees
What all Leelas do you play? You & Mother Parvati are great
Both of you have done so much for me. Even if you disappointed..
'' in a way' you have actually fulfilled my wishes.''
You are really great. -Accept this truth without...
...hesitation and take up the administration of your kingdom.
Will my Swami always remain in the form of Hila?
''Please don't do this to me' Mother Parvati.''
''Devi' after his son is born' King Hila need not remain in the...''
...form of Hila. Please listen to her wishes-As you wish!
''Queen Vijaya' you don't have to bear your husband's separation...''
...for long. Every next month he will keep meeting you as a man
ls this possible?- Nothing is impossible in this world.
Devi Parvati is full of mercy. ln spite of doing the duty of...
''...a mother' King Heel will meet you and will come at your door...''
...with a prince after an year. & your wishes will be fulfilled.
''Lord Shiv' you are going on doing miracles. ''
You have never done such miracles with Narad.
''By running your kingdom cleverly for one year' you prove that...''
'' work is impossible for a lady -l'll obey your orders' Mata''
''One another corner of this Kamyekvan' Yogi Budh is in...''
...deep Shiv meditation. You go to him & give indication of Ur wish
''You have to fulfil this duty with a smiling face' Vijaya. Now go!''
Hila! l will myself reach you to Yogi Budh. Let us go!
''What now' Devi! -l know' you wish to get back to your...''
''...original form and return to Kailash. But...' -But what?''
Let us enjoy this comfort of Shaktivan for some more time... this time does'nt come often-As you wish!
Disciple Narad! lt seems that you have forgotten your Guru
''NO! Salutations' Gurudev! But how are you here?''
Shiv-Parvati's Leela is strange and something that we can't...
''...imagine happens' Narad and to understand the happenings is...''
...difficult- You are completely true. l am witnessing the events..
''...that happened by Shiv-Leela -You're seeing the Leelas' Narad''
''Where are Shiv-Parvati? -See there' Guru' the...''
...miraculous forms of both of them.
l am blessed by seeing this form of yours.
Don't go to Shaktivan even by mistake or U'll become a woman
Don't worry about me and take care of yourself and don't...
...go there in your feelings of devotion or else l will have... lose a very good disciple of mine.
''Devguru' l did'nt go there though Lord & mother invited me.''
l am being very cautious. But tell me what you are doing here..
...leaving your Brihaspati Ashram in heaven.
l am going to meet Budh as it is very necessary to meet him.
What necessity?-You will get your answer after some time.
Why did Devguru leave that question aside & not answer it?
l have to find this secret.
''Budh' your wishes will be definitely fulfilled.''
''Devguru' l am blessed by seeing you and by your blessings...''
...l fully believe that my worship will surely succeed.
''To relieve the sin of mother' whatever you did is praiseworthy''
l fully believe in your success by Lord Shiv's blessings & your...
...mother's blemish will vanish.
Son Budh!
''l have to convey my good wishes to your son' Tara''
''l have also come with the same purpose' Devguru.''
The present play of Shiv-Parvati is connected to your son Budh.
''So' do not worry- Now the time to give rights to Budh has come''
''By accepting him as your son' relieve the burden on his head.''
Till Lord Shiv Himself accepts Buddh's prayers and...
'' him the fruits of his penance' -That means till...''
''...then' my blemish will not go & you also won't accept Budh...'' the form of a son -For that the acceptance of religion...
''...and rules are necessary' Devi. You can yourself understand...''
...that l have no ill-feelings towards Budh now.
''lf l had' l would'nt have come from heaven to meet him here.''
You are really great and have now removed the burden in my...
''...heart. Son Budh' now Devguru calls you as your son or not...''
...he has accepted you as your son. You are very fortunate.
Now l know why Budh Maharaj felt bad when l called him... Chandradev's son. Now you have become Brihaspati's son.
Now all your problems will go by worshipping Lord Shiv.
What is it? What has happened to you suddenly?
''Can't you hear these heartfelt chantings of ''Om Nama Shivaya''
''Yes' swami''
''Bholenath' the work of creation has worsened without you.''
''Please come back' Mahadev.''
''Without your presence in Kailash' the caretaking work of the...''
...creation is becoming difficult. Come and give your presence.
The purpose of Shaktivan is over now and we have to finish...
...this Leela of ours. We have to go back to Kailash soon.
The beings on earth and heaven are feeling insecure without you.
Come with Mother Parvati immediately.
We are trembling a lot without your presence
''What happened' Swami?- Now' l have to go back to adorn the...''
