Space: Above And Beyond - The River Of Stars intro

Uploaded by AlienFourTwoSix on 10.08.2008

It had been five months of the most horrific warfare in Earth's history.
A war in which rivers of blood flowed in trenches for a few yards of advancement.
A cold, modern war born from ancient nationalist hatred.
A war which saw the introduction of awesome technological weapons:
the machine gun...
the armored tank...
nerve gas.
And yet, on December 24, 1914...
German, British and French soldiers climbed out of their trenches...
to meet in no man's land to peacefully celebrate Christmas.
They sang Christmas carols, exchanged cigarettes and autographs...
posed for pictures...
buried their dead.
The silence remained throughout Christmas day.
In the following three years, nearly eight million would die.
And less than two decades later...
the same armies would be engaged in the greatest loss of human life in history.
The world had never seen anything like it before.
And 149 years later to the day...
it's impossible to imagine ever seeing it again.
Bandits! 2 o'clock, 6 o'clock!
I got it.
6 o'clock! 6 o'clock!
Come on! Come on!
Get some!
Red Devil, this is Wild Card. The enemy is superior.
We're tight on your 5. Tight on your 5.
Bend over, chiggie man.
We're hit!
Engines one, two, four and five are out! Mayday! Mayday!