Monday Brief: 7.8 Update for Lumia 900, RIM's Super Bowl Commercial, and more!

Uploaded by MobileNations on 28.01.2013

This week: RIM plans a major commercial, the 5-inch iPhone, and Danny submits a story that
isn’t a month old! This is the Mobile Nations Monday Brief!
Greetings mobile delegates, I’m Ashley Esqueda, and you’re tuned into the Mobile Nations
Monday Brief. WHOA, Crackberry Nation, this is the week! After a long, sometimes precarious
wait, BB10 is set to be official in a scant few days! Of course, RIM’s taking advantage
of their fortuitous timing with a commercial set to air during the big game this Sunday!
That’s right, mere days after showing off BB10 in all its glory, RIM will be showing
off BB10 to the masses via the largest ad buy of the year. It’ll be a 30-second ad
spot, and as always with Super Bowl commercials, it’s shrouded in mystery. Will they show
off BlackBerry Hub? The Z10 hardware and design? Or maybe Time Shift on the camera? We’ll
be watching, and if we know the Crackberry Nation, we know they’ll be glued to the
TV, too. Keep hitting up Crackberry dot com for every detail!
Alex Dobie at Android Central took a look back at the last two months since the Nexus
4 hit the market and posted his thoughts about the device. He’s been using his Nexus 4
for 70 days now, and says that scratches on the glass back are pretty much inevitable
unless you’re crazy cautious about it. That’s not to say it’s less durable than your average
device, but it’s definitely something to consider. The hardware is pretty futureproof
for now, with the exception of the camera, and LTE is still kind of a mess, BUT Alex
insists that he’d still recommend the phone if anyone wanted his opinion about it. It’s
still just about impossible to order one from the Google Play Store, so we guess he’s
not alone in his endorsements.
iMore’s Rene Ritchie took to the site last week to discuss the rumors about the 5-inch
iPhone. Now, we all know that every new iDevice rumor is to be taken with a grain of salt,
but last time, when we’d heard about the potential 4” iPhone, Rene made some mockups
showing off how Apple might change up the phone’s screen. Now, he’s got mockups
of potential 5” iPhone screen sizes, and discusses the potential resolutions and how
likely they are. I won’t spoil it for you, so you’ll have to head over to iMore dot
com for the full writeup.
WPCentral reporting on the official release date for the win phone 7.8 update on the Nokia
Lumia 900. The update’s scheduled to go live on the 30th, so in a couple days, and
attempts to freshen up non-Windows Phone 8 devices with some requested features like
an updated start screen, stability and security fixes, and Marketplace enhancements. While
it’s not a complete upgrade to windows phone 8, it still helps quite a bit for those of
you out there locked into a contract with no upgrade in sight. No word yet on any OTHER
7.8 updates to other AT&T Windows Phone devices, though. Sorry, HTC Titan 2 owners.
Derek Kessler wrote up a “State of webOS” post last week, taking a look at the last
year of webOS’s journey, and seeing where it might go in the future. A year ago last
week, HP unveiled their open source roadmap and strategy for webOS, and since then, we’ve
seen some promising updates and hacks via the webOS Ports Team and other motivated developers.
Since Open webOS went public, we’ve seen it loaded onto a Nexus 7, had a virtual keyboard
hit alpha, and other fun stuff. Derek’s optimistic that webOS will have a place now
that it’s entirely in the open source realm, and if you want to read more about where webOS
has been and where it might go, hit up webos nation dot com.
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