Cam-Fu and Friends: Episode 1 - It's a Vodcast

Uploaded by camfuandfriends on 27.12.2012

It's been another great year for entertainment in 2012.
We're gonna talk about our favorites on the show as well as what we're looking
forward to in 2013.
Plus more, right here on Cam-Fu and Friends. Stay with us.
Hello and welcome to the very first video podcast episode of Cam-Fu and
I'm your host Cam-Fu. Thank you for joining us. Now joining me at the desk is
Sarah, Andrew
and Brad.
My good friends, thank you for coming on the first video podcast episode.
We are recording live from beautiful Redmond, Washington,
but it's not so beautiful here today. It's actually raining and like
mid-40s and cloudy it's actually terrible so i like she already edta
we got a great show coming up for you
and let's get into it our discussion topic today was introduced to me by my
good friend christy did here as from fort walton beach florida and she said
on face book
i like when y'all discuss what you have enjoyed seeing and what you look forward
once again i was through face book so we are going to talk about that we are
going to specifically talk about what we're looking forward to in the year
twenty thirteen
but then we are also going to be talking about what her most favorite things were
in twenty twelve
source dive right into as always unconfirmed friends we do is first so
andrew please occur cadillac yeah i did not stop
stop them
please cucusoft what was your favorite things o'quinn twelve so my
favorite movie from two thousand twelve was cabin elects
uh... when i first heard about this movie i thought you know it come out
right around the hunger games
was in april
and i had all my gosh it's another it's just a spinoff of the hunger games it's
you know from the trailer you could see it secure booking
there's some kind of control going on and it's a kind of slasher horror movie
so i didn't give it a second thought and tell
friends and family and co-workers are you going oh my gosh two pcs navy and
uh... so it peaked my interest that i went so i i i absolutely loved it it
gets everything right it's creepy
it makes references old horror movies uh... a kind of just
encompassed everything i look for too many i when i left that i a way you know
lines gateway hysteria look for an indiana teenager so um...
lack haven't looked at my expert you ask about as a that is going to
be one of my top five
favor films of the year as well on
loved it got summer fare it so you'll hear that about that later
but uh... no great film and i think did you guys he had to endure bernadette
definite at that'd
did the job loss of including probably every major cliche indeed
uh... in a very clever way they definitely
if they lead the viewer to to buy into the usual
uh... dismantling of our family right and everything i have every template in
cliche the menus beforehand you know was
neatly packaged around and boom again it was a great payout sir
and that's one of the great things about it if it did that purposefully yet so
you see those cliches happening it's almost like
an obvious reference to those yes a light i'll pass i totally get that you
know i go with the five kids in the words and yeah great references the evil
that and staff yes you just let us run movies where
if i see a movie that i really like and inspired to go where a mark-up maybe yes
and this was that that may be for me this year we receive it was over i went
online and i read all about a plan out a bunch of interesting facts about it it's
but as many is that
got me excited right and who would you things
i couldn't figure out why before stairway statistical data not confuse
you know i was going to someone else politically deafness
it now the ending was great yet totally original i did not see that coming at
walked out i mean we goin well even though it's already built up
anticipation that there was some kind of like major
weird twist ending it still is like totally etc well
yeah threaten
uh... so they need to move in on the andrew what was your favorite came from
twenty twelve it's a little different i'd
was in a movie uh...
early in the air there was a big announcement that uh... to the biggest
rock icons would be touring together we're talking about uh...
motley crue in kits now people to stop the task of younger people myself but
i'm telling you this was a
fantastic fantastic show
uh... i took some friends that concede just before
and uh... your believers dash out around in a motor home theater soho
as i have yet
they were not uh... members of the kiss army and uh...
