High Frequency Trading

Uploaded by WinningMoreTrades on 04.01.2013

Welcome To The Daily Report For The relevant order flow events
surfaced by sceeto and follow the bots For trading Gold Futures
Today is the 3rd january 2013 Gold report To See Our Signals and alerts
given by our order flow monitor please pause the video and
make it full screen to see it easier
As You May Or May Not Know High Frequency Trading Or
HFT accounts for over seventy percent of todays markets
the computer trading bots are fast very fast how do you compete with that
simple answer is you don't try to trade with them instead
if you look at the signals generated you will see hft buy surges and sell surges
if you look carefully you will see sometimes they only run for a point or two
this is designed quite simple to run your stops
before they move the market the direction they want
when you see buy programs waning or sell programs waning
it simply means the buy or sell high frequency trades
in that particular direction are slowing down so they will possibly stop and go the other
in conjunction with sceeto's other real time indicators
and your own older indicators you will in no time be able
to tell better which way the market is about to move
want to know more check out our training videos and while you are there why not get a free
trial at www.sceeto.com