hoe teken je een hand - How to draw a hand FAST [English CC] [HD]

Uploaded by thekenne on 11.11.2012

Hello everybody,
today i'm going to explain how to draw a hand,
Basic, you draw, I will start with,
an elongated square, which is round on the edges,
And then you have the part of the thumb, that's an other part
that's sticking a bit out,
Next you have the fingers,
The fingers work like two sticks who bend more then the top part,
Everyone says a hand is very hard, and yes it is quite difficult,
but that when you want to get all shadows right.
There are alot of shadows in a hand.
I will explain the shadows in my next clip.
This part is just to see how we build up the hand.
This drawing is purely from the mind.
The ratio may be a little off, it might not be 100% accurate,
the fingers may be a little too long, but this is the basic build of a hand.
And then you have the foldlines of the hand,
those are things that need to be added when drawing for real.
This is very basic.
Now let's erase this...
Okay, you can still see a couple of lines, but that's okay,
Now we are going to draw a fist,
this acquires another squarelike figure,
Euhm, and round tops on the square
4 tops to be exact,
And then the thumb on the side.
This is a very simple drawing of a fist.
Straight front view.
This way you can visualise the basic fist form,
It's not that hard to draw.
If you really don't know how to draw a fist,
you have 2 on your body, watch them and see what it does.
The best way to know what a hand looks like is to watch it.
You have 2 fine examples on you.
That's the way I usually draw, I watch my own hand as a reference point.
Okay so this is a fist.
Ik hoop dat je het leuk vond,
Het is niet zo moeilijk.
Just try, you'll make it there!
See ya!
See ya!