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(announcer): It's been a hard fought 7-game series
between the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Detroit Red Wings.
It's all tied up at 2 goals each as we move into overtime
in this, the final game.
Wait a second, there's a clearing pass up to
Leafs centre Rajveer Singh. He's on a breakaway!
He's over the red line,
no one to beat but the goalie.
Dekes left, tucks it around the goalie's skate.
He scores! (buzzer)
What a goal!
Rajveer Singh coming from nowhere,
he wins the series in overtime!
What a story! The crowd is going crazy!
- Mom!
Take it.
(Hindu music)
(girls): Rajveeeeer!
(male voice): Rajveer!
- Dad...
(speaking in Punjabi) (trucks driving around)
Hey, Dad. Uh, what are you doing here?
- l work here, but you?
You sleep here!
(in Punjabi): You lazy ass, waiting for your eggs to hatch here?
- l was just resting my eyes for a quick second.
- Remember one thing:
rest and success do not sleep together.
And if Uncle Savinder saw you sleeping like that,
you'd be out of a job.
You know, this whole thing can be yours.
You just have to prove it to Uncle Savinder
that you deserve it.
- l think my job's secure here, Dad.
- How do you say that?
- 'Cause no one else wants it.
- Rajveer, what do you see here?
- Trucks.
- That is it?
- Okay, Dad. l get it.
Okay, l'm supposed to say "my future".
(PA): Darvesh and Rajveer Singh to Mr. Singh's office.
- Let's face the music of Uncle Savinder Singh.
- You worry too much, Dad. - l can't save you all the time.
- Uncle Sammy's cool. - Yeah, Uncle Sammy.
(phones ringing) And l want you to admit to him
that you were sleeping in the truck
and that you're sorry for it.
Okay? - Okay.
(knocking) - Uncle Sammy?
- Hey, Rajveer. Come in.
(in Punjabi): Hello, big brother, come on in.
- Uncleji, Auntieji, l'm sorry, l was--
- Here we have good news.
Our Reena is getting married next month! (laughing)
- And Sonu, her fiancé, is finally coming to Toronto!
(laughing) - We are really blessed.
- Congratulations.
- He's the real deal. Wait till you meet Sonu.
He's a good guy.
He gave me a couple of very good stock tips, you know.
(Auntieji): You're next in line, Rajveer.
My niece back home would be perfect for him.
You should check her face on Facebook.
- Stop matchmaking, Jasleen.
Rajveer will be ready for the marriage
when he's big enough boy to get through a shift
without napping in the trucks! (Jasleen laughing)
Am l right, my boy?
(in Punjabi): He's always dreaming of hot, white chicks.
- Congratulations once again, Ji.
- Congratulations. - Thank you, Paaji.
(upbeat music)
- Raj, pass it! Pass it, Raj!
l'm open, l'm open Raj, l'm open.
- Pass the puck. Oh, man!
l was wide open, Raj, l was calling for it.
Nice pass, bro. - You want the goal or not?
Eight nothing, suckas!
- New rule. Raj, you count as two skaters, alright? l'm sorry, Deva.
Either that of you have skate with your stick in your mouth!
- Bro, that's not gonna happen. - Why?
- 'Cause his mouth's way too fast. lt's too fast for his hands.
- Oh, really?
(in Punjabi): You can pass to us too, Mr. Gretzky.
- Hey, hey, hey, guys, guys, guys, guys. - Who's that?
- What are these guys doing here?
- Get lost. You're out of time.
- Yeah, we got 1 0 more minutes. - That's the Hammerheads.
- The Hammer-who?
l don't care if they're the '76 Habs, this is our ice time.
(speaking in Punjabi) Oof!
- Watch it, buddy.
- Dude, what's your problem?
- Me? l don't have a problem,
just waiting for you snake charmers to get off our ice.
- You think that was cute?
- Okay, guys, let's warm it up! - lt's not my A stuff but it's adequate.
- A stuff, there you go, trying to impress me
with your knowledge of the alphabet.
- Get out of here... (in Punjabi)
This is our ice time.
- You wanna go? - Take him, Raj.
- Woo, woo, woo, woo. - Great. Go where?
- Hey, Smitty. - Huh?
- Your boy Murden better not leave any blood on my ice this time.
- Look, l don't want any trouble.
Lemme get those for you.
- Sticks the corner!
- Boys, that's two gloves to nothing!
(laughter) - That's a good shot.
(fighting sounds) - Let's go! Let's go!
- Hey! Enough.
Enough. Let's go. Enough.
Come on! - Woo!
(mixed chatter) - Motormouth!
- The hell's the matter with you. We've got a tournament to get ready for.
Come on. - lt's alright, guys.
- Next time, beard man.
- Hey coach, gimme a shot.
- l got all the players l need and then some, kid.
- Oh, come on, coach...
Let's give the poor lad a chance.
- Yeah, coach, let's see what she's got.
- Let's do it. (whistling)
- Go, go, go!
- Send it back! l'm open!
Hey, hey! (banging stick on the ice)
(banging stick on the ice)
- Aw, come on! - Pass it to him!
Pass it! - Pass the puck!
- Dan, l've been waiting for almost 30 minutes!
Do you want the ride or not?
- Sure, l've been watching this lndian kid try out.
He's not half bad.
- Oof!
- Hey.
- Not half good either.
- Pass it. Hey! (banging stick on the ice)
- Go, go, go! Go, go, go! (shouting)
(cheering) (whistling)
- Yes, yes, yes!
- See, l told you, he's just as good as they are.
- Right, man. - Yes!
- Alright, you're done, kid.
Okay, guys, wrap it up.
- l guess that's all for her!
- Hey, coach.
That's it? - That's it, kid.
- Come on. l was easily the best player out there!
- l'll make sure there's a ticket for you
when we play in the finals.
Don't feel bad, kid. You weren't gonna make the team anyway.
Good practice, guys!
- No justice for the brown man at this rink, eh, Raj?
- Whatever, man, it's their loss.
- You said it. Take care.
- l'll see you, bro. - Yeah.
- Cheap shot. You were set-up in there.
- You saw that, huh?
- Mm-hmm. Disgusting.
- You're talking about the hockey game, not me, right?
- Well, it's a human rights case.
lt was clearly a set-up to humiliate you.
- l'm used to it.
- The Canadian Charter of Human Rights
clearly speaks against this kind of organized harassment...
Why are you laughing at me?
- Because, uh, you actually get prettier when your face
is all red like that. - Oh.
- You some kind of lawyer or something?
- Close, l'm in law school.
- Okay, well, anytime you feel like defending the little guy
you can find me right here.
- ...getting your ass kicked.
(laughing) - You know this guy?
- My brother, the great Dan Winters.
You may have heard of him.
He played one sixteenth of a season with the Red Wings.
- lt was four games.
Look, l thought you looked good out there.
- Thanks.
- When you weren't messing up my glass.
You shouldn't let them take advantage of you like that.
- Well, next time l'll have them consult
my new legal council.
- Nice one, but l don't think you can afford me.
- What no friends and family discount?
- And you would be...
- A new friend... Rajveer.
- You doing a little ambulance chasing there, Melissa?
- No, and since when did you become my father?
- Since you started taking a full load at school
you can't afford the distraction.
- Well, thanks for the advice, but let's make a deal:
l'm just a tenant in your house
and you can be my unhappy brother, hmm?
- Deal. Just keep the socializing to a dull roar.
(dog barking nearby)
- Okay, who died and what have you done with the body?
(cutting sound)
- Gurveer.
- Why did you leave work early?
- l had the ice booked, l... thought l told you.
Mom, the wildest thing. - Hmm?
- l got a tryout with the Hammerheads today.
They're practically professionals.
They won the Hyundai Cup four years in a row.
- Did you get on the team?
- Well, no, but almost.
- Too bad.
l was thinking of taking early retirement
and settling down in Miami. Hah!
- l proved l can play at their level, Dad.
- Play?
Livleen, will you ask your son
where has the word "work" gone out of his vocabulary, huh?
- He's just saying you have to--
- Tell him if it was cricket instead of hockey,
he'd be cheering me on. - Because he thinks you don't--
- lndia rules in the world of cricket.
A billion people watch it.
Ask him, how many lndians know about ice hockey?
Ask him that! - Because to your father, hockey--
- Ask him what channel Cricket Night in Canada comes on.
- Okay, now l'm getting a stiff neck.
