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Korea’s top actress Shin Min-A
In 2012, she became 29. 29!
Shin Min A won TV commercials in various areas from cosmetics to electronics, clothing, telecommunication services, and etc.
She earns more than 300,000,000 won a year. As she stars in 1-2 movie/dramas, her gross income is expected to exceed 500,000,000 won
With a strong economical power, What are the Shin Min A’s real estates?
Shin Min A’s house is ‘H’ apartment located in Hannam-Dong UN Village
The only luxury apartment in the ‘wealthy town’ UN Village is placed in the auspicious location
according to the geomantic principle with a mountain in the back and a river flowing in front.
The house has a great natural lighting.
There are about 3 places with a good view of Han River, and this house is among the greatest of all.
In this apartment, Shin Min A bought a 241 square meter house at 200,000,000 won.
Here’s a floor plan for Shin Min A’s apartment.
Built with a living room with a great view of Han River, a bedroom and a dress room,
the house is designed with a semi-classic concept of Europe intended to give comfort and classical atmosphere.
Shin Min A’s kitchen is neatly designed with black and white
and enabled a better use of the space by built-in appliances. Kitchen also has a flower bed.
My house is dotted with pretty things.
You’ll be surprised if you take a closer look.
Come over to my place!
In 2012, she became 29!
Living a movie-like life, Shin Min A is placed the third as the top real estate tycoon of the stars in 20’s