but there's a certain like
joy in seeing their
their enthusiasm and how the body into the show when they when they were nice i
dot c before i did scott they might miss ur
yeah it was a big big deal to me vietnam the best part was you mention that we
ran r_v_ and he had a designated driver
he'll be in the video later he likes hammers or something amar
if you go anyway we took our white river at the puter
everybody get uh... driven down there in nyc if you go to be show that's the way
you want to go because
got your bathroom that you don't kitchen
just rabbi all the commoners anway if looks like you we get in there like not
this in nineteen seventy six to the arjun c_r_ yet but not limited process
of some passes me yes
motley crue stochastic well they had a great year was basically to full-blown
shows it so
ice i've still yet to go to work as hard and i need to no need to go
there's the tickets were will more than twenty bucks they're going to be very
happy through the cheap bastard i know they're gonna they're gonna do it again
until early
there during the day that you are right it is going to have a detailed always on
the site well i think what's magical about them at this point is that you
know death kiss will initially came out it was you know it was the four guys and
they were sold as you know
paul jean pierre dates right
but as it's evolved and members of left now it's like the faces have become
iconic into two people my age you have little kids and taken to the case show
they don't care if it's the original niagara right there in it it's it's
kinda like him to see cirque de soleil or something right you know it
communicates to serve it's a great show with the really liked the music in the
whole as another debate so yeah i i one picture here of this material who's out
on the right
but that's that has me in seventh grade off
no mom spent about three weeks on the trustees
c_m_a_ kidneys were works to with the pit
and then this is my friend chris other chest yours actuarial
noble people experience i mean you will see a status in the first time right now
you don't want their nose but the picture is the size your hands have
changed at all no and i guess that's growing so
tire will bring to your thank you very much arguing on the ground air bose
uh... if they're doing twenty five and and that i had a very uh...
kinda dumb down years president any guesses as more of a consumption here
every night
quality you know media project seek out here
there is so um... a real aboard lands to and for the first one just picked it up
of this year actually and simply through to bail out some other very avid gamer
um... and board as he was the first that you do game night pre-order
stranded peasants madeline detest it
and say this that that that have led the and that i was probably my chang
you know entertainment pieces here
uh... also i like the uh... as i mentioned in the uh... commercial
segment the uh... american or story series i'd just say i watch it like two
weeks ago
and it's already
did the i'd actually have to force myself to take a pass because it's so
children really
prager creepy
really hate yet we target
reality in a lot of the supernatural and uh...
and uh...
fantastical elements i dot that was the will compete
here in season one
yeah guy i got a couple of so that the kind of
and elected break it up to my son waiting for it you know timeline
wife and daughter are sound sound asleep yeah yeah gas i guess that is that you
actually put in my case it was my honorable mention for the year or a bad
is horse their american horse racing at one it's
it's amazing and i really like that they kind of parallel you have like your
supernatural horrors yet also have like a reality or is the actor has been
cheating on you earned for the new york your baby you know yeah it's really
parallels the whole like
this is an actual thermal think thing that people are afraid of any of your
supernanny alco standard when a dude out of of like turning
and there is an art
in our like last hundred years unit the way they can do it i provided to a
timeframe yeah com is really a does really well done with how the
uh... the tide that into the world stops seasons react
mhm really cool
have you seen uninjured have yeah to sort of watching it
but uh... ten out of twelve have kids who has now so it's really really creepy
i think it's worth watching this for jessica lange at steve's rates is
incredible it is not really an actress that i
being aware of in my generational issues big cities yeah and i haven't seen her
in really heard anythin
still cortes and tanner performance in that show is is worth watching and gap
sneezing difference in their performances r_j_r_ it's a show biz
these days is raised is extremely
chilling and uh... it is it
it's like an old school seventy four him uh... feeling and really there's tons of
those things where they got in the neck head over there someone standing right
there they're counseling yeah i mean the brush my teeth more so yeah
miserably that
it's in the last thing i camera last time i was that interest for shots to to
and if you can can any of this incident
there but waiting for the next cuttack i don't want to see that really yet they
know it's going to be academic squinting some skiers coming up because my
paragraph i think i stare notice with all the whole sloth local schools or
just barely see like what's that i get my little league baseball hat he's got a
mail to acknowledge that they have you know i heard that you should do if you
get scared
and the is covering your
spell because
i don't know what is that if this sounds that most people in our area yeah i do
the visual arts they're sounds perfect
definitely that's just yet because what you're you're here that's totally
theoretically in anything that you know sort everything out
eddie jones yeah and you know that makes its the stuff that makes suspenseful
japanese delta and they hear the day and second season isn't completely blown up
storyline it's like this in india
and new actor some recycle that there's a the more less and not not it not
attached to the for seasonal now horror story has which is called a financing
asylum uh... back since anita
together they are tired at all but my favorite thing from twenty twelve crus
was the short term sorry
it was the short film paper mam which appears right before the movie regular
alton by absolutely loved it so i think it's my favorite thing of the year uh...