Can we please just eat?
(Raj): Yeah.
- l don't know where that boy has gone.
l don't know this boy. Who's cut his hair.
Who sleeps at his job. - Mom.
Can you tell my dad to be nice to me please?
l could be choosing his nursing home one day.
- Raj!
- Eight dollars.
With eight dollars l came to this country.
l sponsored my brother and he turned
those eight dollars into eight million dollars.
l never asked him anything except for my steady job
and a promise that maybe,
maybe if you deserved this business
you would get it one day.
But l don't think that's happening.
- You still have me. l am a good son.
- Not helping, Gurveer.
- lf you think for a moment
that you can ever be part of that game,
you're sadly mistaken.
- Don't worry about it, Dad, the father of a hockey star,
you're looking at early retirement.
You could be kicking back on a beach,
judging wet T-shirt cont-- - Enough!
From now on you're only going to focus
on your work and on your future. And in your spare time,
you'll go and work at Gurdwara. No more hockey for you.
You understand? No more hockey.
- You've never even seen me play.
- l don't want to see you play!
Useless... (speaking in Punjabi)
- Can l have his dessert?
(in Punjabi): Be quiet and eat.
- Are you okay? - Yeah, l'm fine.
He only says these things because he loves me more.
Kidding, you're his golden boy, Gurv.
What was that all about? - Stop that!
- You still have me! l'm a good son. - Stop! Stop!
- Hey! - Don't do that again!
- Would you please finish your food?
- l'm not hungry, Mom.
- Sweetie you have to try to understand your father.
l know he is a very proud man,
but when you cut your hair, he held his tongue.
When you dropped out of university,
he made sure that you had a job waiting for you
with Uncle Sammy. l think you owe him something.
Please eat this. Come on.
Sweetie. (sighing)
- Shoot! - Come on!
- Yes! Yes! Yes! (cheering)
(victorious music) (cheering)
- Have our own team? - Yes.
(scoffing) - ln what, kabaddi?
- Kabaddi, kabaddi, kabaddi... - Guys, it's not funny.
- Kabaddi, kabaddi...
- l know we can win the Hyundai Cup.
(laughing) - What are you saying?
Are you... what? - Maybe the (in Punjabi) Cup, bro,
but not the Hyundai Cup. Not... not for real.
- Raj, Raj, we play pickup hockey.
- Yeah, and we're awful.
- Really bad. - Yeah.
- Have some confidence. We can beat the Hammerheads.
Why not? - Okay, let's see.
They're bigger, they're faster, they're stronger...
- They're "whiter".
(in Punjabi): Ice hockey's a white man's game.
- Hi, guys. - Hey, Reena.
- Hey. - You know me.
- Bye. - Bye.
Man, Reena is so hot. - Dude, that's my cousin.
- Yeah, l just watch the news, and l just want
to be her microphone... - Stop it, man.
- lndy. - What?
- lndy, she's engaged. - Oh, that doesn't matter.
- Besides, she's not your type.
- What is my type? - lnflatable?
- Hey! - Oh, snap!
- That's rude. - Rajveer, we're leaving.
- Dude, are we really going to do this?
- Hey, loser, careful now. - Are we really doing this?
- We're doing it!
- Reena!
(music) Let's go
(clicking tongue)
(Sansaar, by Bohemia playing)
- We just gotta stay positive. - Oh, l'm positive.
Positive we're going to embarrass ourselves. (Raj laughing)
- Hey.
So, uh, what are you guys doing out here?
- Practicing for the Hyundai Cup.
- Practicing to lose?
- What? You think we're going to get killed?
- What do you think l think? - Not if l'm coaching.
(thud) - Ooh!
- Wow.
- That's uh, that's "coach of the year" stuff right there.
- So, what do we do?
- What do you mean, "we"? - No really.
lf you know what it takes to be "coach of the year"
come show us how it's done.
- Hey, guys.
Guys, come, come take a knee.
(farting sound)
(in Punjabi): Deva, did you fart again?
- How ya doing? - Great.
- Yeah, yeah, we're all right, we're all right.
- What's your name? - Singh, Deva Singh.
- You? - lnderjit Singh.
- You? - Jassi Singh.
- Let me guess, Singh?
- That's right, Rajveer, we're all Singhs.
- So, you guys all brothers or something?
- Yeah, l guess you could say that.
- Okay.
the way l see it you have two choices:
you can go out there and have fun and lose
or you can toughen up, bust some butt
and maybe give yourselves a shot.
Because there's two types of hockey:
skate and giggle shitty hockey, played on bad ice,
and real hockey. Played in prime time.
On ice as smooth as Rajveer's hair here.
l don't know if you guys can play hockey, okay?
But l sure as hell know how to find out.
- lsn't he the janitor?
(in Punjabi): Smells like one too.
(Sansaar, by Bohemia playing)
(laughing) - Ha, ha, ha, got one.
- Ugh! (groaning)
(distant traffic)
- Here it is, Sonu: Speedy Singh.
- lt's really nice.
Can we get out of here, baby? l just got off a plane.
Let's go catch up. (kissing)
- Baby, my whole family is in there waiting to meet you.
- They'll still be here. (Reena laughing)
We're lndian, we can be late. Don't worry about it.
(cellphone ringing) - Hold on, it's the TV station. Hello?
Curry cook-off l'm sorry, l told you
l'm not gonna do anymore curry stories.
(singing in Punjabi): Let's do it like the Grand Drunk Highway in Punjab
- So, nephew, now that you're going to be one of my drivers...
- Yeah. - l show you what to do.
First of all, think of a truck as a woman.
Treat her gentle and kind... - Okay.
- Check under the hood, keep her oiled, gassed,
and ready to go...
but always, always use protection. (laughing)
- l'm assuming you mean... a seat belt.
- Ha! Ha! Exactly! - Alright.
- Okay. Give her a name.
- Melissa. - Melissa?
- That's a nice name. - Not an lndian name...
(laughing) Uh, how about, uh... Maninder?
- Uh... Yeah, sure. (Uncle Sammy laughing)
Hello, Maninder!
- Go for it!
(loud grinding sound)
What you doing, man?
That's how you handle a woman?
- Sorry.
- l can see why you don't have a girlfriend!
(laughing) - Yeah.
- Give her some gas. - Alright.
(in Punjabi): Remove the lid, let the steam out.
Ah, there we go.
- Reena? Baby! Reena!
- Last time my stomach gurgled so loud
it blew out my sound man's ear. - Reena, Reena!
- lt's embarrassing. - Reena! Reena!
Put the car in drive! Put the car in drive!
(speaking in Punjabi)
Ah! Aaah!
- l'll be there as soon as l can.
You are acting crazy about meeting my dad,
do you know that?
You need to calm down, he's gonna like you.
- Hey, guys.
- Did you book my niece Miss Punjab yet?
l know she would love to be booked by you.
- Yeah, l'll get right on it.
- l have a picture right here.
Hmm? Miss Punjab. Third runner up.
- Come on, Auntie, only third?
- She would have won if the skanks in front of her
hadn't slept with the judges, okay?
- Jasleen! - No, it's true!
- Too late, heard it! Now l'm gonna use it at school.
(speaking over each other)
- May l have your attention, please?
- Everyone...
This is my Sonu. (laughing)
- This is my big brother Darvesh Singh, Babaji, Livleen,
and their handsome sons Gurveer and Rajveer Singh.
- Hey tough guy, whoa!
Been working out? Changing tires? - Yeah.
- Ripping phone books? Look at you, you crazy man!
Hey, Rajveer. Heard a lot about you from, uh, Reena.
That's her name. You call her Reena,
l call her Electric Love Muffin.
And you're quite the truck driver, might l add.
You almost killed us.
- Yeah? l'll do better next time, buddy.
- That's nice. Very impressed that you quit college
for your family business.
The annals of success are filled with dropouts.
(woman): Sonu, look! Your beautiful bride!
- Oh, Reena, the Versace outfit looks fab! - Oh!
- l had it flown in from France. - Oh, from France.
- The Indian community has a team of its own
in Canada's national sport,
with the entry of an all-Punjabi team
in the prestigious Hyundai tournament.
I'm Reena Singh for SIN.
- Wow, look at you, huh? - That's great.
- Rajveer, did they ask you to play?
- Rajveer has decided to quit hockey
and he will be focusing
on more important things of life
like learning his uncle's business.
