Dance Showdown Presented by D-trix - WINNER REVEALED (Episode 11)

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LAURIEANN GIBSON: Hello, my "Dance Showdown" honeys.
I really do love you guys.
Thanks for watching.
This has been so amazing, but in the final hour, there's
been a development.
D-TRIX: Hey, Laurieann, it's D-Trix.
Well, the performances were so good, we actually have a
two-way tie for the judges' pick.

LAURIEANN GIBSON: So guess what?
Your girl, Laurieann Gibson, I'm going to be the one
breaking that tie.
I'm going to get into the five categories that we've been
judging all season and really find the judges' pick.
The five categories, remember, are dance technicality,
originality of performance, wardrobe, character, story,
and overall performance.
I know, it's kind of a lot of pressure, but I got this.

D-TRIX: Four YouTube stars, ChimneySwift11, PrankvsPrank,
BrittaniLouiseTaylor, and ChesterSee.
They had two chances to bank $50,000, the judges' choice
and the viewers' choice.
But if one contestant snags both votes, they will win the
ultimate "Dance Showdown" prize of $100,000.
Who's going home a winner?
Time to find out.
BRINN NICOLE: ChimneySwift.
CHIMNEYSWIFT11: As the gamer in this round, I definitely
have a lot more to prove.
I'm a tall white kid.
Typically, those people can't dance that well.
BRINN NICOLE: Yes, we're the underdogs, but
I love being underdog.
CHIMNEYSWIFT11: And then you end up
winning, their like what?
LAURIEANN GIBSON: I was really, sincerely impressed.
One glitch was your face.
I saw that you were counting.
I saw that you were like--
and the problem was you were killing it.
D-TRIX: You got the viewers' votes, my friend.
You are making it to the next round, Mr. ChimneySwift11.
BRITTANILOUISETAYLOR: There weren't the opportunities to
learn, and it's something I've always wanted to do.
MIKE SONG: Brittani--
she has no choreography experience, so I'm just going
to make sure she can remember the choreo.
-I love the facial expressions.
I love everything that you did about that.
D-TRIX: BrittaniLouiseTaylor, you are making it to the next
round, girl.
CHESTERSEE: Do I have to do anything--
BRINN NICOLE: You have to do that.
CHESTERSEE: Let me just watch.
BRINN NICOLE: I think Chester might be
scared to try to dance.
CHESTERSEE: I feel bad because she got
paired with a bad dancer.
LAURIEANN GIBSON: Can I say that might have been my
favorite performance?
D-TRIX: ChesterSee, you made it to the
next round, my friend.
CHESTERSEE: How is that even possible?
PRANKVSPRANK: Best dancer that's not a professional
dancer on YouTube is what I'm looking for.
LAUREN FRODERMAN: All right, so I'm thinking basketball.
PRANKVSPRANK: I just felt like I really wanted to dance.
I didn't want to play basketball.
LAUREN FRODERMAN: Five, six, seven, swipe.
Oh, no!
PRANKVSPRANK: It's definitely starting to be a challenge.
LAUREN FRODERMAN: All I need for Jesse to do is look up and
perform, and I think that we've got this.
SHANE DAWSON: With the basketballs, though, it made
it kind of harder to be in sync with each other.
LAURIEANN GIBSON: Even though it was a little sloppy with
the basketball, they was rocking like it was an
LAUREN FRODERMAN: You did awesome, and you did the one
thing that I've asked of you, which was to
look out and perform.
Laurieann was all about it.
D-TRIX: Congratulations, my friend.
You made it to the final four.
D-TRIX: Congratulations, guys.
down to the finals.
Season Two on three, final four.
One, two, three.
-Season Two!
BRINN NICOLE: Hey, Chester, just wondering
where you're at.
Chester is just a puzzle.
He said he'll be here in five minutes Chester time.
He could go on that stage and kill it like he's never killed
in any of these rehearsals, or he could take it very easy.
CHESTERSEE: I know I'm a bad dancer, but it wasn't like so
bad that it's comical.
LAURIEANN GIBSON: How did you come to the finale, son, and
bring us that?
There are no excuses.
CHESTERSEE: I think I disappointed Brinn.
BRINN NICOLE: I just got a little emotional because I
feel like Chester doesn't want it that much.
CHESTERSEE: I'm not a dancer, and I'm just not--
it's not my thing.
MIKE SONG: I'll have the dance training.
because at first, I was really uptight, and I think I'm
loosening up a little better.
You're going to be so proud of me.
MIKE SONG: Tchoo, tchoo, tchoo, tchoo.
Tchoo-tchoo, tchoo-tchoo-tchoo.
When I first met her, she had no dance experience.
She literally was having trouble with simple hops and
grooves, but now, you can tell she's been practicing.
LAURIEANN GIBSON: From the moment the beat dropped, you
danced to the end.
So I just want to say--
LAURIEANN GIBSON: --amazing, amazing, amazing.
OK, I'm fine.
LAUREN FRODERMAN: You know, you weren't too psyched about
the whole basketball things, and neither were the judges.
I want you to be a bouncer.
I'm going to be the girl trying to get into the club,
and then we kind of go in like that'll--
There you go.
PRANKVSPRANK: That's what I do in the club, is I love
battling people.
LAUREN FRODERMAN: Oh, my god, Prank.
That was a freaking showdown.
D-TRIX: Probably my favorite dance I've seen on
this show so far.
PRANKVSPRANK: It's just going [INAUDIBLE] and performing
great and winning the judges' vote.
I really worked hard, so [INAUDIBLE]
I don't know.
[INAUDIBLE] find out.
CHIMNEYSWIFT11: If the judges see me really going out of my
was to sell the facial expressions, hopefully they're
going to realize that I was actively trying
to improve on that.
I've got a wedding coming up next summer, obviously.
I want you to get this money.
CHIMNEYSWIFT11: Thank you.
JOEY FATONE: I see you come out of your shell now, because
I know when you did the first dance, you were very focused,
and there was no facial expressions.
This whole thing got facial expression across the board.
CHIMNEYSWIFT11: I think this money will help my fiance.
She's in med school, right now, and it'll help us get out
of debt when we get married next summer.
It's been so amazing to just be able to do this.

