{BusterzSubs} MIB W Academy E02 Pt. 2/3

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He endured it very well, Whatever it is,
[Fear of drinking milk, Kangnam]
[Kangnam is also drinking it straight down?]
it wasn't his
Drink! Drink!
[Immediately the reaction comes out from drinking salt and milk]
Oh, what's wrong?
You have to show a good reaction.
Drink it and smile
Pretend is a milk CF
ok, i'll jus do it
Teacher: funny
[my smile is not a smile]
This is entertainment!
In front there are four plates, but one also has wasabi
5zic: Oh my god
One of them is filled with an enormous amount of wasabi
5zic who will go first
A man takes #1 so I'll take #1
Give me a chance to mix once
Go ahead
You do not know. But you may know by the smell
turn around don't look
[this is the wasabi sandwich]
(5zic is #1...should we make it #1)
I mixed it already now re-select
I feel like I've aged. I will take the first one.
It's like all the same now
5zic: I pick #1
like a man
KN: what do you mean?
Cream #2
Sims #3
KangNam #4
Is there anyone that you want to change with
I want to change with Sims
Sims do want to?
No, I don't want to change
5zic, who do want to change with?
Like a man. I'll stay with #1
You guys look away when I open the plates
come over a moment on feeding duty
close your eyes
He must like wasabi
In Japan he probably ate it a lot with sushi
How is it?
Close your eyes
Eat it, does it have wasabi..?
Goodbye, good rhythm
Is it ok?
What, what ...
uh? I don't think so?
What's the matter with you? We know which one
Sims: it taste good
Eat it again but cutely
Eat at the same time, so they won't know
I saw it, wait hold on
[The leader saw the wasabi]
I saw it right now
Maybe we got this wrong
why do you do this to me...
so what do we do? 5zic saw it
At this point, Cream you can just enjoy
I'm hungry
If he can not eat this, then he's going to drink more milk with salt
KN: He's eating it
[Cream is already eating]
What this!
Just take a bite
Now you're just planning it
Huh? are you piss at the teachers?
I'm sorry
Close your eyes
Cream: like a man
[Kangnam watching horrified]
[5zic, with a grim look takes a bite]
hold on...
Let's do rock, paper, scissors for another person to eat it
Are you okay? are you eating it?
yes, I'm eating it
rock,paper, scissors
[Lucky guy, Kangnam]
rock, paper, scissors
Sims...Sims, sims!!
Close your eyes
Sims said this stuff is not good to eat
Not good to drink
[Sims reaction changes]
[The people watching with excitement]
Smile at the camera
That's right smile
5zic: tears
Sims the line is spreading
This is entertainment. Please clap once!
Now three are just coffee but one is fish coffee
We will decide who gets which coffee by rock, paper, scissors
5zic: that's good
rock, paper, scissors
Kangnam won
5zic: Don't give that one
KN: Number 1 5zic
KN: Number 2, Cream
KN: Number 3, you
5zic: The colors are different. Teacher ...
KN: Number 4
5zic:Let's us exchange
Exchange...let's play notice game. Put the cups down
The person who wins the game can exchange with whoever they want
T: seat down
T: start
Sims: One
Cream: Two
5zic: Three
[was good but KangNam OUT]
T: Let' play the game one more time
Sims: One
5zic&Cream: Two
T: Sims is the winner?
Sims decide who and who will exchange
Sims: Kangnam hyung and Cream hyung
[Good sense]
(it repeats sorry)
T: very good
Everyone drink it together, make is funny
T: Start
make sure to make it entertaining
5zic: ah, seriously!
[Today is 5zic's Day!!]
T: Smile...smile
[Finish with a smile]
T: Doest anyone want to try it?
T: Drink it
[Student6 drinking it like if was a tasty Americano]
[Really drank it well]
students: he's fast
5zic: You..then what makes me
[Fish coffe Clear]
How did you drink this?
T: Clap for him. He endured it.