''...head of Lord Shiv' Rohini. Our union is over. Any moment...''
...Lord Shiv can call me by his power.
''Swami' Shaktivan was created by my wish. How can you finish...''
...this Leela without my wish. -l am not disrespecting your...
''...wish' Devi. l am only requesting you.''
Kailash is isolated without me. Whoever is coming there will... anxious to meet me.
Chandra! Nag!
''Your orders are my command' Swami.''
Be ready to move then. After finishing the work at...
''...Kamyekvan' we have to reach Kailash fast.''
Accept my salutations and grant me a son who is handsome...
'' you' Prince of Planets! -Who are you' Devi!''
Your worship is successful and your mother is relieved of her...
...sin. Now you accept the request of Devi Hila and...
...give her the son she wishes for.
''Hila!-Yes' Shilv-Leela was played to give this form to her''
''Your Leela was miraculous -Queen Vijaya' now you must...'' happy. You will soon get the prince you have dreamt of.
''Go' go to the capital and do your duty of royal administration''
''Your mercy is boundless' Lord & mother. Devguru said that you...''
...had played this Leela to clear my blemish and to grant a ...
...son like Budh to Manu's son Heel.
''Devguru' are you satisfied now? -Mahadev' what else is left...''
'' get after getting your blessings. l have everything' Lord''
''Devi Tara' your sad story has ended now. You can now go...''
...with Devguru to heaven now.
''Bholenath' before vanishing suddenly' please accept my...''
..salutations -May welfare come to you
l had the fortune of getting your blessings after a long time.
''Mother' if l had entered Shaktivan as per your orders'''
Then you would have become Naradi and would have remained.. that form at least for one year.
''But due to your mercy' nothing of that sort happened.''
''Devi Hila' you have to stay in this Ashram for an year.''
Serve your husband truly and forget the past events.
''Now we have to go to Kailash soon- As you order' Swami''
''Devguru' please permit me as l also have to go to Kailash...''
...behind Lord Shiv & Mother. l already heard the calls of...
''...Brahma' Vishnu & other Devgans from there.''
''Definitely' Narad. l will also go to heaven and do the duty as...''
''...Devguru. Let us go' Tara.''
''Bholenath' please come soon''
''Give your presence' mother Parvati''
Please give your presence.
''End our anxiety' Bholenath''
Hail Lord Shiv and Mother Parvati.
''Devarishi' you have come here too!''
Where can be devotee go away from his Lord & mother and...
...when my Lord Shri Hari and Brahmadev are also present here
''Then how can Narad stay away from Kailash' mother''
''Brahmadev' Shri Hari' both of you know the secret of all...''
'' Leelas. Then' why did you become so anxious?''
Nandi and other Shivgan's mercy call made us to come.
''Yes' Lord Shiv' they had called us repeatedly.''
Your absence in Kailash increased our responsibilities.
''Forgive us. Without both of you' we become very restless.''
''Please don't leave these orphans and go away' Bholenath.''
Don't tell me anything about this and ask only Devi Parvati as...
...the creation of Shaktivan was Her wish only.
We won't tell anything to Mother Parvati. Whatever She did is...
''...acceptable to us. By seeing you after a long time' l am pleased.''
''Very pleased' Bholenath. -We all are delighted.''
''Friend Narad' you are immersed in music in Kailash and...''
...l am roaming here and there due to your separation.
''What is this injustice' friend Narad?''
''Friend Narad' today is the greatest day in my life.''
As l met you suddenly and had the fortune to see Shri Hari...
...and my grandfather Brahmadev. Suddenly l could also come... serve Lord Shiv and Mother Parvati. What can be more...
...delightful than this?-Your revered God Brahmadev is...
''' Parvat. He might vanish suddenly & you might not know.''
Now you come with me to Him and request them to accept you... His devotee. Come.
''You are doing the duty of a true friend' Narad.''
''This Parvat keeps chanting your name' Brahmadev''
Please bless him that he always has your mercy.
''Narad' l am surprised that he needs your help to seek my...''
...blessing. A devotee who can't establish relationship with his...
''...revered God' his devotion can't remain permanently.''
''Friend Narad' Parampita seems to be not very pleased with me.''
''By talking with you' l could not talk to my revered Shri Hari''
''Narad' your friend is not clever & intelligent like you''
''Yes' mother! lf he has done any mistake' l ask for forgivance.''
''Narad' your friend has come to Kailash for the first time' but...''
...did'nt give me any opportunity to welcome him.
''Bholenath' you are embodiment of mercy. This ignorant Parvat did'nt''
...understand that he has to bow before you and Mother Parvati...