Right, Rajveer? - Yes, Dad.
- Wow. That's a great plan, Uncle.
You're just the man to do it, huh? (tapping on shoulder)
(Sansaar, by Bohemia playing)
- Hey, hey, hey, shoot it!
- All right! - l'm open, l'm open!
- Get it out!
- Over here, over here! - Get it out there!
(Sansaar, by Bohemia playing)
- Ugh! (music stopping)
- Come on man, Raj, that wasn't even that hard.
- Excuse me. Excuse me. - What are you, a doctor?
- l'm certified in first aid. He may have a concussion.
- Yeah, certified my brown ass.
- What's the matter with you? - lt wasn't even that hard, man.
- Okay, just take it easy. Keep still.
You're gonna be all right.
Breathe. Breathe.
(song in Punjabi)
- You're gonna like this, trust me, buddy,
here we go. (deep breath)
- What... what the hell are you doing?
- What? l was, l was-- - Get off me!
- No tongue, just chill.
- Oh, boy.
- l was just gonna give ya mouth to mouth.
- Just get him off the ice.
- Where'd the Taj Mahal go?
What happened to the music? lt was...
- What? What are you talking about?!
This guy, Mr. Bollywood over here!
- Hey.
l love you. (nervously laughing)
- Okay, you need some serious looking after.
- Sorry if l embarrassed you out there.
- You didn't embarrass me. Just embarrassed yourself.
How about this?
There you go.
- How about going out with me?
- l don't date hockey players.
- Lucky for you l'm also a truck driver.
- Wow! l don't date them, either.
- l'll quit both.
- Well, above all, l don't date quitters.
(Raj laughing)
- Yeah, locker room's for players only.
- l'll be waiting in the car per usual.
- All right. How you doing there, Raj...
Rajbinder? (laughing)
- Just Raj is fine.
Hey, what's the deal with your sister?
- What am l, your wing man?
- So you still interested in coaching us?
- Ten guys in turbans all named Singh whose first names l can't pronounce,
who can barely skate, let alone play the game.
lt's hardly the '67 Leafs.
You know it'd be a miracle for us to make it out of the first round.
- You said "us".
- l guess l did.
Someone shoot me.
(tram bell ringing)
(traffic noises)
(traditional music playing)
- Are you following me?
- Excuse me? - Why else would you be sitting
in one of my favourite restaurants?
- Don't flatter yourself.
One of my friends has been raving about this place.
And since l've never had lndian before,
l thought l'd give it a try.
Um, how's your head?
You were pretty loopy back there at the arena.
- lt's a whole lot better now that l'm sitting across from you.
(man): Rajveer! (laughing)
How are you, my boy?! Huh?
Good to see you! How's the fam?
- Uh, everyone's great, uh, Mr. Patel.
This is Melissa.
- Hi.
- First date? - Yes!
- No.
- l'll take that as a yes.
Listen, did l hear right, huh, you just finished hockey practice?
Wait a minute. You're on that hockey team
your cousin was talking about on SlN tonight!
- Uh, no, no...
- Yes, you are, you're the captain?
- Well make up your mind, captain.
lf you are, everything's on the house!
- On the house, huh? Yes!
Yes, l... l am the captain.
- Talk to me.
- ls it cool if l just order?
Okay, start us off with the chicken tikka...
- Good choice. - The tandoori prawns.
- You got it. - And the pakora platter.
- Certainly. - The saag paneer,
the goat curry. - Good choice.
- The chicken biryani, please. - Certainly.
- Some naans, garlic and butter, two kingfishers,
and some rice and, uh,
to cool you down, some raita. - Hmm.
Anything for you?
- l have... No. (chuckling)
- That'll be all.
- What, are you ordering for the whole team?
- l feel like we didn't order enough.
- Wait, why didn't you want to tell him
that you're on the team?
- My dad's kinda down on the sport.
- Why?
(sighing) - You've noticed that l look different
than the other guys on the team.
- Yeah, well they wear turbans and you don't.
ls that a big deal?
- Oh, it's a big deal when you're a son born into a Sikh family.
When a Sikh boy decides to cut his hair...
l just got sick of people looking at this thing on my head
and not at me.
l was 1 2 and there were these guys
playing road hockey on my street
and they said l could join but only if l played goalie.
So there l was and before l knew it the game just turned
into who could knock the turban off my head.
(shouting, laughing)
l got two black eyes and a broken nose.
- So is that why you cut your hair?
- Not exactly.
- There you are. - Oh, God.
- What is this?
- lt's just a little something l made for you myself.
(Raj): Hmm, that smells great.
- You're not gonna try any?
- After you. Go ahead.
- Okay.
Let's see... (quietly): No!
Mm! - What's wrong, what is it?
Hey. - Oh, my God! That is hot!
- What happened? Have some water.
- A breath mint?
- Mm-hmm. - Really?
After killing my taste buds you're just going
to make a move on me?
- l was not going to try to make a move on you.
Hey, are you okay though?
Because you might have a human rights case on your hands.
- Well, thank you for the taste of lndia experience.
- Maybe we should do Chinese next time?
- Good night.
- Oh, l could really use a massage.
- You guys had no energy out there.
l've seen more hustle at a chess tournament.
- Guys, he's being sarcastic!
Because there is very little physical activity
at a chess tournament. Am l right?
- We're not smarter.
- You guys embarrass me out there,
there's gonna be a hell of a lot more ice time,
and l'm gonna need a little bit more commitment.
- Coach, how about some real uniforms? Huh?
- Yeah, come to think of it, we do look like we're sponsored
by the bloody Salvation Army.
- There's nothing wrong with these jerseys.
Look at this, Louis Riel and the red.
This is designer stuff. - No, you guys are right.
We do look like a bunch of rag-tag losers.
So if anybody knows anyone with money
who has a soft spot for the nearly hopeless,
now's... now's the time.
- You guys want to be known as the Speedy Singhs?
- That's not half bad.
- Sonu? What do you think?
Should l sponsor a Punjabi hockey team?
- Well, that depends. What's Mr. Singh's ROl?
Return On lnvestment.
Here's the thing, guys, without a proper business proposal
we really can't make a responsible decision here,
so... - Valid objection, Lalu.
- Valid objection.
- l'm sorry, Uncle, l don't agree.
You can't calculate the ROl on goodwill
for supporting the community.
And Deva's team is gonna be called the "Speedy Singhs."
How cool is that?
- Oh, Speedy Singhs... (chuckling)
lt has a nice ring to it. (laughing)
Okay, l'll arrange a fundraiser and match every dollar raised.
(jazz music)
(Sonu): You know, when Deva came to me with his begging bowl for his team,
it didn't take me long to realize
what a great investment this would be, you know,
for this ice hockey-loving lndian community.
So l said to Sammy over there we should probably put our money where our mouth is.
And here we are.
Well, you guys enjoy yourselves.
(in Punjabi): Listen to this son-of-a-bitch brag.
(Sonu): Have fun at my party.
- Hey, you should probably eat something.
You must have worked up an appetite from all that BS.
- Uh... Look, we got off to a rocky start,
but we're going to be family soon.
- Yeah, if Reena goes through with this wedding.
- What does that mean?
- Nothing. She's so crazy about you.
- Right! Good one.
Look, on that note,
we're going to be as close as brothers.
You better get used to me becoming
the owner's son-in-law.
- What do you mean?
lt means l start at the top,
all right, my little Punjabi puck-bunny?
- Good for you.
- That's right.
- See you on your way down.
Coach Winters. Hey, do l know you?
- Keep your stick on the ice there, superstar.
(speaking in Punjabi) - Reena, your mom is drinking too much.
Take care of her. - Mom, give me that.
- Who are these people?
- Uncle Sammy! - Hey, how are you, um...
- lnderjit. - lnderjit. lnderjit.
- Yes. How are you? - Good, good.
- Uncle Sammy, this is our coach, Dan Winters.
- Yeah. Hey, how are you?
- Nice to meet you. This is, uh, my sister Melissa.
- Hey. Good to see you. - Nice to meet you.
- Um, Mr. Singh is the owner of Speedy Singh Transport,
and the sponsor of this event.
This is his lovely wife.
- My pleasure. - Oh.
- And, uh, this is their beautiful daughter, Reena.
(Reena): Hi, nice to meet you. (Winters): Nice to meet you.
- My eyes are up here.
