MiWuLa News TV Dezember 2012: Elbphilharmonie und mehr

Uploaded by MiWuLaTV on 07.12.2012

Welcome to the Christmas-episode of MiWuLa-News.
On November 14th the Elbe Philharmonic Hall and HafenCity
construction site (approx. 9m²), was inaugurated in the Hamburg layout.
At the ceremonial laying of the foundation stone, numerous news
representatives, as well as the culture senator Barbara Kisseler,
and the director of the real Elbe Philharmonic Hall,
Christoph Lieben-Seutter, were present.
They insisted to take this festive, tounge-in-cheek step
along with us.
Of course, the Elbe Philharmonic Hall is a total paradox.
It is the most realistic non-existent building if you will.
For years now you can attend Elbe Philharmonic concerts
all over town. Therefore, is it a logical and consistent
consequence, thet it will arise in Miniatur Wunderland as well,
although long before it will be finished in reality.
This is a very enchanting event, because, for me it is truly
a motivational shot in the arm, and I am very grateful
that you are doing optimistic groundwork, here.
I can only say that I admire your courage to
repeat this extraordinary experiment.
The CEOs of miniature building contractor "Ups 'n Downs Corp."
and miniature representatives of project realization firm "DeLay"
are positive that the conclusion deadline in May 2013 will be met,
and that they will stay within the building budget of 200.000 Euro.
Therefore, our Elbe Philharmonic Hall will be
2.380 times cheaper than her big sister.
The 1:130 model of the concert building will be 82 cm high and
approx. 96 cm long. Via push-button, the concert hall will open up.
The model makers have estimated 5.500 working hours to build it.
Besides the laying of the foundation ceremony, there
are many more tiny scenarios which bear a relation
to the construction of the original Elbe Philharmonic Hall.
However, please regard some of the pointed scenes with a smile,
e.g. corporate suits fist-fighting with construction workers,
an escalator leading into nothingness, a waiting line
in front of a port-a-potty, or the implementation of "modern" technology.
Also building materials, a greedy glass-monster with regard to
expensive window panes, or ingenious measuring methods
in order to gauge the compressive strength of concrete piles
are meant to make you smirk.
Let's wait and see how much stress this venture will cause us.
An Elbe Philharmonic Hall is always good for a surprise...
In our workshops we're busy with many tiny details for the
Wunderland-HafenCity. Stefan is developing some quaint
push-button actions which start to assume shape.
And what was he thinking?
I have this beautiful large office building, but there's
not much a-happening. Via push-button I want to
implement some action.
Office work is really boring, actually - at least in my notion.
So I thought I'd fill this with life.
The more exaggerated, the better.
Here's one example:
A good office worker won't get into gear in the morning
without some coffee. Therefore, these tiny figures
are praising the coffee dispenser.
Imagine this to be my office floor.
Later everything will be enclosed, so tere'll be some room
for my mechanics.
This colleague has not grasped te concept of a copier,
or he was simply freezing.
This clerk has his knickers in a twist about something, cause...
...he vents his anger at the keyboard.
What have we got here?
Trouble with the snack-dispenser - everyone's familiar with that.
You put coins into the slot and nothing happenes - what's to do?
You shake the darn thing.
The figure works with security tags
which I brought from home.
Because inside - hardly anyone knows -
there are razor-thin iron strips.
They are magnetic and so super-thin,
I would not know where to purchase these.
I removed the metal strips, glued them onto the vendor
underneath the front sticker of the vending machine.
Also, there's a magnet inside the feet.
The magnet below is stronger than the one in the hands
which are attached to the vendor.
That means, the fixed point stays below, and above the vendor
the hands move back and forth, as if he's shaking the machine.
We are looking forward to even more funny ideas.
From now on you can marvel at a new
flying object in the Scandinavia layout.
A strawberry! The fruity hot-air balloon whis strawberry basket
even has flickering lights for a realsistic gas-fired look.
Ever again the wish to run some really dirty trains on
our layout. Finally, some waggons were chosen
to be soiled and stained really badly.
Some crazy airbrushed graffitis are now decorating some
of the waggons - one man's trash is another man's treasure.
Coming up in a few weeks these trains
will run several kilometers a day on the layout.
The Airport Knuffingen has got some addition to the family.
Two additional new airplanes are populating the
runway and the apron.
First the CRJ 900 by Eurowings broke the ground.
A Eurowings delegation baptized the aircraft
and was present at its Maiden Flight.
Carefully, the airplane was sprinkled with water.
As customary with any first landing of an aircraft,
the airport fire brigade was lined up
to welcome the airplane.
Another new head-turner in Knuffingen is the Concorde.
Her real-life counterpart went into operation in 1976.
This aircraft type is not being utilized anymore for years now,
but in Wunderland you have the opportunity to
watch the luxury airplane fly. However, it will not
reach supersonic speed in our layout.
The third aircraft is the boeing 747-400 Freight by Eva Air Cargo.
The green color scheme of the airplane is a real eye-catcher.
In the future this widebody aircraft will be transporting
cargo regularly between Europe and Asia.
At Dammtor station in the Hamburg layout all
construction work was finished in the past weeks.
The entire building was newly constructed.
A few meters of railway tracks were relocated and replaced.
Due to many factors like humidity or us treading onto the layout
the surface got badly damaged or instable over the past years.
We also completely refurbished the substructure of the railway lines.
Now the platforms fit perfectly and the trains
have commenced continuous service.
After almost nine years of permanent operation the public
transport lines in the Hamburg layout were entirely renewed.
Therefore, we tore down the old train yard area
and removed tracks and the foundation.
Because of the wear in the technology due to continuous operation
this radical renewal was necessary. Now, new technology
can be installed, and this part of the layout
will also get refashioned.
As every year children under 16 years od age will have
free admission at Wunderland on Christmas Eve.
Just drop by here with your loved ones and enjoy your
leisure time before the festivities start.
We will be open until 4 p.m. that day.
For a visit on Holidays an between Christmas and New Year
we would ask you again to inform yourselves
about our anticipated waiting times.
You can make your reservation for free via internet
in order to avoid annoying waiting lines.
If you cannot commit to a certain time
we recommend you to try the evening hours.
In our experience, there are less or no waiting times.
Around the holidays we usually extend our opening hours.
We wish you and your loved ones
a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Your Miniatur Wunderland Team
Ho Ho Ho!