GEEK to GHETTO DANCE: EP 1 - D-trix Presents Dance Showdown

Uploaded by DanceOn on 05.10.2012


MIKE: How are you?
BRITTANI: Brittani.
MIKE: Mike.
Nice to meet you.
BRITTANI: Nice to meet you.
I'm so excited.
MIKE: Yes.
All right.
I'm excited too.
BRITTANI: You're going to teach me to dance.
MIKE: Yes!
But before we get started with dancing, let's take a seat.
BRITTANI: Yeah, sure!
MIKE: I want to kind of like ask you some questions, see
where you are all about.
She has a ton of energy, like she's the only one of all the
contestants that's actually using the whole room.
She seems like she's pretty quirky and a little bit nerdy,
in a good way.
So, let's--
I'm looking to maximize that.
What do you do?
What kind of videos do you make?
BRITTANI: Like music video parodies and sketches.
Like mostly like silly comedy, art, stuff.
I told Mike about my YouTube channel and my style videos.
And I think he's figured out pretty
quickly that I'm a dork.
So I think he's going to like pull on that and create a
routine around it.
MIKE: Are there any kind of styles of dance that you've
seen that you've been like I want to dance like that.
BRITTANI: Hip hop.
MIKE: So I'm thinking that this theme could be maybe
exactly that, because the song is kind of ghetto.
The song is called "Checking My Fresh." Maybe we can do
something like--
something along the lines of bringing
out your inner ghetto.
BRITTANI: I like it.
So it's geeky to ghetto.
MIKE: Yes.
BRITTANI: I like it.
MIKE: She was saying am I going to go from geek to
ghetto, and we're like yeah.
Let's take that route.
So I think that's what we're going to do.
We're going to turn her from a geek into a
cool hip hop dancer.
I'm going to teach you just a bunch of groves, like party
dances that we're going to use in this routine.
You know like the New Kids on the Block?
That whole--
uh, uh, oh-oh.
BRITTANI: No, I think it's generational.
Tell me.
MIKE: We're just going to go up, hop.
Think of it as we both go that way.
BRITTANI: Mike is such a good teacher.
He's really, really patient, which is nice.
I need someone that's going to really break it down for me.
And I kind of like his explanations, using the
examples is good.
MIKE: Yes!
MIKE: That's exactly what it is.
MIKE: Yes.
The signature move that I'm doing with Brittani this week
is the monastery.
So step forward--
BRITTANI: Forward.
MIKE: Then step back.
Then step forward.
And step back.
BRITTANI: I think I don't understand why the monastery
is called the monastery, because when I think of
monastery, I think aah [CHORAL MUSIC SNIPPET].
And it's like yeah, backing up.
MIKE: Yeah!
BRITTANI: Looks like I got it.
MIKE: Brittani dances-- she's not very loose.
I think we're going to have to loosen her up a little bit.
Ungh, Ungh, Ungh, Ungh, Ungh, Ungh, Ungh.
BRITTANI: I was sort of this side.
You just couldn't see because I was behind you.
BRITTANI: Yeah, I feel like I keep hiding behind Mike.
Like, oh yeah, I'm totally doing it the way
you're doing it.
I notice I kept getting behind him.
Mike was like my blanket.
MIKE: Ooh aah, ooh aah.
Ooh, aah, ooh, aah.
I'm going to push Brittani this week by basically just
giving her a little bit higher level of intricacy and
choreography than just your basic step touch.
BRITTANI: When Mike's having me do the squares, it seems
pretty natural, because I think I always like try to
like bop a little bit in the car or whatever.
So it's like a little bit of isolation stuff. that that's
coming pretty easy.
MIKE: Yeah!
Very good.
MIKE: Yeah!
I'm pretty excited.
MIKE: She's just really honest and lets her
character out there.
She's doesn't have any walls up.
Are there any dance moves that you have that
are your secret weapons?
BRITTANI: No, I'm just always doing this.
BRITTANI: And it's best when you have a big smile.
MIKE: I like that.
I like that.
Yeah, that's--
We could do that somehow.
OK, what do we call that?
Let's have a name for that.
BRITTANI: We could just call it the BLT.
The Those are my initials.
MIKE: Oh, oh OK.
The BLT.
You got a signature dance now.
BRITTANI: I do now.
MIKE: Awesome.
I'll do my little dance and be like yo, what you got?
And then maybe this would be the moment for the BLT.
And then I'm going to be like no, no, no, no.
And I'll sit you back down and then transformation will
begin, maybe.
BRITTANI: Yeah, that'd be cool.
MIKE: Transformation.
BRITTANI: It's basically going to be two different
characters, like the geeky Brittani
and the bad-ass Brittani.
I'm going to be the geeky Brittani and
the bad-apples Brittani.
What, I'm like full-on ghetto butterfly.
That's when I come out of the cocoon.
MIKE: Yes, yes.
Right when you like--
The moves, they are like they look cool, but they're not too
hard for me to pick up on yet.
I think it's just the piecing them together that's going to
be more challenging.
MIKE: She can kind of do body gestures, but to really get
that groove and make it look authentic on her is going to
be the difficult part.
She knows she's not like the most talented dancer yet.
BRITTANI: We'll get it.
We'll get it.
OK, today's Tuesday.
And performance is Friday.
And we have props, and we have choreography to learn.
And it's a lot.
And I'm really excited but I'm a little like ah!
It's gonna-- it'll go good.

MIKE: You nervous?
Are you scared?
BRITTANI: No, I think I'm like--
I want to--
I'll probably get nervous like a little bit before.
I'm more excited.
Are you nervous?
Oh shoot!
MIKE: I just have mad faith in you.
You know what I'm saying?
Team awesome?
BRITTANI: Team awesome.
MIKE: Ungh, Ungh, Ungh, Ungh, Ungh!