- Uh, ha, ha, it's a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Winters.
- lt's our pleasure.
Your support for our team, uh, means a lot to us.
And your nephew, he's... he's our best player.
- Rajveer? My nephew?
He plays on the team?
- Yeah. - No! No!
He does not.
He meant, um, "player" like the kids in the hip-hop
they say like "playa", like "playa",
like, "Check it before you wreck it."
ls what he was saying, so don't even worry about it.
l'm the goalie.
- Oh yeah, l heard you put my name on all your equipment.
- You've heard about that? - Uh-huh.
- Yeah. And? - Mm-hmm...
(jazz music)
(speaking in Punjabi) - Yes, Mom?
- We know what you're thinking. - You do?
- We just wanted to say we are very proud of you.
- l always knew that you are not like your friends,
wasting their lives on that stupid, silly game.
l told you, Livleen, he will one day
finally understand the real meaning of responsibility.
- Dad, listen-- - l am proud of you.
- Oh, Monica... (in Punjabi)
- RJ's also there.
(party chatter)
- Ah...
(romantic music)
(Melissa laughing) - Melissa.
- Do l know you?
- l'd like you to.
Can l have a dance?
- l'm a really bad dancer.
- l'm an amazing one, we'll break even.
- Hmm...
You got a nice turnout. Are you happy?
- Mm-hmm. - Looks like you guys have a lot of support?
- Yeah. We do.
So, when do l get to see you again?
- ls the view not good enough from where you are?
- You know what l mean, just us.
- Well, it's definitely not just us right now.
ls that your family?
- Yeah. How'd you guess?
- Well, they're the only ones in this whole room
that are staring at me with their mouths wide open.
- You're leaving me out.
- That's how l knew they were your family.
- How does he know that white girl, anyway?
- White girl?
(in Punjabi): The same white girl he danced with as if it was his wedding.
- That white girl. - You know.
He's obviously punishing us for making him quit that ice hockey!
The white game out, the white girl in.
- lt was just a dance. They're not dating.
Young people like to dance.
- We danced once and we had children!
And that's not all.
Patel told me that he came
with a white girl to his restaurant
who ate as much as a buffalo.
(Livleen scoffing) - You're being ridiculous.
- Yeah. When he ends up marrying that white, fat girl,
then you'll know who's ridiculous!
Stupid tie!
l hate ties!
(in Punjabi): All these stupid inventions by white man...
Apple pie...
(in Punjabi): What else?...
Peanut butter...
(in Punjabi): Help!
- Okay, let's warm it up!
- What are they doing here? This is our practice time.
- Oops. l must have double-booked.
- Oh, coach, you did it on purpose!
- You gotta play the Hammerheads sooner or later. Why not sooner?
Let's see what you're made of.
- You just don't respect my talent, do you?
- Oh, that's okay, you respect it enough for both of us.
Go on, superstar.
- All right. Here we go. (whistling)
- Hey, Turbanator. Go easy on us.
- Oh, we will.
Ah! - Get down.
(rock music)
Woo! - Son of a...
(whistling) (grunting)
(hockey sounds, fighting sounds)
- Get off of me! - Hold on!
- Deva, you alright? Deva.
- Ah...
(speaking in Punjabi) (whistling)
- Alright, let's wrap it up here, guys.
Nice playin' with you boys.
(Winters): Bring it in.
How you doing? You okay? - l'm doing good.
l'm doing good. - Alright.
- Deva, l'm sorry you got hurt out there
but if you hadn't we would still be getting our asses kicked.
- Yeah, you know what? We suck.
- Okay, maybe we were overrating ourselves.
- We're gonna get killed in this tournament!
(in Punjabi): Oh, God... We need help, man!
- What we need is more practice.
- Guys, guys, listen.
You know what l think the problem is?
We need bigger guys.
What in God's name is this?
(Raj): lt's called kabaddi.
Big sport in lndia.
- What is it, a sort of group sumo wrestling? (Raj laughing)
- lt's actually quite simple but kind of hard to explain.
But, that's not why we're here.
Nikku Singh.
We played hockey together when we were kids.
- Oh, he's a bulldozer. - Mm-hmm...
He's exactly what we need.
- Uncleji. - Yes, Sonu.
- Sammy asked me to give you the road schedule for approval.
lt's good to see Rajveer on his first trip, huh?
- You're a good son.
- l do what l can. - Thank you.
- No problem.
- Hey, Dad. Sorry l'm late.
(in Punjabi): You ass... always late.
Take this.
(in Punjabi): Here comes the king.
- Hey, how was the Gurdwara?
- Good. lt was great.
- Auntie, the food smells incredible.
- Thank you. - Here, Mom.
- Please teach Reena how to cook like this!
l wanna see her get a little bit more domesticated
before we get married. - Well taken, Sonu!
You never miss a chance to shut up, do you?
- Did you tell them your good news?
- What news?
- Well, Akshay Kumar is coming to town
to shoot a movie... - No way!
- Oh-ho-ho-ho...
- ...and l'm gonna interview him!
- No way!
- He's a good boy. A family type of guy.
(Reena): Yes.
- You better watch out, Sonu, a guy like that
could sweep Reena right off her feet.
- With what? A magic carpet? (Rena laughing)
- You want some beer? - Yes, please, Uncle.
- Oh no, Uncle, please, no beer or alcohol for Sonu.
He has the tolerance of an undersized third grader.
- Yeah, and the same level intellect. (Gurveer laughing)
- Oh, Raj, Sammy wants you to go on your first road trip.
Tonight. You're gonna go to New York.
An important package has got to go back.
- Really? We're shipping you back?
- Heh. Well l agree that l am an important package.
No, you're not gonna get rid of me that easy.
Don't worry, it's nothing illegal.
You'll be alright. (Darvesh): That's good.
Rajveer, finally some real responsibility for you.
- Gives you a good chance to brush up on your road skills too, huh?
(Reena): Sonu, please stop picking on Raj.
- Uncle Sammy! - Yes, my boy?
- Can l talk to you for a second?
- For sure. - l think there's been a slight mix-up.
- Mm-hmm. - Dad says l'm on the schedule
to go to New York tonight? l don't...
- l told the office to keep you off the schedule.
How else are you supposed to play
if you're on the road to New York?
- How long have you known, Uncle?
- From the moment you came to me with your friend Deva.
l wish you had told your family.
- Come on, Uncle. You know dad. l can't tell him that.
- He wants so much for you to succeed, my son.
- l know, but on his terms.
- Nephewji, you don't worry. Go and play your game.
- Thanks, Uncle. l'll score a goal for you tonight.
- Score one for your dad.
- You're the best. - Love you, boy.
- Hi, Mom. l won't be able to stay for dinner tonight.
- Yeah, l know, l packed you something, your favourite, aloo paratha.
- Ma' it's okay. l got-- - There you are, huh?!
Today's your big night.
You will love New York. The Big Apple, huh?
So you're taking Basanti for your first, big road trip.
- Here, sweetie.
- l still remember my first trip.
You take care of Basanti. She's a good, old truck.
- Okay, l will, but l better get going--
(in Punjabi): Come give me a hug, buddy.
(Livleen): Give him a hug. He's so proud of you!
- All the best. - Thanks, guys. Bye.
- Bye.
- l am so happy today.
- All right, boys.
This is where it all starts.
And you're ready.
You look like winners. - Thanks.
- Coach, give us a second.
- Sure. l'll see you on the ice.
- Gather around.
- Raj. - What?
- We're going to pray.
- Go ahead, we're gonna need it.
(announcer): Bell Arena and the Hyundai Cup warmly welcome you
to the first round match-up
between the Speedy Singhs and the third-seated Calibers.
(in Punjabi): Go kick their butts, Singhs!
- Let's go.
- l think that player with the helmet is Rajveer.
- You just figured that out now, Lalu?
- Remember this picture of our sacred gurus?
- Mm-hmm. - l used to carry it everywhere.
lt brought so much good luck to me.
l'm thinking of giving it to Rajveer before he leaves for New York.
- Why don't you take it down to him? l'm sure he hasn't left yet.
- Yeah, l think l'll sleep better
if l know Babaji is with him.
- Go and do it. And give him a kiss from me.
And please remind him to drive safely.
- l will.
- Pass it, Raj!
(players shouting to each other)
- Point! Pass it to the point!
(players shouting)
(announcer): Speedy Singhs' goal scored by Rajveer Singh in the first period.
