Zoomumba Valentines Day Event Podcast Episode 1

Uploaded by ZoomumbaHQ on 09.02.2011

Hi, my name is Boyana.
And I'm Marianne.
We are the Zoomumba Community Managers.
We would like to show you what the Zoomumba team
has prepared for Valentine`s Day.
The event week will include lots of hearts and love
to show how happy we are that you play our game!
Hello I'm Diego
and I'm Inês
Together we are the Language Managers for Brazil and Portugal
We would like to show you the preparation
for the Valentine´s day Event
and we hope you enjoy this Event a lot. Take a look.
This is Fabien and he is part of our graphics team.
Right now we are all busy working on the Valentine`s specials.
I, for example, am working on the valentine´s love cage.
Come closer and have a look.
And this is Felipe - one of our flash programmers.
Right now, the rest of the Flash Developers and I are working on new features
and new items for our Valentine’s Day event.
Our work basically consists of thousand lines of code,
to create the interactive world of Zoomumba
for you!
To make this online experience possible we work together with the PHP guys.
And now,let`s surprise our producer.Shhhh!
Hi, I`m Eddie, I'm the producer of Zoomumba.
I hope that you enjoy our Valentines event, and like what we prepared for you.
Enjoy! Have Fun! See you later!
Happy Valentines Day!