Chatuchak Market - Bangkok's Gigantic Weekend Market (ตลาดนัดจตุจักร)

Uploaded by migrationology on 15.08.2012

I just got off the BTS skytrain at Mo Chit station and I'm on my way to the Chatuchak
Weekend Market which is one of the biggest shopping destinations in all of Bangkok.
So, this is a wild shopping place, if you love to shop, you're going to want to visit
Chatuchak Weekend Market.
Attracting an estimate of over two hundred thousand shoppers each day of the weekend,
traffic along the road just outside the market can be a little hectic at times.
Chatuchak Market weekend market, which is also known as JJ Market, includes over five
thousand permanent stores, and if you count the makeshift stalls and hawkers that inevitably
sprout up within and around the market, the number of vendors is closer to fifteen thousand
- you heard right fifteen thousand and that makes it the largest market in Thailand.
Though it may take some getting lost and confusion to find, no matter what you're searching for,
there's something tucked within the jungle of stalls that will cater to your interest.
Are you in the market for a Hello Kitty dress? It will be one hundred and sixty baht, which
is about five dollars.
One thing you can be certain about is it will be hot when you visit Chatuchak Market and
you're going to need to refuel with lots of beverages. This is something called nam bai
bua bok, and it's a very healthy green. Yup, tastes like a bottle of grass, but it's not
bad, it's very healthy, you can just taste the earth, the earthy taste of this juice.
If you happen to be on vacation in Thailand and want to bring back a puppy, you can even
come to Chatuchak and get yourself a brand new dog.
If you should happen to find a shop you really love, like Odd's Shop for instance, and want
to return to that same stall, just remember its assigned address within the alleys of
the market.
Every few meters on the main pathways of Chatuchak is a Thai style popsicle seller. Little metal
test tubes are filled with pure sugar water of different colors, then flash frozen by
turning the metal pan back and forth. For just four baht you can have a few bites of
sweet frozen water on stick.
Okay so four baht for a little popsicle, wow, it's like frozen sugar, very sweet.