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Uploaded by LivestrongWoman on 18.11.2012

Hello, and welcome to another episode of The Loop, right here on Livestrong Woman. I'm
Donna Ruko, and today I'm talking about skincare. So, I've had quite a few comments about my
hair and about my skincare routine. Isn't it funny how, you know, how some people view,
you know, your skin -- I think -- I get all flustered about my skin because I tend to
breakout every now and then and I get a little bit frustrated, which probably doesn't help
the situation at all. But, you know, my skin kinda goes from like oily and greasy to dry
-- overnight. It's just does its own thing. The products that I like to use. This one
I love: It's St. Ives Blemish Control Apricot Scrub. I also use the Neutrogena Fresh Foaming
Cleanser. Sometimes I fluctuate between this and the Oil of Olay face wash. So, yeah, I
tend to use that. I don't use soap that much. I normally use a face wash and/or the face
scrub. When it comes to lotions: This is the one I've been using recently. Most of my life
I've been using Oil of Olay. So I've that for years. But once again, because my skin
became really, really oily and greasy, I needed something lighter. So this is the Dramatically
Different Moisturizing Gel. They do a lotion and gel. So this is the gel that's for oily
and combination skin. I do a little bit of a toner. I've been using the Clean and Clear
Deep Cleaning Astringent. This one right here. And that's purely because I get so oily. And
I don't know if it's… Sometimes I find it a little bit harsh, a little bit drying, so
in which case I just stop using it and don't use it at all. Blemishes: Don't you love them?
No. Okay, this is On the Spot Acne Treatment. Yes, by Neutrogena. And I find this does take
the redness and the swelling out of any pimples or spots that I have. I don't know what's
happened. I thought acne was when, you know, you were in your teenage years. Uh uh, no.
Besides skincare, you know, the things I put on my skin, I drink a lot of water. I would
say anything between a liter and 2 liters a day. If I'm exercising or working out then
I'll drink more. I do take a really good multivitamin. I'll show you this one. Hold on a second,
I'll be right back. I don't know if you can see this. This is New Chapter Every Woman
One Daily. These are my once a day multivitamin. And this the -- it's a whole food, complex
multivitamin for stress, immune and bone health. Organic. Organic herbs and cultured whole
food complex, complexed vitamins and minerals. As you would say "vitamins." Work together
to promote optimal health and condition-specific benefits. That's that. And then sometimes
when I'm on the go, if I'm feeling a little bit run down, I might top it off with an Emergen-C.
These are great just to throw in your bag. You know, these are good through the winter
months, you know? Just adding a boost in your vitamin C or "vitamin C" as you would say.
So that's about it really. Other than that, you know, just, I really try to get all my
nutrients from food. So, I try and eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and chocolate. They
say chocolate's good for you -- it boosts your feel-good endorphins, doesn't it? Which,
I think, in turn helps you feel glow-y. So -- oh, maybe I'll show you what I do makeup-wise.
That's what we'll do. Let me go get my makeup. So I got all my makeup here. I love the fact
-- I've got so much makeup, and there's only like really probably about 10 things, 10 things
all together that I use, including brushes. I love these, the oil absorbing sheets. These
are great. I don't know if you've noticed, but I'm actually quite shiny most of the time
because of all the oil. So these are great for kind of getting rid of that oil without
having to add powder and stuff. To be honest, in between shoots and, you know, when I'm
not working, I don't really like putting foundation and base and powder and all that on. First
of all, I've got lovely long eyebrows -- they're thin but quite long, so a little brush will
give them a little… Give them a little comb. And then I have an eyebrow pencil from MAC.
This is great, actually. This is really good. This is in Spite -- they come in different
colors. So while I pencil the eyebrows in, I love a bit of coal black eyeliner. Lovely
eyeliner. So, sometimes I put it around the outsides of the lids, and then I get a brush
and kind of smudge it and make it a little bit smokey, like on the inside of the eye
as well. I've got a mascara -- I change my mascara all the time. It's just whatever floats
my boat at the time. And I've actually noticed that that's what I'm like. I'm quite changeable.
I don't -- there's not that many things other than the Oil of Olay, which like I've said,
I've used for years up until very recently because my skin has become quite oily. And
then concealer. I've got say, I do have to put concealer under the eyes just here and
then all over the blemishes that I have. Yeah, if I'm working, I do -- I have a powdered
base from Smashbox. And this is like a light coverage. And I love this -- it's like a little
thing like so, and you twist it and it grates the powder and now it becomes like a loss
powder and I put that on. My sister introduced to that -- love it. That's pretty much it
in a nutshell. I'm now gonna makeup a little bit, gonna makeup my face, and you'll get
to see the difference. We'll do a before and after, okay? Before. Okay, so the last thing,
finally, is lipstick. I tend to stay away from dark, dark colors. I like -- sometimes
I just put on lip balm, really, to be honest. I don't even know if they still sell this
because I've had this years. And this is from Stella, and it's in a tube, and it's literally
like a shimmer. It's really, really pale. Really -- in fact, I'll probably put it on
and you probably won't even see it. It's like, let's see -- it's just a really, really light
shimmer. I like to go a bit heavier on the eyes and light on my lips. Okay, well, that's
about it for today. You've seen bare faced. You've seen me all spruced up. If you've got
any comments, please leave them below. And I love reading your comments and, you know,
hearing what you have to say. So make sure, you know, you got any questions or anything,
any tips you wanna share about skincare or makeup, please let us know. In the meantime,
have a fabulous week. Within the next week or two, I'm gonna be doing a tutorial on hair,
seeing as I get so many questions about my hair, what products I use on it and how I
style it. So I'm gonna be sharing that with you. And that's about it, you know. Have a
fun week and I'll see you all next week. Bye-bye.