Waze 3.0 - Cos'è cambiato?

Uploaded by zer0graph on 18.10.2011

Hi everyone, we're here today
to talk about Waze's new version.
They just released it.
It's a lot different from the old one.
so I thought you might want to check it out.
This is the main interface.
It's a lot cleaner.
Just two buttons: left and right.
The right one is for reports,
which are finally icons.
This means they're easier to find
even when you're driving,
without getting too distracted.
Let's see the traffic one:
light, medium, hight...
the lane... all the stuff we know.
The left button instead
brings us to a menu
with Navigate, Reports,
My Waze, Share, Settings
and the button to switch it off.
Let's shart with Navigate.
We've got all the usual stuff.
Our favorites,
Reports now.
We can see a few of them here...
My Waze,
with the different moods,
which are now even nicer than before.
The groups.
This only appears the first time.
And here we can see all the groups
that I'm a member of.
The scoreboard, as usual.
Here's my level,
I'm at the top, but this is the level bar.
My rank... 59th.
Me, my Facebook friends, and All.
Social networks...
Here we have Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare.
And my profile page
nickname, privacy, pings...
As usual: navigation guidance, 2D-3D,
day-night... different map colours.
Navigation: fastest or shortest?
Dirt roads: allow or not?
Avoid highways...
Some elements haven't been localized yet
because it's all brand new
and some tiny things aren't done yet.
Nothing new here.
Automatic zoom by distance, speed,
or simply manual.
A nice new little thing is that
other than tapping twice to select Navigate
you can actually slide this button:
swipe to the right
and it brings you directly to Navigate.
Just a single motion
to make it safer while you drive.
Let's test it on the road now.
I'm using an iPhone 3GS
I'm using just a basic car support,
with no extra GPS antenna.
Now, I've just seen a bonus on my left
so it would be a good idea to go grab it.
And it looks like I've got the volume down.
I've better crank it up.
As you can see it zooms out while I accelerate
to let you see more of what's ahead,
and it zooms in when you slow down
so you can see better what's closer to you.
Now I'm not going to follow the correct path.
I'm turning right, to see how it reacts.
As you can see, it can take a few seconds.
As I tolk you, I just have a 3GS
and its antenna is not exactly the best one.
Right now it keeps recalculating new paths
to bring us back to the right one.
Let's follow it this time.
As I was saying, it's still pretty fast
to find another way around our mistakes.
It might take a couple of seconds
but it's not a real problem in everyday's world.
The Italian voice can be either male or female.
On the top-right corner you can see traffic.
This is the menu while driving,
now I'll stop here to show it to you.
Here we have the regular menu
and in the top 3 new buttons:
mute, the button to stop the navigation,
and alternative routes.
This time we have just one route
otherwise they would be beneath this one,
or I can click the Map button
and compare them here.
I would choose one down tapping down here,
up to 3 different routes.
As you can see nowadays the map is good
we've got almost all street names,
we can no longer say they're poor,
especially in the urban areas,
it's almost perfect.
Highways... this is another user.
I can zoom out manually.
Here we can see a speed trap.
This is another report...
This is another wazer.
His mood icon and level.
A bounch of other users here too.
Well, it's been out for a few days,
try it out, everything's free:
the app itself, the maps, the voices,
the traffic reports...
It's hard to do any better than this.
That's it, I hope I helped you in some way.