Fleet Tracking Basics

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Good morning, everyone. Thanks for joining us. I'm Woody Myers
senior marketing co-ordinator here with RACO Interactive.
others thirty minute lebanon introduces the basics of Fleet Tracking that
and explored habits may be useful to your business
and now i will turn it over to our business development your
that he would be and good morning to everyone
thank you for joining the basics of retracting being put together a little
presentation the committee behavior cuban service for your call
it better stick
you get that there isn't it a little commercial about rape about who we are
but you get tracking
types of symptoms
how it works the equipment that most commonly used
some common terms
as wealthy but consider before he would have written best system
animal wrapping up with cuba day so ratko we argue celebrating our
twenty-fifth anniversary next year we are indeed a greater hand-held
immobility wireless mobility solutions
i think we tracking being one of them field service delivery are passionate a
bunch of other
mobility solutions
we do offer custom development professional services as well as
wireless texas so why g_p_s_ we tracking essentially what it is is your
monitoring your fleet
which he did well
it reacted to these people they need to do this all improve your computer screen
incorrectly should work out with alltel
there's along with the benefits
with the tracking
most important is it gives you an idea where your assets your vehicle to the
people are any given time and what they're doing
uh... allows for contributing to eighty
if you've been situation were drivers better cannot
quite right
speeding or other reckless behavior this will give you a very good idea of how
your drivers are out there
you will be
almost in every instance
a lowering of fuel costs almost from the get go
if you have a fleet of vehicles
i'm sure it may be a driver to view people need for a personal visitors who
wants a retraction guarantee that that type of behavior is going to go away
as well as better rally
you can't find a vehicle
our driver
the make up for stock actually get the right one at a little bit closer staple
of the extra money fuel costs as well
of the unauthorized youth
that his personal inability as well as i did and if you go outside of normal
business hours
watch track that words so on
the better documentation
lot reporting
if you happen to katie drivers by the mile for example
you'll be able to get the report that she shows
armistead wroteon certain period of time
instead of the lever or something like that just a few reports that's generated
from the system
that recovery
hoping it doesn't happen did it in your vehicle stolen aloft
uh... pretty good idea worked last reported to tell the authorities or your
and then left point with optimize at vision
appoint their uh... mamie
you have a lot of after about there being used
and if you don't have a really good idea of where they are a any given time you
had for example twenty-five out there
if you have a better idea of what the twenty five billion could you do it what
so you could maybe remove a truck from the fleet o'rourke
use less construction here at work site if you have a better idea where they're
at but they're doing
these were the main benefits of
incorporating distracting gibbins
there are others but these are the main points
there are two main types
of g_p_s_ trappings of when we refer to the path of trappings with them
this is where you have a dividing the vehicle
that is just
she'd get data
from the satellite
but it's not translating that data to refute submissive holding at their lemon
buddy accorded the bite comes back to me like a home office
you do get it done and you have your information
the second one is what we refer to the active tracking at them and that's what
we're spending mostar contract today
betty of the seller connection
to transmit
that u_p_s_ information back to host
his near real time
elective real part of the depend on halted updating the system but most
applications out there to you anywhere from two thousand
ten sometimes walker
the nagging about the active tracking facility supplies
or printed actual information or alerts
you can do something about it at that time
if you look at the tracking
you don't necessarily act
apartment information coming from that you get your until
it'd yoshida back out
openvms they use
especially summer hardware and bangkok there's not much difference between t
here looks great i can give you an idea of how it works
the first thing you did you get that way
there's twenty four of the federalists or under album i love my air ticket
i think they or followed by the government i think it's over twenty
years ago one can it be aware of the g_p_s_ signal it'd people i find signal
if you're driving like hitler garage were inside that building
indictment get signaled very well
eventually the battle lines there's at least three of them have to be used at
one time to try and make the fiddle to show it back
corbett out now
is received by the divides which began a vehicle actor like rain road
construction here
or an individual
that information is then sent via so your connection
as well
filler modem inside
uh... deconstructing us
and then turned them back to the queen trucking companies are regenerate or
someone else through the internet back to you sir
that this and see how it works
and information to go back from his or her face backers at the back
to the vehicle
so principle of ecuador hope we hosted the idea how it works
cable we have here at the type of equipment
there are whatever car interior designing for vehicles
or after the cargo mobile workers
vehicles you have
symptom meaning they're not plug-in or hardwired into where they operate out of