it reminds me a lot of the movie up by picks are know-how in the first five
minutes there's that montage sequence of them growing old yet another
and it's no dialogue it's all based on innovations in yet and that's what this
is it's all innovations actually black and white
two-d_ mixed with three-d_ animation
danbury music no dialogue it's it's wonderful it sucked me into i'll update
effectively trip it is doesn't damage u
so when we come back we're gonna talk about our favorite things orthop is that
we're looking forward to in twenty thirteen right after this
my favorite twenty twelve have to be going to see i mean live delivering
but uh... the includes those
if twenty twelve means two years
easy greenstein from twenty twelve
it's constantly hopped
may favor it seems that financials with stocking
u_k_ minefield ritual
muslim on
marie boxes one thing that really stands out my mind is
its easy to use a lot
hi everything is done dynasty
my favorite pieces entertainment from twenty twelve was richard brown
mike deaver used him
my favorite thing internees
just be too
is now and
spell right
welcome back and now we're gonna discuss are most anticipated things for twenty
thirteen and once again seminar because i think you know uh... my most
anticipated movie for a two thousand thirteen is mama
uh... haven't heard a whole lot about yet but it's from the uh... executive
producer galliano that's where i open my love
csl and
i've just seen the preview and i think it looks
erie and creepy and the storyline looks amazing i was researching it last night
it's actually based off of the freemen short at the writer uh... actually put
together so it's an expanded story uh... from something that was released in two
thousand a heavily
uh... so yeah that's my nose into state may be i think it looks really creepy
and i'm excited to see
this actress uh... just catch aston losing help
and when i saw the people you know it's like
food supplements looks like familiar she's the blonde guy can't help she's
been graydon prematurely basher does amazing enormous is yes i'm really
looking forward to her being the center of this movie izzy directing and
producing wolf
theologically s just think that if produce a pc
yeah he's one of the few directors is it doesn't matter where he spits out it's
always ears princess tax on it and it just makes it
i mean he he has that creepy kind of if you did a beautiful everything that we
should just tell the jury a chance to be an interesting upbringing with the way
his his gramma told him like and tennessee stories as a
uh... it plays a lot into his
his film story traces especially cans lyman
right on the scene that kind of the little bit of fantasy with words really
yeah and this feel a little bit reminiscent of the orphanage to meet yes
it is a movie that i think it's uh... well so
uh... unfortunate
january cool thank you i would refer to as well
and jerk
what are you looking for you uh...
few things but one thing that popped up recently is the preview for the new
and which into darkness
yep starter ginsburg yahoo it's uh...
looks great i mean i thought the last one was amazing we talked about that on
the podcast stands looks to be more the same i'm not sure if it's going to be
the whole
rafiq on kind of either talk about it until it is and if you're into over
start richards at all you know so that is uh... though chemistry isn't bad at
least atmel yeah
yeah so uh... it's coming out many
will be first in line rehab habit
you know one thing that's awesome as it has been a bit calmer show
them out of the charlotte's iago yeah
yes bhaiya washing or combing means he's got a blowing up with them and i know
that i would also give the cocaine addict come but not shod is a very
british serving as a minority something that i have ver ever in all of history
now but i think i can tell you when i'm putting a buyer's radio companies via
more movies now which is great uh... he's actually in the habit
uh... he wasn't so much in the ny one that just came out and you'll see more
of him in the uh... feature films and then he's also
he did that war horse movie steven spielberg war horse movie last year
uh... he was in there so he's he's gonna have a successful career and that's
that's great because he's awesome
moving left your most anticipated since entering and that transformers for
and probably leaning towards now this because i did not watch a lot of my
after the fact netflix new recycle or at least
you know can timeframe
and wooden board of the season to american four-story gore some you know
it's being released now very uh... it'll be new for me in that twenty thirteen
henderson whenever metastasized to release it
and also uh... i'm just starting gaya looking into the upcoming release of the
needing system for uh... maxed out the xbox seven twenty which i'm about to
come here and we'll
public name but i'd only seen pictures in just very brief relatives on
information but it could be announced as early as the three time which i think is
probably what most people are assuming
for their big announcement merit anyways com is supposed to be uh... the graphics
are supposed to be similar to that of the entire film
pretty amazing in and of itself no matter what the content is that's can be
pretty cool
uh... so i'm just
i really cares to see if they can actually continue the momentum that
space which is something he grabbed
you might have to see company the grounding about himself
the case to see if they can can it keep setting the pace
i certainly hope so
uh... what are some of your favorite games for
the three slow i'm so it brings to boardman series and i don't
i can't play a lot of uh...
graphic game just because i don't have the time of injury during my family but
template one of the year sports teams
stuff i can sit down for an hour and just kill time
you know really briefing the day whatever
teeth a tiger woods nanded
uh... games and then i'll make some of the disciples and again
and do a lot of story which came to dinner and the time like a scene
when he said you know pas game turn off the tv go to bed wake up on positive
plays jerri them back in a minute mascot is great uh...