- Rajveer?
(in Punjabi): I brought Guru's picture to protect you.
(radio): First round match up in the Hyundai tournament between the...
(in Punjabi): Where is Rajveer?
(in Punjabi): He's not here.
(radio): ...and the Speedy Singhs.
There's a lot of anticipation swirling
around this young team, that only recently
was put together by Dan Winters...
(grunting) (cheering)
- That's a cross-check!
(announcer): Caliber goal by Siracusa with an assist to Barrett
coming at 2:44 in the second period.
(muffled speaking)
- Let's go.
(announcer): Penalty against Speedy Singh defenceman
Nikku Singh, 2 minutes, roughing. (Nikku shouting)
(buzzer) (cheering)
- Caliber power play goal
comes at 1 minute, 41 seconds in the third period.
They lead the Singhs by the score of 2 to 1 .
- All right.
l would have liked to win, but we're still in it.
We showed them we belong.
(Raj whispering): Yeah, we really showed them.
- You got something you want to say there, superstar?
- Yeah, it was a stupid call.
- lt got us some much needed respect, and it showed them we belong.
- Respect.
You only earn respect when you win games.
- Hey, let's not forget something here, captain,
l'm still the coach.
- ls that your coaching style? Go for the cheap penalty?
- No, no, no. My coaching style is much simpler:
l say it, you do it.
(laughing) - Wow!
- Part of the game.
- Good game.
- Hey.
l think you're spending too much time with my brother.
- Yeah, so do l.
- You're starting to get the same frown lines.
Cheer up, captain, you guys were good out there.
- Thanks. Shouldn't you be studying or something?
- Well, as team lawyer, l feel obligated to attend
all Speedy Singhs games.
- Well, team lawyer, l'd like to lodge
a formal complaint against our coach.
- What? Cheap penalty ticked you off
- How'd you guess? - l used to be a rink rat.
Followed Dan to all his big games.
- Was he any good?
- Drafted second overall to the NHL.
He was a great skater.
Great stick handler. But bad teammate.
His ego and temper killed his career.
- You carry his rookie card around with you?
- All he ever was, was a rookie,
so call me sentimental. (laughing)
- l thought you don't like hockey players?
- Ah...
l never said l don't like hockey players,
l just said l don't date them.
Yet. (dance music)
- Hey, Rajveer. - Hey, Uncleji.
(speaking in Punjabi) - Hey, man.
- Just relax, Lalu knows.
You know, after tonight's game,
the Speedy Singhs are local celebrities.
- Celebrities. - You see?
- Really? Even though we lost?
- You lose, you win, who cares,
we have never had a team before.
So tomorrow we shall tell your father, don't worry.
- Okay, Uncle, if you say so.
But tonight l'm staying with you.
l'm in New York, remember?
- Of course! Ha! Ha! Uh, you can bunk with Sonu, hmm?
- Great.
- Hey, listen. - Yeah?
- lf you're lucky, l'll show you my tattoos.
- And if you're not a bed-wetter,
l'll let you play with my stick.
- Hey, yo. Oh, okay, l get it.
99... 1 00.
- lt's a little late for that, isn't it? (Sonu sighing)
- Hey, who's Melissa.
- Hey, man.
Don't you worry who Melissa is.
lt's my business.
- Relax, you can barely score on the ice,
how you gonna score with this chick?
Besides, you won't even tell your parents
about this dumb game you play.
How ya gonna run any game on this broad?
- Are you done? - Kinda.
- Whatever. Let's just get some sleep.
l have a headache.
- You have a headache? Does that run in your family?
You sound like Reena.
You know, one day you're gonna make somebody a really great wife.
- Cozy bed. Where are you sleeping?
- Well, l'm right here. You can stay with me if you want.
But l'll have you warned, l wake up very friendly
in the morning. Very, very friendly.
- Come on.
l hope you've got that beautiful nose insured.
- Really, a nose joke from you?
Yeah, hello, kettle, this is the pot.
By the way you're black!
- Alright. l'll sleep on the floor.
- Cool. Are you gonna use that pillow?
- Yeah. - Cool, go ahead.
You know Reena's dog Fufu? That's his girlfriend.
- Ah...
- Ah, don't use that blanket either. - Why?
- Me and Reena use that blanket, if you know what l mean.
- Oh, come on, man.
(sighing) - All right, l feel bad for you.
Here, this should keep you warm.
(Darvesh): l didn't teach him to lie.
And Sammy...
How could he hide that from me?
- You've asked your son to give up the one thing that he loves the most.
- So it's my fault now that he's a lying liar?
(in Punjabi): Even George Bush didn't lie that much.
- Would you stop loving me just because someone told you to?
- You know, l hate it when you use this female logic with me.
- What other type of logic do l have?
- l don't know.
- And if he's afraid of talking to you,
then you talk to him.
And please, talk, don't lecture.
- Mm...
- There you are.
How was last night? l mean, how was the traffic?
Was it light or was it heavy?
- Dad, l didn't go to New York last night.
- Oh, you didn't go to New York last night.
May l ask you why?
Oh, you were playing hockey.
Was it hard, living the lie under my nose
all of this time?
- Dad, just listen to me.
- Was it?!
- Dad, l don't want to be a truck driver.
- Even l don't want you to be that!
- Darvesh Paaji! - And you, my brother!
Even you lied to me!
l may be your employee but l'm also you elder brother.
- Paaji, listen to me first. - Paaji! Paaji, Paaji.
Gurveer didn't arrive at school this morning.
- What? - Your brother is missing.
- Livleen has gone to the police station.
Paaji, you to look for him on the school route.
Raj, you look for your brother at the house,
and l'll make some calls.
- Gurveer?
(knocking) Gurveer?
- Go away, leave me alone.
- Gurveer, what happened? Just... just let me in.
What happened? Who did this?
- l don't wanna look like this anymore.
- Gurveer, come on.
Come here.
- There were these guys and...
every day on the way to school...
Every day...
- Why didn't you tell us? - l'm a freak at school.
They make fun of me for looking different.
- So, you think cutting your hair's gonna make it better?
Do you think it'll make people like you more?
lt won't, Gurveer.
- Then why did you cut yours?
- That's something l ask myself every day.
l did it in a moment of weakness
and it hasn't sat well with dad.
But you're stronger than l am, okay?
And... and l only wish l had half your strength.
Gurveer, never forget what your name means:
the Guru's warrior, right?
And warriors never back down.
Come here, buddy. - l love you, bro.
- What's up, coach? - Hey, guys.
So, uh, l'm hearing from the league that they may not let you play
because you don't meet their safety standards.
- What do you mean?
- Well, they're going to make the team wear helmets
and they can enforce that rule.
- Wait a second, we've got all the protection
a Sikh man needs in this world.
Approved by our gurus. We have our turbans.
- All l'm saying is this thing's probably coming down.
- Wearing helmets for a couple of hours
doesn't mean we're selling out who we are, okay, so it--
- lt's not, when you're only a part time Sikh.
- Hey, guys, look.
You're gonna have to make a choice.
- All right. Thanks, coach.
- See ya.
(Punjabi music)
- My dad used to ask me, and now l'm asking you,
what would you do if you could do anything
without fear of failing?
- You go first.
(gulping) - l'd sky dive.
Twenty thousand feet in the air,
the freedom to soar like a bird?
Your turn.
- lf l could do anything and not be afraid of failing?
- Mm-hmm.
- l'd make you fall in love with a hockey player.
- Okay. - Mm-hmm.
(Punjabi music)
- Yeah!
- Have a look.
(in Punjabi): Our boy's on fire.
He scores again!! Rajveer Singh now among the greats.
(cheering) (buzzer)
(news anchor): And now it's time for SIN sports round-up.
Let's go to Reena Singh.
- Nobody expected you to be just one game away
from making the final.
- All we can do now is stay focused and take it
- Call me when it's over. - game at a time.
- Thank you, captain Rajveer Singh of the Speedy Singhs,
the Cinderella story of this year's Hyundai Cup.
I'm Reena Singh for SIN. - Whoa!
(cameraman): And we are clear. (Reena): Thank you so much.
l'll see you in the morning. Bye.
You were so good! - Thanks.
- Hey, Raj. - Hey.
- Hey. - Thanks.
- l can't believe how far you guys have come.
- Yeah, neither can we.
- You're both coming tonight, right? - As long as it doesn't go too late.
