Sustainable Development - A service of the SFUO

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Hi, my name is Christine Berube and I'm Gaby Arkett and we work at Sustainable Development.
Were a gateway for students to get involved in environmental and social justice initiatives
on this campus. We have campaigns on various things that are relevant to students. For
example, ethical investment of students money. We also try to provide healthy, nutritious,
organic, and local food options for students through farmers markets and community kitchens.
Also, our centre itself provides different resources such as a lending library. We also
do consultations if students want to make their lifestyle greener.
There are various ways that students can get involved with us. It can start with basic
office hours work where students can come in and do research or just help organize the
initiatives. They can also help with events and campaigns. For instance, we have a green
week in February.
What I personally like about the Sustainable Development Centre is that I feel like were
really creating a community that is dedicated to environmental and social justice issues.
It's a space that I can go that I know people care about the same things I do. It's a space
that we can share knowledge through things like cooking. And it's also a space where
I can make great friends.