Stories from the Rainbow Warrior: The Engineer's Tour

Uploaded by GreenpeaceVideo on 23.11.2011

From every aspect the vessel is entirely unique
From its propulsion systems, right through to its design
and what it means to Greenpeace, and to our future basically.
The idea behind this vessel is as a working platform, a campaign vessel for Greenpeace
and mostly to demonstrate the fact
that we can run a ship completely with wind power
This A-frame rig is totally unique.
There is nothing afloat that looks like this, or even close to it
and we have this rig for several reasons.
If we had a single mast we would not be able to have a helicopter hangar
because the aft mast would come right through the middle of the
helicopter hangar so we couldn't put the helicopter inside.
Also the mast would be much higher
because to carry this same weight of sail which is just under 1300 sq/m
you really need a substantial mast system.
Everything is done by hand. All these wonderful pieces
are made at the factory.
It makes you quite amazed just to understand what people can design
and make when they put their mind to it.
This is one of the key control stations of the vessel.
During sailing operations all sails are controlled from here.
We can adjust them very acutely, very finitely
but again like I say, it's not an automatic control system.
It's still very much the human element, the human experience.
The eye, what the eye can see, what the ear can hear.
You can hear if the sails are luffing,
so you must come out and give them attention.
Here is the Radio Operator doing his day job.
Organizing the party box downstairs.
We have made one helicopter landing during sea trial.
We have to release the back stays
here, which are the two black covered wires.
So they have to come off, and you walk forward to the side, out of the way.
We have to release the boom, swing the boom out to starboard,
and secure it there. We have to fold down these handrails with
the safety nets, and then we have to launch the M.O.B. boat.
We also have to put in some gratings there over the aft cockpit.
So for the crew, it can be a work up.
This is not a yacht. This is a real working vessel.
I'm sure once she has made the rounds of harbours and ports
pressing the flesh and showing the supporters what she can do
then she will be off doing what she has been designed to do all along.
Which is get into action.
Of all the ships I have built before, or been involved with
this will stand out everywhere you go.
I'm looking forward to sitting in my living room in the future
with my children and grandchildren, and saying - " I built that "
This is the steering gear room.
Inside this room is the hydraulic equipment that drives the rudder.
This microswitch here indicates on a panel in the wheelhouse
that this door is open or closed.
We have a diving air compressor, complete with diving bottles,
and we have diving equipment also.
These plans show the location and the type of safety equipment
on each deck. Very comprehensive, and very important.
Forbidden. O.K. Don't cross this line.
Here is the hospital. It's locked because inside here we have
some Class A drugs which are secure.
In here for longer term storage we have frozen food.
This is minus twenty. You wouldn't last very long in here.
You can press this alarm, and somebody will come and get you. Hopefully
You have to come here to stop the alarm.
E drive is driving through here. Through the same gearbox as the
main engine. It is clutched in here, and through this gearbox
is driving back turning the propeller.
It is very important on a ship to not lose documentation.
Very important. I'll put that there, in the hope that it will stay there.
Anybody can do this. Commercial vessels can do this.
Why do we have to have food and materials transported at high speed
with high impact to the environment, for what reason ?
If you have a low value cargo, why does it have to go around at 20 knots?
It's ridiculous.
You can design vessels to work on sail, carrying large cargo payloads.
That's how it should be.
I have a sail boat of my own.
Slightly smaller than this one.