- lt won't. They've got me covering road closures tomorrow
on the morning show.
- So, what are you wearing?
- Oh, l don't know. l think something short.
- Hey. Where are you going?
- lt's girls night only tonight.
- You're going to her stag, aren't you?
- Uh-huh. lt's gonna be crazy.
(Sonu): Hey, Mahatma Gretzky. - Sorry, just a sec.
- You don't think Reena's going to do anything
stupid tonight, do you? - l wouldn't worry about it.
Look, man, Reena's used to good looking rich guys
hanging off her all the time.
- Hence, me.
- Yeah, that shouldn't worry you.
- No.
- On second thought, maybe you should worry.
l've got an idea. Why don't we have your stag party
at the same club tonight? You can keep an eye on her.
- Alright, cool. Make that happen.
- l'm right on it.
(dance music)
- l really want you to wear traditional lndian clothes
to my wedding. - Really?
- Yeah, l think Raj would think you'd look really cute.
- Let's dress her up.
- Okay. - Cheers.
- Woo! - Woo!
- Alright, boys, time for some shots.
- Alright! - Alright!
- Okay, alright. - There you go.
- All right. Thanks.
Hey guys, l want to... l want to say
this is for all the things l'm giving up, okay?
Freedom, irresponsibility, and one-night stands.
But l'm getting something better in return.
l don't know what it is but when l find out
l'm gonna call all of you and let you know.
So you know what?
Cheers, man!
- Hey, one second, one second.
l want to say something here. - Whoa! Hey! lt's the cheers crasher guy!
- Sonu, you know you really are a lucky groom.
- Thank you.
- Reena's beautiful... - Uh-huh.
- She's smart... - Mind.
- She's caring... - Mm-hmm.
- And she deserves a man with all those qualities.
- She sure does. - So good thing you're marrying her
before she actually finds one. - Oh, that's mean.
But you know what, cheers.
- Cheers, boys. - Cheers.
- Alright, (in Punjabi)
- So, we drunk enough to surprise these girls yet?
- Oh yeah, l like the way they're surprising us.
- l'll give her a surprise,
and don't even worry about it, fat boy, know what l'm saying...
- Hello? - Let's have another drink.
- Yeah, let's have another shot.
- Hey, uh, Drake.
l'm really sorry to bother you guys,
but my cousin over there, the pretty lndian girl,
uh, she's about to get married.
She's your biggest fan.
lt would totally blow her mind
if you could do a little something for her tonight.
lt would be the best wedding gift ever, man.
(laughing) - Alright.
- Thanks.
I know way too many people here right now
That I didn't know last year
Who the (censored) are y'all
I swear it feels like the last few nights
We've been everywhere and back but
I just can't remember it all
What am I doing What am I doing
Oh yeah that's right
I'm doing me
I'm living life right now maybe
And this is what I'ma do till it's over
Till it's over/
But it's far from over All right...
(Reena): You're here! - Yeah. Surprised?
(Reena laughing) - Yeah. Are you drunk?
- What do you mean by drunk, really?
l'm drunk off your love, baby! (Reena laughing)
I shouldn't have drove
Tell me how I'm getting home
- Hey. - Hey.
What are you doing here? You have a big game tomorrow.
- Yeah, l'll be fine.
Got the gold Thriller
Mike Jackson only (censored)
- What's up, baby, you wanna dance?
- Whoa, whoa, what are you doing there, Tiny Tim?
Get out of here.
- What, is this your dad? ls that who that is?
- Don't start anything. - You give drinking a bad name.
- Hey, you know what? You give height a bad name.
- Don't start. - l'll be right back.
- Hey.
You've probably seen me down at the hockey rink?
- Yeah, unfortunately.
- l mean, you can't be the first but you can be the next.
- Why don't you take a hike, Smurfette?
- Anyone call a cab? 'Cause he's here.
- Leave him alone. Stop it! - Beautiful face.
- Hey, what's your problem? - You wanna dance?
Get out of here, man. - You got something to say?
- Hey, sorry there, tiny man, you're not my type...
- Hey.
(fighting sounds, shattering glass sounds)
(people shouting)
(fighting sounds)
- Baby, l love you.
- What? (fighting sounds)
(glass shattering, Reena screaming)
(groaning, thud)
- Oh, my gosh!
- Why was that guy's head so hard
and why do white guys love to bite nipples?
- Shh! Not so loud!
(tapping) (sound of peeing)
- What? - What are you doing?
- Taking a leak.
- But there's no toilet there.
- What are you, the piss police?
Hey, brown cop! Hey, brother, recognize me?
l think our parents played together back in lndia.
Punjab? Delhi?
Mexico City?
Tijuana? Ecuador, El Salvador?
Nicaragua, Guatemala?
Don't get mad at me.
l'm just judging you by the color of your skin!
l didn't make you brown.
What are you gonna do? Throw me in jail again?
- Somebody taser this guy for Reena's sake. l swear to God.
- Oh, my God, my head's killing me.
- Oh, yeah, that was me. l punched you, a couple times.
- Dick.
(in Punjabi): I kicked his sorry ass a couple of times too.
- l can understand you, dude.
Congratulations, Raj.
Uncle Sammy's business is yours now.
- lt's all yours. l don't want it.
l never have.
- What the hell was l fighting you for then?
- You tell me.
- l should have been after that other guy in the office,
what was his name, suck-deep?
Sucks. Deep.
He's always bringing donuts, you notice that?
Hey, you want donut? l bring you donut.
Chocolate donut, potato donut, you want cream-filled, sour filled,
l don't fill, we fill it, you fill it, who fill it.
- l hate that guy too, man. - He sucks.
- He even times my bathroom breaks.
- He's a douchebag. - Yeah.
See, we do have something in common.
- Sorta.
- Who would have thought? - Yeah.
lt's 2 days before my wedding and l'm in jail with you guys.
Reena's gonna kill me, dude.
- No. She loves you too much to kill you.
l don't know why, but anyways,
just be the guy she fell in love with, alright?
- That guy was a profile on
- Yeah.
- You know, situations like this we should probably
become more family. What do you think?
- Yeah, just as long as you stay away
from the driving schedule, cous'.
- l don't know what you're talking about.
- Really?
- Hey guys, listen up. l talked to my sergeant.
You're out of here. - Yes!
- About time. - Got us out of here.
- So, like, you like love Reena? For reals?
You know, 'cause if you hurt her, l'll find you...
l'll cut you-- - Wait, wait, wait.
Hold on a second.
You actually think you have a chance?
Pervert. - Well...
- No one in our family has spent a single night in jail.
- lf it makes you feel any better, it was just a holding tank.
- Good, another wonderful joke from you.
- l'm going to bed now. (Darvesh): Please go.
But remember, while you go to sleep, that idiot Sonu
is working hard to take away your future from you.
Why are you disgracing us in front of the whole world?
(in Punjabi): Thanks for shaming us in all of Canada.
- You know what, Dad?
l'm judged inside this house for who l'm not.
And outside, for who l am!
And as for your big public disgrace,
l am the goddamn captain of the Speedy Singhs.
- Raj! Don't use that word.
- l've had it! You know what?
You may be the captain of some Speedy Singhs,
but l am the captain in this house.
- Captain of this house. Are you serious?
- Yes, l am serious.
And if you want to remain in this house,
you will have to follow my rules.
- What if l don't?
(in Punjabi): He's so stubborn.
Then get out of this house.
l should have done that long time back.
- Me, too. - Raj...
(in Punjabi): Let him go.
(door opening, closing)
- l'm never, ever, ever, drinking again.
- You guys said tequila would help, and it still kills.
- What do l know. - And this guy's teeth marks
aren't coming out of my knuckles.
- That's unfortunate. That's terrible.
- Oh, my God, my head.
(slamming door)
- Well, l'm impressed, on so many fronts:
the partying, the alcohol, the brawl.
And who can forget that amazing teamwork behind bars.
But next time, leave my little sister out of it.
- Coach, l don't know if this helps, but l... l don't remember anything.
- Get out of my locker room.
- l told you guys to invite him.
- Coach.
l'm sorry.
l take full responsibility for everything that happened last night.
- Good, l'm glad to hear that.
- Are we cool? - Are we cool?
l don't think you deserve that.
- You can't do that.
- l just did.
- Fine, then l quit.
- We win this game, we go to the finals.
- And we both know you can't do that without me.
