Tutorial: Eigenes TV-Logo erstellen für Magix Video Deluxe 2013, mit Magix Fotodesigner

Uploaded by TheChosenOne2k12 on 18.09.2012

TV stations have their own logos. So you can see which Channel You have on.
But even if the movies show up on the Internet so that they can be assigned to the TV-stations.
Now You can integrade Your own logo easy in your videos.
I'll show you how it works.
First, you open an image editing program. I use MAGIX Photo Designer 7, it was during the video deluxe package.
We go to "File" => "New"
The size we let be 800x600 pixels, and click "OK".
Now we need to fill the background, because we want to remove him later by ChromaKey.
To make it easier later, click the color-choice bottom left and choice Green. Confirm it with "OK".
Now we move to the paint bucket tool and click it into the picture to fill it with green.
Changes to the "Text Tool".
As the default color red is set. I choose white for myself.
I push myself to handle the controls.
Saturation down, and brightness up, then we have white.
Now I click and write a text.
We can still edit a little, by the top of "Others" tab.
I add a 3D effect by mark 3d highlighting.
The direction we can change. I changed to 45 °.
I leave all the other settings as they were.
Now we have to confirm our text input. At the top right with the green checkmark.
We do not need such a big picture, for a small logo.
We can cut ourselves by selecting left the "Crop" tool.
Hold down left mouse button and draw a frame around the logo.
We confirm this either by double-clicking on the logo, or the top right with the green checkmark.
Then we save the image:
File => Save As
As type I recommend *.bmp
The logo I rename and save it.
The program will now display its objects and masks can not be saved.
That means, that the two levels (background and text) put together to one level.
I just confirm with "YES".
We can close the Photo Designer.
If you have other image editing programs, you can also use them.
I took the photo designer, because it was there with Magix Video Deluxe.
I just drag a video to the timeline.
Next we need to import our logo.
We do this by drag it to the next available video track.
As you can see, the logo is stretched over the entire image width.
We can change it.
Effects => Motion Effects => Position / Size
Then we select the image and we can change size to "original size".
You can make it bigger or smaller with the frame in the video-monitor too.
I leave it on "Original Size" and move it to the location where I want it.
That is the bottom right.
I remove the green background:
Video Effects => ChromaKey There I choose green.
We have already integrated the logo in the video.
Now we have to adjust the timing, because the logo will appear longer, as the video lasts.
I take it at the end, and drag it to the correct length.
If that logo is too intense, it can correct by opacity.
Just pull this "tab" down a little.
Now Magix has displayed the green background again.
I remove these just again by ChromaKey => green
Now I look at the finished video.
As you have seen, it is not really difficult to display a logo in videos.
There are no limits to creativity, but it should be a little discreet.