FASHION WEEK 2013 - Bless Home Berlin - Mira Schröder // This is home // eNtR berlin

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The concept is: someone is living in this shop
and it's nice to feel that.
The washing machine running
when someone comes in is part of that.
It's the same when I visit friends.
Hi. The Bless Shop is in the rear building,
the door on the right and on the third floor.
Here we are in the Bless Shop in Berlin.
We're actually calling it the Bless Home
because it's the Bless Shop
but also my personal flat,
or at least at the moment it's my flat.
This could change in future.
Someone else could live in this Bless Shop.
Let me pop behind the hammock.
This is one of the first Bless objects.
It's the beautiful fur wig which got them noted.
From collection No 43.
For me, it's not a... Of course, it's a shop,
but it's also my home where...
Where lots of things come together.
When I'm here... For me, this part
where all the garments hang is a partition.
When I'm here privately,
I don't see all the clothes.
For me, it really is...
This has just become my life.
Bless consists of two women,
Ines Karg and Desiree Heiß.
One of them works in Paris
and the other in Berlin.
Both have a background in fashion design.
Both have a degree in fashion design
and make fashion.
You can buy Fashion by Bless
but also products, accessories, furniture.
It's a smorgasbord of both their interests.
It's a great variety.
They make anything they feel like making.
This wooden T-shirt is a lovely object.
It's carved from wood and has a secret drawer.
It's hanging on the workbed.
The workbed is a table
which transforms into a bed.
I'll demonstrate for you.
When I first moved in, I had to find a routine.
I had to find out how to deal with the fact
that someone I don't know
could come round every day.
At first I actually tried to step back a lot,
to tidy up a lot and to prepare everything.
But now I live here like I would anywhere else,
except that I have actually become tidier.
There are a lot of things that I miss
once they are sold and leave this place.
Like two weeks ago a fur hammock,
a beautiful piece, was sold.
It was one of my favourite pieces here
and I kept thinking I have to take this with me
if I ever should go live somewhere else.
So I miss it a lot
but on the other hand I know
that great new things will come instead.
And I will have to appropriate them
until they become part of my home again.
Now you've seen how I live here
and I'd be mega happy if you come see me.
During Fashion Week 2013 the shop is open
daily from 17th to 20th January.
You can come by any time.
If you need more information,
if you can't find it,
email me at
Just pop by. I look forward to seeing you.
Subtitles: Stephanie Geiges