121121 Weekly Idol 'Audition Idol' 1st - Hyorin

Uploaded by LovelyHyorin on 21.11.2012

'Outstanding singing and dancing' by Kyuhyun from Super Junior
'I think she sings very well' by Goo Hara from Kara
'I want to give a bing hand for her singing' by Hyunseoung from Beast
'Killer Voice' Hyorin
- All of you accepts that Hyorin sings well - She gives me a feeling as if I see Beyonce performance
In korea, she is named 'Korean Beyonce'
In terms of her vocal skill, It's not overstatement
Strong resonance and impeccable vocal control like Black musicians
Having an appreciation for her singing
Actually, there's very little she can't sing
Her vocal and dance creat a great synergy effect
She does sings powerful rock songs
and even sweet songs
She makes all get goosebumps whatever she sings in 5 seconds
Specially, It is the best among others
She makes people concentrate on her in exactly 5 seconds
This is the third time Hyorin was ranked No.1 on our charts
It is 'Perfect Voice Idol', 'Duet Idol' and 'Audition Idol'
Whenever we conducted surveys about singing, she always take a first place in charts
Hyorin. We congratulate warmly for winning