or you can keep charge be like a car charger there
the ogilvie to interview at the time
almost all
interest and irritated to use when you get your cards mechanic
andy plugin that engine diagnostics tool
bachelor pad it's very simple to do you think about
you ten seconds if he wanted to buy it
will store the data that left location
the third choice
idhar bart would call the covert
meaning that their kitten invite vehicle
the neck and bobby did
people what they know what was installed don't really know what there
into its own taking power from the vehicle
you don't have to worry that it may be faulty
or or someone to talk about bath and i think i think our part
the happen cargo harbor component
you see the beige looking to buy from about three o'clock in the screen
that warrant it can get picture you
what we call i could have tipping construction gear or trailer
or combo lock boxes as usual applicants construction factor cat
capture of scrap
those can be uh... programs you wake up
based on motion
temperature or other settings
whatever customer would like that's what makes about those capture that
giving example of ekhan struction gear at times are tight
and do you know alert at twelve thirty at night that ukraine is moving
apart not working someone
given your current
at the point that tracking device
and lacking the mobile workers
are being smirk on average in his radio in it
you can actually that you get three of us will be
so to renew worked on the bike to track individual
and then there's dedicated to bite
executing in
mooki most in your personal impact retracted back to your kids working like
luke alternative personal g_p_s_ devices
there are literally
of devices out there in the marketplace right now
price range can devote a hundred dollars bingo
about about
there's a lot of peter's while benefits to all of them and and our writers do
your homework part conducting you sarkar
these are some common terms
in gps tracking and possibly even with a visual
will be here as we took some screenshots
from are application
in the first thing that you referred to is that you about japantoday virtual
that you can set up with the tool around
a facility mediastinal geography or something
or u wanna know when nasa appeal court personally
entering or leaving
making muje offenses wilder previous uh... first often can withdraw
the corners or we can do a circle
daytona diameter earliest about that circle
nothing but that you can compare it with the work
so for example on his screenshot here
warehouse in did you happen to delivers this warehouse
it is your vehicle or at the crossing that line
you original color either coming or going out or however you accept it up
and that makes for customer service
if you set up maybe a bigger
children to ride a location
irrational aggressors know a driver is x_ amount away
ordinary customers richard butler
something like that
that was really nice about chia pet
you cannot set up for a a
okay until people serve people and they're supposed to be working within a
specific geography
and i think that you can see
you can see when they enter and when the edit that geography
teach kinda need to keep track of what they're doing as well as
better customer service
terms is landmarks inlet martin has a point of interest
on the screen here
you keep ample of landmark dot around europe north dallas
these are specially customers in that case
and i think about landmarks is you can use these eleven g could you vote for
geo penting as well to keep track of your customers
that was really nice papa landmarks
mechanism breadcrumb trail and we we kind of referred to me that the uh...
dot on the map this screenwriter showed the history of the driver in a different
in all those green
dot on the map
show you the history of that right around that particular day
the blue dot
that hope we can see well on-screen are since leaving customers
seeking to do that this particular driver in this day
took a route and found nothing because her sister
admin password breadcrumb trail so that really makes
history of
activity for a given day work whatever period of time today
an unraveling
work in conjunction with the landmarks
in the example that you have on the screen here
here this particular company has three
vehicles over off to the left over here
in what they did have a entered into a landmark
to say okay that's good for me need delivery what's my clothes people
chose a close vehicle here at the point four miles i could see if you're going
to be able to bring you some different patient other than just location
invested to route
in these are the directions
second pop up after route
in which he did you hear the credit but you could share it
and share the e-mail or text
or something that you can get it to you
the driver
or potentially immigrants like a a government or contact us
independent information over very quickly
so impressed by the running plunge into the did u the ability to you
reaction countries need a little quicker pl take care direction matt
just busy initially resisted strategy most people crying senior of some sort
of traffic maps in the past
integrates with google traffic in here the green line
at the time of day show that traffic and very light
you can see there's yellow and as well red read your horrible it
and did you get integrate that
into you
running is welcoming the team
your dryer
and the laughing in the mentioned alert earlier
the views of the sample alert
that shouldn't be driving
and uh... what about a month ago or three weeks ago he can see the
highlighted area
hendler supplement the bytecode carrying with me if i go over to the bottom out
my heart subtler
eighty right there and accepted dealer seventy mile per hour
and approximate location
we don't have the exact location here would be last he wants to
butt in gear and identify which is uh...
