ASL sign for What

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Alright. Welcome back! yesterday we learned the sign for "who" Did you use the older sign or the new one?
Today we are going to stick with that theme and we are going to do the sign for "what"
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Today we are going to do the sign for "what" There are going to be three signs that I will be showing you.
I do have a favorite sign but we will save it for last. The newer sign
for what is "what". It's really easy, you just
do open palms, and "what"
so bring them, in out in. "What"
The old sign for "what", maybe if your grandparents
know sign or something, they may do "what".
All you do is take your non-dominant hand, so if you are a righty
then your right hand is your dominant, and if you are a lefty then your left hand is your dominant hand.
Take your non-dominant hand, left for me, then take your dominant hand, right for me
and "what". Now make sure your eyebrows are down for this because
this is a wh question, "what". You have the new sign,
the newer sign, "what". You have the older sign, "what"
And then we also have what is called a loan sign
Now a Loan sign is a fingerspelt sign. Basically this is
what. You start with a whole five hand. Go in a circle
and end in a T. You're not really spelling
what, it just represents how you would spell it. It's just really fast
"What" now when you use this what it's not like
"what are you doing" It's more of an exaggeration like WHAT?!
or HUH?! It's exaggerated
are you serious?! It's just fun to do. "what?!"
so that is the loan sign for "what" So you have your new sign
"what" Your old sign "what". And
your slang loan sign "what?!"
your slang loan sign "what?!"
So, try to make up a sentence for each of these
Or more so using the new sign or the slang sign
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