makeup brushes : the basics, ELF, Mac, Sigma

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Hello ! Today we are together to talk about the brushes
Just the basics brushes for the foundation. The which ones you have to have, what sort of coverage you can get with what kind of brushes
So I represent you some of the brushes I owe you. Do you understand me with my accent ? French accent ! Oulalala
So you have many products on the market with which you can apply your foundation
Let's say you have this kind of brushes ! Oula the brushes are doing an escape !
So you have lots of different brushes.
I use this one, this one is a studio art brush. As you can see I am not lying as you can see !
So the art studio brush provides you a full of coverage due to the flatness of the fibers it contains
So this is very flat and quite long so you can have lots of products with it and you can well bath it under the skin
This will provide you full coverage of your foundation
This one, is from Sigma and I have been very disappointed because I was using this one before using this one
And with the ELF I have a much better blending of the skin and a much better coverage of the product on my skin
It does ... better than this one because I think that this one has shorter fibers so it doesn't blend the product as well
Then you have the flat brush which provides you full coverage as well
but because this is flat, this fibers are very flats. This one is the 190 from MAC and this one is the 191 also from MAC
So the difference between the two is the 191 (this one) has a flat top
so this great for doing some sort of arabic make up I have been doing
or having something a little bit more geometrical finish with this one
With this due to its roundness on the top, provides you a better coverage on the nose area, the dark shadows under the eyes and you also got some differences with the fibers
So this provide you a good blending. This one will provide you a full coverage of the product but it doesn't blend in the pores as well as this one
So the battle between the two, this one win. I said so because I like full coverage but if you don't like full coverage, this one win !
Theses are good identities for you if you want a light to medium coverage
Coverage meaning that you don't want the foundation to cover all the imperfections of the skin
Basically it will cover half of them
So to apply on the face, I would probably recommend you the bigger one which is the 187 from MAC
You have all the variations on the market, but different with the same you will find the Sigma which I hated because it was all black
SO this one you have two different length fibers like this and you have a blend with natural and synthetic fibers
So the white ones are the synthetic and the black ones are the natural, if I am not mistaking.
You have two different fibers
This due to the different length provide you a really nice buffing on to the skin. This really melt the product on to the skin and if you do have lot of duvet on the skin this will blend it very well
This will provide a light to medium coverage. You can use it with a powder, with liquid foundation
The flat one you can use it with liquid and powder foundation
The flat one is our best recommended for liquid foundation not so much for powder
So this is my sort of recap on the face brushes that would need or the differences between them
I did bloc post if you want more information on the actual return details
That's all. I will put the link in the description box, down me, and if you have any question you can comment. That's all for me today !
I hope you have enjoyed this quick video !