terrific behayelit about
thirty minute norco my location right now
suppression of slow down
uh... my desk but
that the kind of power and control it but you can't have it goes from a common
terms that you have
in industry
are less likely to do something that we think you should consider before making
investments because it is an investment
altered hardware
in most cases there's recurring cost
for the first thing is
to determine what relevant information into your business
what i should hear it and other information engine diagnostics for
is not important
or he won't be using information or becomes very difficult to manage
the don't consider it
as part of options resume dot if you'd like that to cost more money
most applications
you can do about a new traffic dan
monitoring alerts and everything i can assure you sure you can do that for a
bit actors but
just consider that the evidence relevant your business and i thought that you
don't want to manage
the second point is the monitoring to management application and who's going
to do it
wanted setup it is
somewhat felt managing unless you wanna act
archive mentioned like a city like throughout the body
or that type of thing
but you can't do activities
something that will have to do
to back much potential system
kaufman division numbers here
your startup costs that usually the hardware
an installation and maybe some other start-up team
hardware typically runs
on the low end a hundred dollars and above the powerful
motor started going to be a closer to teacher kyle's
that the by possessions you here
if you're not going to track of the local majority have
if you want something that providing all kind of data like sensors an tire
pressure monitoring
banja tasks
refueled that i don't think that's going to cost
that could be
seven five hours to go up to two hundred dollars appeal
so consider that
or if you don't want that actually investment
you may want to see the device educating explore yourself either like a
battery-operated water faculty to interface bus
it really acted system which is what we're talking about today the recurring
could range from fifteen dollars
on the low end uh... in over a hundred
are between fifteen and fifty dollars a month
the ones that get above that are the ones that are capturing that picture
or they're getting updates
a lot more frequent and water to mix
the ones that were familiar with really the status update which is a lot of data
and the data components as part of the cost
the updated to between one and two minute best typical
but someone said earlier made up a bit so ten minutes or the mediator to tackle
every second going to jack up your call
and that's what is your contract the length of the contracts use your range
from twelve
at two twenty four months from a longer for example the amelia hardware
in the contract is probably going to be longer
but he said he didn't include remain up her remains the extra cost up front
they're more like it will be in early termination fee
specially is thurs
harbors partial obtained that that will be
early termination fee
mike's point is the mobile management tool
the the reports but you'll be at the hotel cashiers
they sure where did you end up in you can be measured yet and revised carphone
a tablet while taking a look at the start of manages away from the t_v_ so
make sure that worry about the impact that
and laughing is private important statistic herself and build your pitch
around about the case
there's a lot of information out on the web can't look at our website there's
numerous too distracting from the uk marketplace
that have been information
educate yourself just don't take your word for it
and the builder case building on fuel building on increase customerservice or
or sales call
but to the wrong ally
company like up to help you but
i think that's the main point
so that used
warned presentation part
uh... type of agreement we have a little audio
control problem but
recipe for the answer to the insurance question if you think you can receive a
discount premier provider
the answer is check with your provider for her since recovers
if they do receive discounts as you can tell you how much it can be one percent
of the new thirty percent everything depends on provider technically sought
but this
this should help chart one more question on the moon
more acting uh... along the battery lamp
on better you know
if it were the bat that carter one
it depends on how much date is being transferred in what happened seven-year
but it cannot be recharged
that date by one twenty mid-day presenters so don't move our experience
with that one is about to three years
on the in-car
type devices
summer-like neck and you will recall falls shift which is easy eight hours
and that's with twenty two minutes incur debt
you don't get a car charter adapter departure begumpet
all set
depending on the device or asset
it could be several years that
that is it for the question like to thank everybody for participating today
if you'd like more information on p tracking please contact us
further information
i would like to schedule a demonstration one i want to talk about having
can help your incident it working have a great day