2 Fast 2 Furious (8/9) Movie CLIP - Ejecto Seato (2003) HD

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Shit. They're cornered.
[Man] Keep your hands where I can see 'em!
- Put your hands up! - Whoa. Fellas, fellas.
I know my tags are out of date, but, damn!
What the hell? Where are they?
[Both Whooping]
Man! [Spanish] How about them apples, man?
Yeah! That's some drivin' for your ass, baby! Ain't that some drivin' for your ass?
- Good job, man. - Whatever, man.
You supposed to be a stone-face killer.
You over there grabbin' your seat belt. [Laughing]
Hey, Tej. Thanks a lot. You're the clutch. I owe you one, big time.
Yeah, Brian, you really do owe me, man.
You really do... Us. Suki says you owe us, a'ight?
- Yo, Rome. You there, man? Come in. - What's up, man?
It looks like we got just one more trick left, huh?
My pleasure, buddy. Let's do it, baby.
[Helicopter Whirring]
Hey. We should grab Verone while we still can. No. Not yet.
What? You lost 'em?
Shit! Those little pricks are running.
- It's your call. What do you want to do? - We're gonna take him down.
He is not leaving here.
Enjoyin' the ride? Man, it's a fast car, huh?
[Chuckling] Man, it's a classic.
Old school. American muscle.
Man, this car can do all kinda things, man.
Wanna see? [Laughing]
Check this out right here, homey.
Yo! What are you doin', man? Shut up!
- [Shouting, Indistinct] - "Ejecto seato," cuz!
It worked! I love this button!
- [Coughing] - Stay on your toes, puto!
Mr. O'Conner, it worked, baby.
Blow and go. I'm all clear.
- Meet me at the point. Hurry up, man. It's on, baby. - All right. Ten-four, man.
Are you ready? Let's go!
I got this side!