so dash away from those words to that is a lot of really cool and
he's a have cable halo uh... what i'd like a five series that i have started
because they're so uh... you know that this story still reaching takes
and so on the word what about hill four
combat contemplating yet
but uh... i'm not on land i'm unclear so i'm a little bit hasn't to gain
while the games that are really kind of
claim to be more that named adjusting caning
wrinkling game
so i saw hillary each which i play everyone's heart i wanna do u fixya did
either of you play a love for you
uh... yeah all with their did you like it was great partisan
the first time that
microsoft r
debate they took it from bungee rate that is o essentially again
yeah knows a lot of fun ah... very similar to
offices similarities but there was
a lot of fun man's good game their so play with my own her friends daughters
and we have a comment so
you know as far fine because like a lot of the like video games right
and they're like you people and i like it we do it or play game in the field
for the guilty such program right at that but network would be ok with rights
or on developing cover works i cannot wait until my daughters can play video
games yeah and i'm gonna get them into gaming
beliefs about we tackle we got our daughter on just dance for kids and it's
actually pretty cool
mhm so they can effectively not for me
an extraordinary wanted not less you want to do
bible monkeys don't on the bedford reality
no really that's one of the song yes almost if you are space would be what
what what what what would be terrible if
all right so
what i'm looking forward to the most in twenty thirteen
is the t_v_ show actually
honor your dimension to the show
but my they're looking for two
and coping you guys are looking for to those two is
arrested development charming back from gay flies there said yes i'd be series
gasoline shin cancel a session
canceling cancel his agent
uh... it yet we're not because i just like they should have you sent your word
the other coming back from after being cancelled off of the hawks and netflix
is going to happen
and i think it's
agree i mean it's my favorite tv show of all time it's one of our time
and so for to come back i mean it can't not be my favorite thing
increasingly slide actually treated had three seasons and was never located or
was it
it was highly rated m_ one anyone and yet have led by just fox just could not
sell it and feeding become super popular and so
the dvds you know after came to watch it yeah
you know i am obviously keeping my expectations a little low because
with uh...
chose getting cancelled and coming back there's not always a guarantee that it's
going to be as good
family guy is a great example that i loved family guy the beginning of it
them when it came back after cancel cancellation commitments before there's
another has a real world
uh... when he came back it it was good for little bit and then it just kind of
got org yeah don't really know what happened if they just can't get the same
writers or what
it just wasn't as good but you know if any missing writers yeah as far as i
know they've gotten a lot of the same routes
uh... but the other thing im i'm worried about is that the creator mike her roots
has obviously done other projects in between the cancellation and now
and he uh... i think he's done to series than they have not been good and when
they got cancelled he really liked after a few episodes and so unlike is this guy
a you know just the baltimore
yeah yeah of course you know he's involved and uh... unjust
they'll i'm kinda worried about it
overly word yeah think i think it'll still be good
and a positive thing to say about it is that
you know netflix
event the show and i think they were gonna do ten episodes and they were so
happy with the footage that they were seen
the part having like three or four moran's somewhat also i think it's
signed as a very mid-size xem nhe anh it's gonna be
proprietary to the netflix brea right now we get on that but forgetting and
does provide don't think there's a glamorous missile and you can't wide
christmas day monday catalytic wasn't here
nethercutt went down there is there about three hundred who worked on the
computer going on on my feet
but then i checked the new stories and they said that the servers university
plus a lot of that's bad you handle it might as well so that you have to accept
free subscription like app uh...
but yaa in was also going to be called out is that they're not releasing weekly
episodes that's
they like to see the statham all out at once
so you can have been arrested development party matthew margolis like
growth through all whatever fourteen thirteen fourteen and says that you work
i think uh... i think it'll be pretty good ideas they really are you watched
all the episode gap gap onto what there's several rental units so he's
data modeling eric
container ever answer self-financing all funny
okay so when we come back i guess special topic and it's related to
zombies soon stay with us
with most of the party
the speakers he dispatchers returned
and looking forward to you which i
u_k_'s twenty fifty
side breaking bad
the nazis stars
working for stevie rini that
youthful reduced to thirty
new star trek the
its origin most
is unprecedented season to you about your comes honeydew
twenty thirty dollars policy
for was visiting with those
determining word to distance from the thirteen
d_d_c_ o'shea explains this season
and we art
i would think everyone for participating in those videos that you saw all during
the commercial breaks really good sports for being a video i know that some
people get a little nervous about that but when i'm nervous about all i think
it fourteen lives out there
they should not be nervous
aliant so now what was discussed zombies and specifically i want to bring up that
seattle zombie walk
which one of my guest hosts has been too
really great do you want i really liked one or two sentences what the seattle's
on your is all about sure sell-out mtd
the event is on the rockford
three years in a row and basically what is the attempt for seattle to winnie
guiness book of world records for largest uh... zombie walk
so everyone assembles in fremont at the outdoor movie theater and uh... it's fun
they have and they have contest for best cost and i really just a quick is on the
and then uh... you know you have to get registered and then you typical walk-in
uh... i think we may even
died and i know that i think we got the record and then like new jersey stole it
from uh... three he keeps kimberly at midnight new buildings and then you know
there are a gal will get the record and then at some of you a break in and look
at it again and so
and it's a fun thing to do and all this summer to get dressed up like a zombie
in water on fri my shirt freezing in our political leaders of the governor
and again dot three years
we're going to have you been
i know i've been part of the coronation on uh...
