World's Smallest Velodrome in Brazil - Red Bull Mini Drome

Uploaded by redbull on 05.07.2012

Mini Drome is actually a compact version of speed cycling, known as velodrome cycling.
It's all about bringing an Olympic tradition to the urban scene.
It's much more wild, it's much more exciting and cool. More like a globe of death than an Olympic Sport
You can't fight with the bike, you can't fight it.
This is it's home. If you fight with it at it's house you will be knocked down and sent away.
The event actually has a little bit of the traditional feel, but at the same time has this mixture of lifestyle too..
The lifestyle of large urban centers where people like me use this kind of bike everyday.
The bike is either a lane bike or a "fixed gear", which is an adaptation from a lane bike to a street bike.
Before the invention of the ratchet gear, all bikes were fixed gear.
The fixed gear keeps traction at all times, the movement of the pedals is always linked to movement of the wheel. So your pedals keep spinning while you are riding.
Once you try it you become hooked. Other bikes lose their appeal.
When we talk about "fixed gear bikes" or "track bikes”, we are normally talking about behavior. The cool thing about this is that the bikes reflect the owner.
I think each bike is different from one another, have different measures, it’s like a kind of tailoring.
It changes along designs, along sports, along music. It is the extension of the personality of each owner.
Mini Drome will be an elimination session. Two men at a time, one on each side of the track.
They race for ten laps, but if the second person gets to the back wheel of the other the race is over. So we have two criteria: timing and pursuit.
So there are sixteen athletes, out of these sixteen eight will make it to the quarter-finals.
From these eight, four will last, then two, and we will have the grand finale man-against-man where two go in and only one comes out.
I hope there will be more so we can participate. This is a very cool event. Very cool, there should be one every year, everywhere.