Entertainment is not easy. Now you know
It's not easy
Good Job
[Around of plause for the members]
T; Today's we finish entertainment class up to here
Practice and review. We will meet next week
Good job everyone
Captain, the greeting
What is it, reply
Good Bye
Please review. Review
[Secong Class: Music]
Wait. Who's that empty seat. Empty seat
KN: He really went to the bathroom
Because of the fish coffee earlier he went to the bathroom
[sandwich + fish =trouble]
He also ate it earlier and he's totally fine?
I also went
T: The next subject is music
[Leader 5zic coming in shy]
Teacher: Student where were you?
5zic: bathroom
T: What were you doing in the bathroom?
Earlier the fish drink..
T: Can you do a freestyle rap about it
Because it's music time do a rap
5zic: Earlier I ate fish, my body is not a cast iron, Shit ... oh, wait
2nd period: Music are we going start like this?
5zic: Don't, Don't stop it
T: I could just be an issue
5zic: It's fine. I do not want to become an issue with these.
Why, It's all fine, 1st period you made an issue
T: 5zic strawberry
[5zic on searches related to strawberry]
Let's begin with writing
T: Shinee, Lee Sung Gi, Teen Top do you know what they have in common?
Cream: Nuna
Nuna songs
In front of you have a nuna.
You have to write a song about nuna
Who just farted?
Camera director you don't look good
You want to fight?
T: You have to write a song about me.
I will pick first place
Cream: Can I do the song freestyle
T: Ok come up
Cream: beatbox please
[KangNam beatboxing]
Nuna's heart is bigger than nuna's body♪♫
Think about it. This is not going to be on TV
T: Nuna's heart is bigger than nuna's body
If you write lyrics related tho that I will be agitated?
Cream: Okay, I will write something good
T: Who is this? who in the class is this...
The nose, this is offensive
My duty is eating...I?
[Kangnam is just laughing]
T: Start writing your lyrics
[MIB looking sincere]
[What could they be writing?]
What are working on that is taking this long
Are you drawing? is this me?
What's this
Cream: Teacher, Kangnam hyung and I will do a duet. He will sing and will rap
T: Ok a duet
Cream: Title: Nuna I want you
T: Nuna I want you...good
♫ I can do anything ♪
♪ I love you ♫
♫ ( I love you girl ) I love you ♪
♫ I want you. Together..♪
[The melody is good]
♪ I love you ♫
♫ This is ma rap. Let me give it. I want you, ma love ♪
[Seems go well]
♫ Nuna you're my idol ♫
KN: Yes
[ Secret weapon ]
[ unexpected featuring ]
T: featuring, featuring
Cream: It's alright
[ Cream continuing his rap ]
Nuna, I love you ♫
♫ Where's my heart and love? right here ♪
That why nuna I freestyle. I see your face ♫
♪ you shine like a crystal, you know ♫
[Kangnam and Cream's duet satisfying ♥♥]
T: I wast surprise that you even had featuring
Cream: I didn't know either
T: We saw their different rhythm
T: 5zic can you capture teacher's heart
5zic: ofcourse
T: I won't pay attention. I will act like a bad girl
T: A drunk woman standing in the corner of the club
[From the beginning something seems...]
5zic: Wait
[What are you going to do about this awkward and obscure atmosphere]
[ Today the teacher seems to be exercising a lot ]
Can you tell me if it won't be long, can I look soon?
[ 5zic freestyle rap ]
♫ I do anything to touch your hands ♪
[ The oldest, Kangnam in charge of beatboxing ]
♫ So tonight, let's go ... (*_*) ♫
5zic: Hold on
T: Where??
KN: No! No!
5zic: When I freestyle slander is easy to come out
Sims & KN: Strawberry!!
T: How about doing it alone?
KangNam: I'm not rapper
Cream: You can try in Japanese
T: I won't know what you say, but give it a try
KangNam: Really?
T: for TV purposes ... knock yourself out.
5zic: Wait
Cream: This will shown on the show
5zic: I'm finished