Let's Play | Heretic - City of the Damned: Suicidal Corpse Surprises #2

Uploaded by Axikal on 19.12.2012

Hey Ragelings and welcome back to Heretic
we are in the dungeons
last I left off
and... I'm...
not sure if I... wait did I load the right file?
for sure
it's funny because it's been awhile since i've gone back and played this
i've actually been
trying out some other games
places but options
also hoskins
figure out how to use the defendant
loaded voters
chapter loose teams in the works if you're following my face book page three
because the track
sparked a trap
wilcox who got the right way
all right thanks
climate baseball till now that is correct
special help
podcasting original team
new comedians
and following up on that one of the three realms title shadow warriors
when his backpack turn the lights
sort the most women
way different lifestyles pages backpackers go grab that huh
shadow warrior was considered most controversial title
i'd try it out of the act
i think it's yeah
we're gonna play it lists the second
also thought about going back and redo thanks ana videos because quite frankly
if you look at this stock
missions that have a nice field but she never did
figure with fire
lewke can't get out of here
sports somewhere here
someone's disguises levels
confuse the clerks was to go
discussing here
yours over here
umass boston
assistant county level
sycamore these tools
as anything over here
says the other areas trapped
something please remember that one seat front that one level of thirty local
from first
we go to talk to the final akruti loosely
the lights go down the significance of this year's for high q_ opens up
millions come flying out to meet again with leslie that multiple times in this
world that's fucking awesome
veritas i see it crashed through the doors all the way of the other side of
the courtyard
prepared for anything
ferrier correct me if u here
broker them laugh all you want chocolate so i figure in the pocket
this i hate these parts of the games
because if you check out where are supposed to be gaining
it's although it's powerful movie
weekend isn't there some
can't just that the u_n_ lethal
industry watcher so i could do that
from trying to keep this is the filthy rich
all right with the fact of the schools
headed to test their awareness wants thirteen minutes names testing it's
interesting to see all issues
now we're entering the gate house
spigots of these items people fired up
do it for me
superfund authority
overflight who's right
they do drove out of office
i thought they were treated in the second game
but so
so you're saying
in this game tickets so that you know
strict viewpoints
have straight fit
ought to take action
high up or two
and if i recall correctly next in the second team
the current series today uh... dissidents right before it those they
have to go get the latest d_s_c_ contains the mostly through fire as
you've said sitting getting
can you have a common
those wishes
little we're not your problem
unifier death
and i think i pissed off
okati admissible deathbed
tacuari dairy cow bush was based
dates submission
kilby's casual quick
really the only source of mine is the she'll
to kill him
characters will come back to get that later
second-lowest backpack there
seem to have done it to pick up another battle patterns the really don't get
because this is very k site died
like don't suck at this game
which is surprising considering as difficult as actually is
doesn't seem very
gallic nine hit points just one fire
when you get this uh...
skill to make
skelton greater ties
that uh... i don't want to lisa mcree taxes that is yes
they just take them so much fun
especially when they fire this special tactics that britax
that was just doesn't shift on
cdi very very careful with that
being out in the open with these enemies because they have
missions across when travel time
i think you know
ship around here and seeds of bread
forged or agreed or conrad
week dot org weight try to open the door and one of them said
of the page
insists i'm not like feasible
uh... molecule gives us a little tickets policemen
are ridiculously violin
no it's not necessary business plan especially at the time but you'd never
never expected something
get your old bowl games like uh...
desperate i think was the very first
super violent games ever built
history dating her
major files
to make it was just you know the facts you're running
or i could be
previous teams has receded software three-d_ realms titles network all leave
fucking ragged
it may be listed off things
this is the every single gaulan
find a cure
produce good show behind the story in case some clown asshole
taker cheese
as soon as you like whatever l_a_ law
if you watch our interactive video administered a comment about me and he's
kind of just being weirdly placed
and this is one of the examples special agent software games their always hiding
behind wall
and get it these are called the city really don't need any substance or a mob
sustained always starting price
everywhere surprises
and this is a invisibility sphere
um... wiped out and get it died
course last
have not
anyplace massages so that needs
cathy's case still behind
fleeing from somebody
harding may have just wants turkey
well my truck
boat dot
yes hahaha backpack backpack eugene and tell me either
but that is cool
pro innocent disabilities beers a lot better than the ones
engagements say which apparently is getting shot at
was close
how invisibility say words that you're partially invincible
cisco kid sort of see you
but it can
dat to them
and whether or not you're still standing there howell
still the kind of just toss it to the side
was conceived
really really confusing
but its greatness in situations like that a parent
really suck at
kill this guy
move online
so that we could get here
view the carnage
that can be written
mountains a secret areas in the sand section i can remember
no more war crawlers
theodore apec
cerita green
predispose she has fought
me too creepy to escape this area
killing yourself so
young fats
yup just
roseville you kill him
and a bunch of or suites will come from
if you're not installed ones as we all get down here
and excessive
i like a chainsaw
this was fired studeman
left since picture on the other side of the small
regard inside the wall relationship
manicures tomorrow the skeleton
measurable names are
probably better option
gas the are drawn
dressing up for
when i really really really bad
inaccurate rules is inaccurate
is also reminds me as a good point all the older
games and even checked out some the original first-person shooters
over the past years
we've become
very very
fair enough
biggest spoiled
quiet street feature
slave catechal
purple without proper plavsic
you'll see that way because i'm actually doing a tropical
all three of them
lose the original
overhead stroller versions with
was beyond somewhere in that that would still be interesting to play and the
free version which was a precursor too
what's the real deal
disaster gets shipped on a fun to play show off to you
and uh... i hope he gets to insuring all these videos these uh... all sports
'cause allotted you guys
they think don't truly appreciates
where your kids are coming from the cold and he deems your halos because each and
every one of those games was dictated by a team that set the standards of war
dijon i'm talking games like this games like to wolf three d
biederman's games the foreign the first person cheers and not just because the
reverse the gains
but because they introduced elements that need to scheme some really good
for example bread in the game of wayne
if you look at the inventory system
that's that was something that was going to be implemented in
was taken at a time constraints it just feels function fat
it's not flu yourself that makes you did
just diary
stop trying to kill me post
so when they started doing erratic they have a lot more time to
really diplomat
and it's really cool
took the idea from corrected me really brampton and that's how you got a lot of
your view pictures like system shock to you and all that was wrong in this case
uh... zog i mean not images planes to show you how to beat these games and and
you know mozdok but once you guys are really understand and appreciate
where everything is gone
and how far we've come over the years but the same time a forbes ad with a
blood stains on the call today for natalie has enjoyed watching the videos
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