Video Recipe: Superfoods Smoothie for Sustained Energy

Uploaded by SarpedonMedia on 22.06.2011

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\f0\fs24 \cf0 \ Okay, so we're going to make a nutrient-dense
superfood smoothie that is both delicious and outrageously good for your body. Now,
the thing is, when you're making smoothie, you can experiment. There are no hard and
fast rules. Over time, you'll learn what you enjoy most. I usually start with a liquid
base. I'm going to use a bit of almond milk today. Now, I'm going to make a smoothie that
I like to drink. I'm probably a little more advanced in my smoothie-making. And what I
mean is that I like a lot of vegetables and I don't need it that sweet. But, if you're
just starting out with smoothies, feel free to add more fruit. Alright, time for some
cucumber. boy, this is so good in a smoothie, I'll tell ya. And since we're on a role with
our vegetables, let's add all of this frozen, organic spinach. I've been really big on mango
lately. Mango has a flavanoid in it that is anti-aging. Plus, the taste is sensational.
Here, i have some plant-based protein powder. It's made from superfoods. And, I think today
we're gonna try some raw, sprouted pumpkin seeds....I'll put those in there. So, it just
so happens that my producer and I are going to actually drink this smoothie when we're
done with it, and we're pretty advanced in our smoothies. We like lots of vegetables.
So, I'm gonna go ahead and take this garden-fresh, organic tomato and I'm just gonna drop it
right in there. Okay we're almost done with our smoothie. I'm gonna add just a little
bit of locally harvested bee pollen. It's so rich in nutrients. And I'm just gonna finish
up with a little bit of ice here. That should do it. Okay, let's turn this blender on and
I think we're ready to do it. }