- ls that so? - Yeah, it is.
- Remember, once you're gone, you're gone.
- That's a pretty crappy apology.
You can avoid me but you've still gotta face yourself.
- What do l have to apologize for, huh?
Defending you? - Defending me?
You were protecting your own ego.
- Why don't you stick to subjects you know something about?
- Okay, well how about hockey?
Dan takes away your C, so you quit?
- l quit because l got sick of listening to the guy
who runs the Zamboni machine.
- Well, l've got news for you, hotshot.
You're out here, he's still behind the bench.
And remember what l told you about quitters.
- Just when l thought my night couldn't get any worse...
- Hey, coach, l'm-- - l'm not your coach anymore.
- l'm sorry. Look, l messed up
and l should have been there for the team.
- Wait, so you think 'cause you didn't play today,
the Speedy Singhs lost?
Well, you're wrong, they won.
- We won?
- Yeah. 4-3 in overtime.
We made the final, even without you.
- That's great. l... l don't believe it.
- Yeah. Except after the game the Hammerheads lodged a complaint.
The Singhs can't play without wearing helmets.
- Why'd they let it go up till now?
- l don't think they expected you guys to get this far.
- Those guys are not gonna take off their turbans for helmets.
- That's why it's over.
(soft music)
(in Punjabi): I am scared.
- Of what?
- The bad men might kill us too.
- No, son, no one can harm us
when we have Waheguru's (God's) blessing on our head.
Our turbans are a gift from our Guru to protect us.
They focus our energy and show our commitment to God.
- Akshay Kumar? - Shh.
(in Punjabi): How can a turban protect us?
- How can a turban protect us? Let me explain to you, my son.
The turban is a symbol of our inner strength.
It's a crown of spiritual royalty.
This iron turban protected us and gave us victory in battle.
Thanks to the blessings on our heads, we always prevailed.
- Daddy, whose picture is this?
- This great warrior, Maharaja Ranjit Singh,
who showed the world how our 1 0th Guru-ji inspired us to be brave and victorious.
Our God has made us pure to ensure our victory.
Victory belongs to God. My fearless like a lion son.
- Please cut. Cut!
- That's a cut! - Ah!
- Can l have an autograph, please?
- Sure.
Thank you. Name?
- Darvesh. - Darvesh.
- lt's for my father.
- Your father? That's interesting.
(in Punjabi): Meet Rajveer Singh, the captain of the ice hockey team
that has made us so proud.
- Nice meeting you. Speedy Singhs!
- Yes. That's right. - Ah, yeah, yeah. lt's an honour meeting you.
- l wish that was true. l'm working on it.
- Well, l wish l could come and watch your finals.
- Me, too.
- Good luck. And if you win, the party's on me.
Thank you.
(in Punjabi): God bless.
See you.
- You know, this just might work.
They're gonna be expensive.
You think you can get them done in a week?
- Oh, yeah.
- Where'd you get that cash?
- Trucking. - Trucking?
- Mm-hmm. - Hmm...
- She says she don't want to date a guy in a turban.
l say in this day and age?
- All right, we're all here.
What's the, uh, big announcement?
- Well, l think it's better if Raj tells you guys.
- What are you doing here, this is a team meeting.
- First of all...
(in Punjabi): Buddies...
I owe you an apology.
You guys all deserve to be in this championship,
way more than l do.
- Yeah, but that ain't gonna happen.
We're not taking off our turbans.
- Yeah, man. (in Punjabi): Our dream is over.
We're done. - l heard.
But seeing your commitment to being who you guys are,
it inspired me.
Coach, l never deserved to lead this team.
- ls that what this is about?
- No.
This is. - What?
- Where'd you get that?
- What the hell is that?
- Our ancestors wore these into battle centuries ago.
And now you guys are going out
to protect the pride of our community,
only this time the battle's on ice.
- Yeah, let's do it.
- Guys, wait a minute.
The officials are never gonna let that fly.
- Well, your sister here showed them how to let it fly.
Gentlemen, if l may,
according to the Civil Code, Part 1 , Section 8,
my clients are being forced
to abandon their right to practice their religion.
That is a human rights violation.
- That's true.
- That's a good point. l don't know if it'll work.
- lt already did.
- She's got it down.
- Raj paid for it all with his savings.
- And you guys can all pay me back
by beating the Hammerheads.
Good luck.
- Coach? Come on.
- Guys, l told him that if he quit, he was gone.
And l'm a man of my word.
'Course, l never said l couldn't... invite him back.
- Welcome back, Raj!
- Yeah, a helmet for everyone!
(traditional music)
(elephant trumpeting)
(singing in Punjabi)
- Excuse me, excuse me. Excuse me. Excuse me.
- What? What happened?
- Reena refuses to come out of her room.
- What? Why? - l don't know. She's a diva.
Who knows why. - Sonu's here already.
Go talk to him.
- Okay. (elephant trumpeting)
You better go talk to your bride.
- Why? What's wrong?
- Just go, she's in the dressing room.
- Okay.
(elephant trumpeting) Excuse me.
(knocking) Reena.
Reena, what are you doing?
Hey. - l just...
l don't know if l can go through with this.
- You wait till now to tell me this?
- l just feel like...
(sniffling)'re so self-centered sometimes,
everything is all about you.
- Not everything.
- You came to my stagette and you got drunk
and you know you can't drink. - lt was a party.
- You never watch me on the news.
- l watch you all the time.
- What was l wearing on Thursday?
- Purple, green screens... - No. No.
Red silk blouse tucked into bell-bottom jeans.
- But that's... that's... irrelevant. l mean, l... l tape it.
- l mean do you really think we're right for each other?
- Look, Reena, l never felt this way before about anyone.
And... without you l really have nothing.
l can work on being self-centered.
l'm kind of a jerk, but l... That's a...
l have no control over that, but...
l just... l know you can make me the best man l can be, babe.
- Okay. (sniffling)
Sorry. - Thank God you came out.
You know, l left my elephant double parked.
l don't know where they'd stick the ticket.
(in Punjabi): Teach him how to button up.
- Okay, please, stay calm. He'll come.
- l'm calm.
- You're not calm.
- l'm sorry, Dad.
(in Punjabi): Welcome, my Sikh boy Rajveer Singh.
Come back home now.
Huh? Eh?
- Everyone!
My wedding is starting!
(cheering, applause)
Come, come, please come. Come, come, come.
(traditional music, song in Punjabi)
(song in Punjabi)
- Ladies and gentlemen, today is no ordinary day,
not just because of my marriage to my beautiful wife
but because our reception is gonna be at a hockey game
which my cousin, Rajveer, is gonna be playing in
and my new bride is reporting on.
- Go Speedy Singhs.
(in Punjabi): Be victorious with God's blessings.
Whoever prays shall be blessed by the Gurus.
(all): God is great.
(Darvesh): This is madness.
They would stop a wedding for the game of hockey.
That's not right.
- Here.
- And you are not going anywhere.
- lt's for the championship, Dad.
And l'm playing.
lt would mean a lot to me if you came.
- No.
You go.
l will stay here and guard the sanctity of this day.
- Life's full of surprises, eh?
- l don't like surprises.
- Your son is very good.
You should watch him play sometime.
Might change your mind.
(Darvesh sighing)
(music, cheering)
(in Punjabi): Wow, are these people dressed for a wedding reception or a hockey game?
This could very well be the biggest crowd for a Punjabi hockey game ever.
(Reena): This is it, the final game in the Hyundai Cup.
The underdog, the Speedy Singhs,
against the heavily favoured Hammerheads.
The Speedy Singhs' Cinderella story
has captured the hearts of Canadians everywhere.
l'm Reena Singh for SlN and l just got married!
- You guys look like warriors.
Thank you, Mr. Singh.
- Thank you, coach.
- Let's get 'em boys! Let's go!
- l never could have done this without you.
(in Punjabi): Don't say anything.
The best things in life should remain unsaid.
- Thank you.
- Go Speedy Singhs.
(song in Punjabi)
(horn blaring)
(commentator): The Speedy Singhs are wearing
some kind of traditional Sikh helmets.
They look like warriors ready for battle!
- Did you see that? (laughing)
- Ridiculous. (laughing)
- Yeah!
(in Punjabi): Now it's really time to see if Rajveer Singh can perform under pressure.
