Daughter of the Sun 1963 Doch' Solntza English & Spanish subtitled Russian Animation

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Soyuzmultfilm 1963
The daughter of the sun
written by Yu. Strizhevsky After a folktale from the people of the north
directed by Alexandra Snezhko-Blotskaya art director Ildar Urmanche
music Vitaly Geviksman cameramen Ye. Rizo, N. Klimova sound Boris Filchikov
animators Victor Arsentiev, Vladimir Morozov, Boris Butakov, Violetta Kolesnikova, Boris Chani, O. Stolbova, V. Dolgikh,
S. Zhutovskaya, Konstantin Chikin, Vladimir Krumin, Elizabeth Komova, Vladimir Balashov
voice artists Sergei Tseits, Alexei Konsovsky, Erast Garin, George Millyar, Michael Troyanovsky, Sergei Martinson, Michael Novokhizhin, Alexander Khvylya
It was so long ago
that neither of the elders remembers how long.
The sun ceased to shine over the tundras.
Everything remained dark in summer as well as winter.
The people despaired
and went to see a shaman.
I brought you these skins, old man.
Give us back the sun!
"Ekeneku... diak... erkerek" The Light!
Eh! Yep! Now you may leave!
You had too little skins to trade. - Too few.
We have given you what we had!
We are cheated upon.
I'll ask the Sun itself why it has become dark in the tundra
Did you hear that?
I heard it all, father
He will not get far.
Right! Go...
May the the spirits help you.
It's my turn to help you spirits instead, father
Do not go, Etuvgi!
You will die in the tundra.
I have promised, mama. I must go.
How can I thank you?
Help me to find the Sun.
I do not know where the sun is.
If you want...I take you to the wise man of the deer
maybe he can help you.
What do you want, North-Wind
The hunter Etuvgi wants to get access to the Sun
If he passes by here: Kill him!
Go and stand guard on the peak so that no one will pass.
I know where you want to go. I will help you.
Those are no longer simple skies
They will only help the kind-hearted.
but the bad hearted... better not use them!
You have done me well, father of the deer.
Those are my ski's! - Yours? Who are you?
I am Etuvgi, the hunter.
You want to fight,hè?
Yes! I want to...
Here, drink... Refresh yourself a bit.
Thank you for being so good to me!
Raven, do you know where the Sun is?
I know.
You are brave.
So for you, the more dangerous route should be a piece of cake.
...if you know what you do.
See that top?
Cruel birds keep the watch there for Tungak.
If you have rope and a hook of bone... I can help you.
Listen, let me tell you...
that with these skis you can not only go on top of the snow
but also on top of the clouds put them on... and... wait!
When clouds are approaching, just jump on, and leap from one to the other.
and in the end you'll reach the cabin of the Sun
What did you come for? - To talk with you.
Why do you keep yourself hidden?
Why don't you shine for people anymore? - I'm sick.
I can't shine anymore because the cold weather kidnapped my daughter: Spring.
And if I save your daughter...
will you shine again?
If you show force...
and if you give your blood in the attempt to rescue Spring
I promise I will shine again.
This is a stone from my oven
that will help you when you need it.
My reindeer will take you to where the cold lives...
From there you will have to decide for yourself what needs to be done
Hey, Frost!
It seems that Tungak did not stop the hunter Etuvgi
Since he is now coming this way..y...y...y!
Ahh, you came, did you? - I came
And why did you come? - I came for Spring.
Why did you kidnap her from the Sun? Where are you hiding her?
I will hide you in the same way!
...if you sacrifice your blood for her...
The end Subs by Eus Translated from Spanish subs