How to Make American Football Croquette 【HD】 アメリカンフットボール コロッケ

Uploaded by mosogourmet on 01.02.2013

American Football Croquette
Peel the potatoes(720g).
Arrange the potatoes on a heat-resistant dish.
Wrap loosely.
Heat in a microwave oven until you can mash.
Prepare the other ingredients while heating the potatoes.
Mince one middle size onion (215g).
Stir-fry the mixture 170g of ground beef and pork.
Also add chopped onion.
Add salt and pepper.
Take out the potatoes from the microwave and check whether they are soft.
Mash them.
What was stir-fried a while ago is added.
Add 2 tablespoons mayonnaise and mix.
Croquettes are made into the form of football using the mold of rice balls.
Make batter for deep-fry. 50g of flour
50cc of water
One egg
mix them.
Bread crumbs Make them fine.
Deep-fry in oil of 180 degrees.