A segurança nas fronteiras do Brasil - The safety in the borders of Brazil

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The routes through which they enter
the main products being smuggled
or pirates
in Brazil
are already known.
What is missing now
is to fight them.
A huge country
glued to 10 neighbors
with distinct characteristics.
Many of them
Brazil's trade partners
within Mercosur.
But not all
negotiations on the continent
accounted for.
Injury to the Brazilian economy.
From end to end
the crooked line that divides
Brazil with almost all
the other countries of South America
is 16800 km long.
A multitude of land
that in many cases
does not seem to be anyone.
For this whole
only 31 posts
supervision of the Internal Revenue Service.
And fewer than 600 employees
aware of entering and leaving the borders.
So it's not hard
find free paths
for entry into Brazil
how much is kind of illegality.
In Rio Grande do Sul
come mainly drinks
and automotive parts.
Already by the Parana and Santa Catarina
cigarettes and computer products.
By Mato Grosso do Sul
and Mato Grosso,
clothing and beverages.
And Rondonia
Acre, Amazonas, Roraima and Amapa
pirates are mainly
agricultural products and vehicles.
In common borders
all these states
is the entry of drugs and weapons.
Borders with countries such as Bolivia,
Colombia and Paraguay (IRS)
you can get arms and smuggle drugs.
Hang out with stolen vehicle from here to there
with ease.
Facility, which according to the Ministry of Justice
must be passed to be fought not only over men,
but mostly with intelligence
and new monitoring technology.
Assumes that paradise is only in Heaven (Ministry of Justice)
but agent can significantly improve
the item of the Brazilian public security,
especially border.