my outfit the non attraction i work with we've
cornett inside efforts with in tandem with the admit and we do work with the
uh... the event accordion
uh... another side projects in and so were involved but i haven't been to the
event rights okay so i have some pictures here
and suranda storm of replaced works are not
on the ballot
heard applications have been very bad
so back that jello brain that i mean exactly we were killed and they're gonna
eat them
the fair but it's too hot may just kept melting so excited skied in my kitchen
and as pretty gnarly how did you use that gas like something that you just
paste on or was that no i think they can actually while ap
i thought there was something you buy restored nahi actually made that them i
felt really good enough are so that that's kind of the funnest part of it is
just getting dressed up that yeah and
putting your costing the excitement this year we were i in fact a stance
uh... so yeah
of suspicions you have another picture
we wore uh...
detailing out that the was disney
and so we were disneyland tourists
this year that zack
union i love her dot my boyfriend in a terrible mickey mouse shirt
and yes it is the theme universal throughout the whole walkers adjust your
your p kids just has the i was it was universal did a whole lot they saw a lot
of people they reduce the out there so it doesn't princesses macro carry all
that was all stop dividing it has to tell my daughter in disbelief that shall
be like
dr thursday what i believe the contest winner and this year last year was uh...
mister rogers on the
weather-related all that day and i said mayhem that better traction this year he
the found at
alone iceberg but and see where's waldo zombie
dancin' jesus on these i've seen storm troopers on these people get really
creative really funny acai
the best part is just walking on senior viscosity and to have another picture
uh... at
note my outside or inside uh... zombie it does it does uh...
he does spend and what is the link
well so this is the area when estaba stands pretend that we got that
uh... severed hand and take it to a ball so with the handball
and from uh... below that level nag walking around and that yeah he decided
that that actually ended up being his toy and he's completely over there and
therefore i'd just loved watching i don't need a hand if you're probably not
serving the teacher dot yeah and amount that absurd decision a he loved his his
handball some herbs also
segregate and uh... this is just a picture of some of the people that you
might see
uh... it's down fremont street right yes
is where they do have a certain
yeah that's pretty gnarly i time i want to go there sometimes and just take
uh... like this it's really nice photos as armies
i think it would be uh...
pretty darn freaky that's really cool and that if you're a chance to do it
definitely not be staying character the entire time thirty bridge
i've prepared this and i'm not saying character during the walk
of it so what do you what is your zombie walk what's his army or click of like do
u i'd look pretty good shuffle
can show us
uh... anemia
hypocrite photos i think there is on the what you got a meeting that put your
foot and
burger and then you got it twist use more about like the twists in the
dragging out
i'll leave my thing is you know is that they go after people
we're going to sign up on the side of the streets are there just normal people
there spelling out
gandhi press franz liking on attacking got here and my favorite thing is when i
i like to kind of go out the car window icarus excess so conveyed they're not
around for a dark side of your loot meeting in your full info on the part
that sucks uh... i heard aedst one of those docs the ducks l big flag and
added vanity that several people in that city i think if i do i had to have a
pretty normal
what knowing that as i travel a lot by the way i think i would drag creek
it yet now i think i would you like the dragging of the foot orange india's make
sounds to earlier
prorate what that is going to do it for us on the very first video podcast
episode i want to thank you
for watching thanks to my guest hosts so much for being here until you're trying
to be here and thanks to the people behind the cameras we are ryan it's been
back there working the magic
kagan so much if you want to let us know howard in you can comment on this but
the hard fought campaign has
or twitter dot com slash
for now we are out of here thank you so very much