''...first on coming to Kailash. Parvat' ask for forgivance from..''
''...Lord & Mother. -Please forgive me' Lord Shiv & Mother Parvati''
l am ignorant and stupid. Please give me the boon of cleverness
May welfare come to you & soon your wishes should come true.
''Please give permission to leave to all of us' Bholenath.''
''Friend Parvat' where are Lord Shiv & Brahmadev?''
Are you still roaming in your imaginary world?
l am ignorant and highly stupid. You have proved that.
Don't blame me. You neither use your intelligence nor cleverness...
...which is hidden in your mountain like head.
You are right. Now Lord Shiv has given me the boon of...
...cleverness and l will soon start following your footsteps.
But you have still not told me where we are going.
l'll surely tell you. You have just had the fortune of seeing...
''...Brahmadev' Shri Hari & Lord Shiv & Devi Parvati who are...''
...there. You also saw Devendra and the Devgans. But you did'nt...
...think about one who was'nt present there
Have you already started testing my intelligence?
You've asked me a question for which l can't think of an answer
Now only tell me what is the meaning of this question.
Were'nt you surprised not to see Devguru Brihaspati there?
''No' as l did'nt remember him at all.- For a disciple to forget...''
''...Guru is not the correct thing -Yes' it is a wrong thing.''
Guru Brihaspati must be sad to remember a disciple like me.
''But he is not sad now' but happy as he has got the...'' of his wife Devi Tara again. They have both...
''...united after a long time. -Guru's wife' Devi Tara?''
''l am hearing this name for the first time- Parvat' what to...''
...tell now. Don't you wish to see Guru with his wife Devi Tara...
''...together after hearing all this. -lf you wish so' why won't l...''
''...wish that' as l am your friend -You are great and it is a...''
...waste to talk with you. Now let us go to Devguru Brihaspati...
...without wasting a moment.
''Welcome Devraj' Devi Shachi and other Devgans.''
''We are very happy to see you in heaven' Devi Tara''
We have been waiting for you for a long time.
Everything gets completed only when the right time comes.
Devi Tara could come here only due to the mercy of Lord Shiv...
...and Mother Parvati.
''Salutations' Devguru and Devmata -Salutations' Devguru' mother...'' know that my brain does'nt support me at times.
''Devguru' both of us will come regularly here to get blessings.''
l am pleased to get the good wishes of all of you.
Lord Shiv should bring welfare to all of you.
Hila! l could come to earth only due to you.
You will only become the reason for washing my mother's sin
Only due to you my visit to earth will be successful.
l only know this much that without the mercy of...
''...Lord Shiv & Devi Parvati' no work becomes a success''
l'll never forget this favour of Lord Shiv.
My mind to get distracted towards you during Shiv...
''...devotion is my mistake. Come' let us pray to...''
...Lord Shiv with true devotion.
Manu's son King Heel in the form of Hila gave birth to a great son
''...named Purushva. After Purushva's birth' the penance...''
...for repentance of Budh and Devi Tara got completed
By Lord Shiv's & Mother Parvati's mercy after the...
''...son't birth' King Heel united with his wife and the race of...''
...of first man Manu was developed.
Time went ahead. The strength of good forces increased and...
...the demonic forces were losing their strength.
There were fights between Devatas who represented the...
...good forces and the demons who represented wicked forces...
...from time to time and the Demons were always defeated.
This caused worry in the mind of Daityaguru Shukracharya...
...which was natural as he had always wanted the demons to... victorious.
''Shukracharya' after the defeat of demons' you have no right to...''
...remain as Daityaguru.
Whichever demon is established as the winner of three worlds... you always get destroyed by Devatas due to his own...
...arrogance and ignorance.
''And Gajasur! Yes' he was not only killed by Mahadev...''
...his skin was also adorned as a cloth by Mahadev on his...
...request and you are only responsibile for that.
''Shukracharya' this defeat is not Gajasur's but your ignorance...''
...and great penance. When you can't protect the Daitya sons...
...why do you show great dreams to them?
''lf you can't give immortality to Daityas' why do you give...''
...that illusion to them?
When the strength of Daityas gets defeated by Devatas...
...why do you make them believe in their strength?
Have you taken birth for the total destruction of Daityas?
This blame is being put on you not only by your conscience...
...but also the complete Daitya race.
''lf you can't answer that blame' you have no right to be alive.''
''Death will only suit you now' Shukracharya.''
Death is only better for you!
''Yes' l have no right to be alive.''
l only deserve death. Now only l will jump into this Havan fire...