Building Trust on Google Plus: An Interview with Guy Kawasaki

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this book is also around building trust with uh... with individuals and that's
the and a huge element of of what it is a need to go into that a lot and i
believe chapter five
what is
why do you deem it critical to build trust with people i mean i it's a stupid
question i think
you know it's people people need answers Well, because
because if you want a social media network to work
and have good interaction and valuable interaction and reciprocating
interaction and interaction that means something as opposed to
the line at starbucks and long or I just got drunk
if you want to deprive value from social media you have to be likeable
and trustworthy
and so i dedicate
uh... a fair amount of the book
to how you become likeable and trustworthy
uh... in a digital way, it's very important if you want to optimize your social media
you do, um, I am just trying to flip to the section here because it's it i think is very valuable
information that you go through, I am not going to list all of it off as
I want people to get your book from you but uh...
and it really is and it really positions it very well as to how you want to do
that sort of stuff
uh... thank you uh... the in any way we're also we're big fans of brogan and
guys like that, that do trust agents and everything like that person last book
uh... very much around that and and anyone that's online it's about building
trusts and also being you're basically not be a scumbag i guess is
another way to look at it