Oh Canada
Our home and native land
True patriot love
In all thy sons command
With glowing hearts
We see thee rise
The True North strong and free
From far and wide Oh Canada
We stand on guard for thee
God keep our land
- All right.
Boys, we're here.
On three...
one, two, three... (together): Singhs!
- Nice bucket, Spartacus.
(radio): Sapunter Singh is knocked off the puck.
The Hammerheads dump it into the Singh zone.
(in Punjabi): Come, please sit.
(radio): Churchnick from the point, takes a shot.
Inderjit stick save!
Murden, the rebound, they score! (buzzer)
(in Punjabi): Oh, no!
- Don't worry, the game has just started.
(radio): A minute into the first,
and the Hammerheads take a 1-0 lead.
(in Punjabi, radio): Are the Speedy Singhs in trouble now?
(commentator): With more than 3 minutes left in the first
and the Hammerheads are dominating
and still leading the score 1 -0.
Speedy Singhs dump it off into the Hammerhead zone.
Loose puck in the corner.
Rajveer taken hard to the boards by Murden!
Oh! What a hit!
- Hey! Where's the call?
- Referee, are you blind?
(in Punjabi): The referee has lost his eyesight and his mind!
- Raj get up. Raj, you alright?
- Oh, poor baby, he's hurt. - Hey, hey, watch it.
Get out of here, yo.
You alright? Come on. Get up. Get up.
(shouting in Punjabi)
(radio): Oh, that doesn't look good, Parminder.
He needs help back to his bench.
- He did take quite a hit.
I hope that doesn't sideline him, they're gonna need his skills
against this veteran Hammerhead squad.
- We're barely holding our own out there.
l need you to go kabaddi on them.
How you doing?
- l'm good, coach.
Alright, if l see one thing wrong,
l'm coming out on that ice and pulling you out myself.
- lf you can catch me.
(commentator): Still holding their one goal lead.
The pace is furious with just 3 minutes left in the period.
Hard into the boards!
Speedy Singhs, change of line.
Rajveer Singh picks up the puck,
takes it into the Hammerhead zone,
dekes out one defender, now has the puck.
He's got a shot. - Raj!
- But he passes it to a wide open Jassi Singh,
who shoots, he scores!
Wah jee wah, what a goal!
We start the third period all tied up at a goal apiece.
Folks, this has turned into a real game!
Singhs take the puck into the Hammerhead zone.
They lose it.
Churchnick takes it back to center ice.
Rajveer steals that pass and brings it back
over the Hammerhead blue line.
He's got the puck, he spins between the opposition,
makes the pass, Deva Singh
in front of the net, scores! (buzzer)
What a beautiful pass from Rajveer Singh!
(commentator speaking Punjabi) (cheering)
- For the first time in the game the Speedy Singhs lead it by 2 to 1 .
And the crowd is going crazy.
- The Hammerheads control.
Less than a minute left in the game
an there goes the Hammerheads' goalie,
so they'll have the extra attacker.
They will skate 6 on 5.
Ray Forbisol picks it up in the corner,
passes it out to Talbot at point, who sends it over to Kanenka.
He takes a hard slap shot.
Oh! What a save by lnderjit Singh!
Rajveer gets the rebound and starts it back up ice.
Shoveling ahead to Deva Singh
who takes a shot at the open net.
lt's looking good, folks,
this could seal the game for the Singhs.
But no! lt's denied by an amazing save by Bersalle.
- Back, back!
- The puck goes to LeBeau, up to Martin,
the Singhs already celebrating.
Scrambling to get back but they can't.
Murden's all alone, he shoots, he scores! (buzzer)
That ties it up as the clock runs out.
(whistling) Folks, we're into overtime.
- What a disappointment.
The Singhs had victory in their clutches,
now they'll have to play a sudden death period
to decide the championship.
- Alright, okay, come on. Let's go.
Hey, listen to me.
All my life l've known that winning is the only thing.
And we can do that. Right here. Right now.
But you guys,
you guys can do something even greater.
Something l never thought much about until l got to know you.
Tonight, you can show an entire country that you belong.
Yeah, you look different and all that stuff.
But if you go out there and you do what l know you can do,
then the only real difference will be that you are champions
and they're not.
Singhs on three.
One, two, three!
(together): Singhs! Singhs! Singhs! Singhs! Singhs! Singhs!
Singhs! Singhs! Singhs! Singhs! Singhs!...
(commentator): We are into sudden death, folks,
where the team who scores the next goal
is this year's Hyundai Cup champion.
(crowd chanting): Singhs! Singhs!...
- Your magic carpet ride is over forever.
- Let's just play some hockey.
(crowd chanting): Singhs! Singhs!...
(commentator): Here we go! lt's face-off at center ice.
The Hammerheads dump the puck into the Singhs zone.
Murden after it.
Picking it up in the corner.
He's taken into the boards by Rajveer Singh.
The puck slides back out, Murden's got it.
Passes it to LeBeau, back to Murden, then Bersalle.
Bersalle's got the puck, he passes it to Churchnick,
he's got a shot, he shoots!
What a save by lnderjit Singh!
Rebound, Bersalle shoots again, another save!
(in Punjabi)
Nikku takes the puck, passes it up to Rajveer Singh,
who threads the needle, sending Murden into Churchnick.
Oh my, what a move!
Now, Rajveer Singh is on a clean breakaway!
This is gonna be him and the goalie!
(Raj): You've never even seen me play.
- I don't what to see you play!
- I don't think you deserve that.
- Remember what I told you about quitters.
(Darvesh): One day you will make me proud, my son.
(commentator): He dekes left, and tucks it
right around the goalie's skate, he scores!
(buzzer) (cheering)
Rajveer Singh wins it for the Speedy Singhs!
- Yes! Yes!
- Rajveer Singh wins the game!
(in Punjabi): He shoots, he scores!
(dramatic music)
- He's my son.
(in Punjabi): My son!
- High five! l love this kid!
- We dit it, coach!
- No, you did it, you did it.
- Thanks, coach.
- You're a special guy.
- Sorry, coach.
- Go see your dad.
- l know this has not been easy for us,
but today you have made not only me, but all of us proud.
You did it. You proved me wrong.
Gurveer told me what you did for him.
You're a good brother
and a very good son.
l'm glad you followed your dream. (sobbing)
We're not very different, you and l.
l love you.
- l love you too, Dad.
- When did you get here? (laughing)
- Ma. - My beautiful son.
(Raj laughing) Beautiful son.
- Hey, brother.
- Hey, wait! Get a picture, get a picture. - Oh yeah, sure.
- Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, come! - Yeah, sure.
- How's it feel?
- Honestly, it feels great.
But l'd quit it all if it meant losing you.
- l would never tell you to give up something you loved,
and you know how l feel about quitters, champ.
- Come here.
(rap music)
We were always told growing up
We had to strive to be the best
Always strive for success
And second place is not an option
That's what we were told
So no matter what came up in my life
I got through it
That was my motivation
And now nothing can stop us
We will never lose never fear
Overcome all and persevere
We the best and we down to show it
Any place anything we will overthrow it
We will never lose never fear
Overcome all and persevere
We the best and we down to show it
Down to show it Down to show it
At the top never come down
(singing in Punjabi)
Made it now take a look around
(singing in Punjabi)
At the top never come down
(singing in Punjabi)
Made it now take a look around
(singing in Punjabi)
At the top never come down
(singing in Punjabi)
Made it now take a look around
(singing in Punjabi)
At the top never come down
(singing in Punjabi)
Made it now take a look around
(singing in Punjabi) Yeah
At the top and I'll never come down Down
Always stay focused super star bound Bound
Always was the dopest never got weak Weak
Head to the sky but my ear to the street yeah
Foot on the gas hands on the wheel
Cat on my lap 'cause I'm going for the kill ha
Drinks for the nerves smoke for the stress
But death to the haters and to hell with the rest
I paid my dues dues made my moves moves
Throw a hundred thou walk a day in my shoes ah
Long time coming coming long time gone gone
Ten years deep but I'm ten men strong strong
Never gave up I just won't lose
So many hits but I just won't bruise woo
Rappers just dying I put 'em out their misery
It's Ludacris and the kingdom ain't history
(singing in Punjabi)
At the top never come down
(singing in Punjabi)
Made it now take a look around
(singing in Punjabi)
At the top never come down
(singing in Punjabi)
Made it now take a look around
(singing in Punjabi)
(song in Punjabi