PRANKVSPRANK: Are you kidding me?
You came all the way from LA?
-You won, Jesse!
PRANKVSPRANK: What did I win?
JEANA: Oh, my god!
PRANKVSPRANK: I'm still on the phone.
What did I win?
-You won the Viewer's Vote, dog.

JEANA: This is crazy.
PRANKVSPRANK: Who won the Judges' Vote?
-Well, right now, there is another team that is at the
Judges' Voter's house.
Who do you think won?
PRANKVSPRANK: I thought it was me?
Damn, I'm kind of upset.
Brittani, maybe?
Why do you think Brittani won?
PRANKVSPRANK: She definitely [INAUDIBLE], too.
But I did still win.
JEANA: You did great, honey.
PRANKVSPRANK: I mean, it just sucks because I really wanted
to win the Judge's Vote because I wanted to earn it.
-There was actually a two-way tie for the judges' pick.
It was you, Jesse, and BrittaniLouiseTaylor.
You guys had a two-way tie for the judges' pick.
And you were the judges' pick, too!
Jesse, oh, my god!
PRANKVSPRANK: Get out of here!
We're both?
That's crazy!
I couldn't have done it without [INAUDIBLE],
We getting me into the second round and
really proving myself.
Huge shout-out to Lauren for being a great teacher and
helping me get through the dance.
She's amazing.
JEANA: Yeah, you should call Lauren.
You have to let her know.
PRANKVSPRANK: That would be great idea.
Hey, it's Jesse.
We won both.
Swear to God.
They're standing in my house, right now.
LAUREN FRODERMAN: Jesse, obviously, so freaking proud.
You worked your butt off.
You kicked my butt, and I just am so proud.
And, Jason, thanks so much for such a fun second season.
Everything was just so fantastic.
JEANA: Bye, Lauren.
LAUREN FRODERMAN: Bye, my friends.
Shout out to Gina for [CENSOR BEEP]
being there the whole time for support and helping me out.
A shout-out to my dad and mom for making me.
PRANKVSPRANK: Yo, so guess what?
PRANKVSPRANK: I won 100K, all of it, son.
PRANKVSPRANK: I won the dance competition!
So it paid off.
All your coaching paid off, Dad.
Literally, it paid off.
JESSE'S DAD: He did really well.
Yeah, he did.
And, he looked great in his suit, dancing around.
It was funny.
OK, that's great, Jes.
I guess you want to make some phone calls.
PRANKVSPRANK: Talk to you later.
JESSE'S DAD: All right.
JEANA: Oh, I've seen Jesse's performances, the whole round.
I've been there for everything, and I think you've
grown so much as a dancer, honestly.
From the beginning, he was so nervous, and he was not used
to choreographed dancing.
He's progressed so well, and he really gave it his all for
the second round.
PRANKVSPRANK: She's my best friend.
I need any criticism, I need to go to her
first and ask her.
JEANA: I'm his worst critic.
PRANKVSPRANK: Yeah, but she's honest, and she helps me lots.
JEANA: Like this half, well, maybe like that half.
That's mine.
JEANA: That's mine.
PRANKVSPRANK: Wait, no, wait a minute, wait a minute.
We can split it like this.
All right, that's--
JEANA: Yeah, I want that, too, though.
I need to get a good amount to get you something special.
JEANA: Oh, yeah, you're right.
PRANKVSPRANK: All the contestants that I competed
with in the final round did great, did a great job.
JEANA: They're amazing.
They did so well.
PRANKVSPRANK: BrittaniLouisTaylor, she--
JEANA: I'm proud of her.
She did so good.
PRANKVSPRANK: She's a great person.
She's very genuine, and we were thinking, if I did win,
I'd want to donate some money to her charity.
We were talking about that.
JEANA: [INAUDIBLE], I think it was.
PRANKVSPRANK: So we wanted to donate some
money to her charity.
Chimneyswift, the dude--
I was nervous for him, too, about him as competition
because when he did his performance, he nailed it.
He really sold the facial expressions, like he was
supposed to.
JEANA: He did really well.
PRANKVSPRANK: He did great.
And Chester, I still feel like he was my biggest competition
before I got into it.
I know he was just playing around, but also, he might
have been trying to get in my head because he felt like I
was his biggest competition.
But it didn't work.
It didn't work.
Look where I'm at, Chester.
Chester, look where I'm at.
JEANA: It's our anniversary today, seven years.
PRANKVSPRANK: It is, today.
JEANA: And I was like, wait, did he get me flowers?
And then I see you guys, I'm like--
PRANKVSPRANK: I'm going to get them, now.
How much are they?
I'll definitely never forget this date.
PRANKVSPRANK: But, now, it's locked in.
Oh, my god, did you ever think you'd be doing this?
PRANKVSPRANK: This is so weird.
All right, troop, you're watching Season Two of "Dance
Showdown" with the grand champion.
I won the Viewer Vote.
I won the Judges' Vote.
JEANA: What, what.
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PRANKVSPRANK: All right, YouTubers, do you have what it
takes to be in "Dance Showdown" Season Three?
I think you do.
Don't be scared.
It's lots of fun.
I want to see you out there, [INAUDIBLE].
I know you guys got what it takes, so don't be scared.
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