Pokémon Live Action 3 - A Luz da Esperança (Parte 1-C)

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Where should I start?
Come here Spinarak... I won't hurt you. I came to help you.
Well... At least I know one of the three pokémon.
Why is this happening to me?
"Emotions... Supposedly, it was thanks to them that I was able to use the Aura."
"I wanted to save those pokémon."
"Knowledge... I didn't have it, but Daniel gave it to me."
"To use the Aura we have to understand and control our desires and emotions."
"So we don't act only based on them. Besides knowledge, I also have the experience."
"Having the knowledge, we should use it too, not only our emotions and desires."
This is too confusing...
"The human behavior is derived from three sources: desires, emotions and knowledge."
"In case you don't know, there are pokémon that can't be seen as usual."
"I'd say that Aura is a force. Some kind of essence that you can find in Nature."
"To be fair, Lucario will fight with his eyes closed."
That's it!
I see you!
Don't be afraid.
You feel lonely, don't you?
Well, I'm here now, and I'll do what I can to protect you. Can we be friends?
Let's go Kecleon!
Take it easy, we are not your enemies. We're on the same side.
This one will be a bit more difficult.
Oh, boy...
What was that?
What's going on here?
We'd also like to know that. Get out.
I know as much as you! I'm traveling, and I was stopping to get some fresh air.
- But is there some problem, Mr...? - My name doesn't matter.
You seemed pretty interested in my partners, over there.
- What do you mean? - I mean that we need your collaboration.
We want to ask you a few questions.
Wait a minute... You look familiar.
Aren't you Carlos Mateus? The Pokémon League Champion?
Yes, but, you'll have to excuse me, I have an urgent flight to catch.
Charizard, fly to far away from here, fast!
You've got to be kidding me...
- What are you doing here? - Excuse me?
- Why are you in this place? - It's hot, so I came to take a swim in the river.
Don't you know that this is a prohibited area?
But aren't you only chasing pokémon?
That's not of your business.
What do you have over there? Show me.
Put that on the floor. Now!
Slowly... Leave it there. Back off, back off!
"Help... Me."
"Help me."
But why would you want an empty pokéball?
"Empty"? You're messing with the wrong guy.
I'm not messing with you... In fact, the pokémon that should be in that pokéball, is right behind you.
I admit I'm a bit disappointed, I didn't know it would be so easy to defeat the champ.
Trying to be a hero?
- Good job Lucario, you didn't waste any time. - Thanks. It's good to know that you can keep your cool, too.
Where's the champion from before?
Where is him?
What a champion...
What's wrong?
"To everyone working, we need urgent help."
"Critical situation. Transmit coordinates. Over"
10th unity here, I'm on my way. Over.
Is it him...?
Good luck, chosen one.
Flávio... Flávio!
- Lucario, bring that canon, it can be useful later. - Right.
Where are we?
In the hospital.
Don't worry, the ones that work here are willing to help us.
They checked you in with another name, so we couldn't be found.
Ah, great.
By the way, you've aced the test.
What happened?
You exceeded your limit, when it comes to Aura. That's why you fainted.
But, the pokémon ended up protecting you. All three of them, which were part of the training.
What about Lugia?
- Lugia? What Lugia? - There was one by the river, it was hurt.
I didn't see it. When I got there, there were only you and the 3 pokémon.
By the way...
It seems like he wants to be with you. What do you think?
Why not?
He followed you here. It seemed he really wanted to be with you.
How do you feel?
A bit weak and tired.
There's something I should tell you...
What's wrong?
I don't even know where I should start... Should've told you earlier
but I never thought that you could reach that point. At least, not this soon.
I was scared to death...
But why?
Humans who learn how to manipulate the Aura have a limit.
It varies with the person. But usually, if they push it too much...
It can be fatal.
And you make me train something that can be fatal?!
I never imagined that you would reach that point at the beginning of our training.
I was planning to tell you later.
Later? That's something that you cannot hide, you know?
I did not expect that from you...
I know, and I apologize, but don't think that I'm not worried about it.
It doesn't seem like.
I know, and I said I'm sorry. And yes, I am worried.
But if I told you that in the beginning, it would have affected you, and it wouldn't have let you use the Aura.
I would like to know if I was going to train something that could kill me.
I didn't have an option. It's either fatal for us, or
for the whole world, if we don't do anything.
We can't be selfish, we have to chose.
Either we fight against this...
Or it's all over.
This is becoming more complicated than I thought.
Tell me about it...
So you're finally awake Mr. Jorge. It's a pleasure to
meet you in person. The young prodigy.
How are you, Mr. Daniel?
It's not like that, but thank you.
I see you're modest. If you want to leave this place fast,
I suggest you rest. For now that's the only treatment you can have.
Let's see... Mr. Daniel, you have someone waiting for you.
Okay, I'll go see, thanks.
So, Carlos, how are you?
They took my Charizard. How do you think I am?
I was afraid of that... But don't worry, we'll get it back.
Not "we", it's my responsibility. How's Flávio?
He seems to be alright.
Are you making him follow your steps? You already should know it's dangerous...
If this happened, it's because it was meant to happen.
If he keeps using the aura, without being able to control it...
If both of you die, without making a difference, do you also think it's fate?
Don't start again...
You're my friend Daniel, this is for your own good...
If I hadn't find you that day and treated you, you would be dead.
I was just starting to understand the aura... I never got to that point again.
In some way, you were meant to find me, that day.
It was destined that we were friends.
You still believe in destiny… I believe in you, and believe in the
power of the people, yours and Flávio's. But to believe that everyone
has predestined paths created by some kind of divinity...
It makes no sense! We make our own choices, our own story!
Some are established, others are not. The universe revolves around an order.
And each time I have more reasons to believe in the existence of this order...
I'm starting to understand it.
That order is the balance. Dualities.
Light and darkness. Yin-Yang.
Space and time.
Everything comes from the same place.
You believe in what you want, I do the same. It's pointless to discuss who's right, nothing will change.
Not everyone's like that, that's why we're all different.
I think we should do what we think is right.
Principally when we have the means to do it.
Exactly. I only ask you to be careful. You know the dangers of the power you discovered.
Warn Flávio about it.
Don't worry. I know my limit.
Flávio has to know his. I'll help him with that.
Think carefully about what you're going to do, Daniel.
I don't know what he's been doing,
but if he keeps doing it,
he might have a physical and mental breakdown. I recommend that he
rests for a couple more days.
- See? Doctor's orders. - I heard it too, Carlos.
- See you later. - See you, and thank you.
Sir, we received information that some of our men had an encounter
with the young Flávio Jorge.
I was finding odd that we didn't hear from him sooner...
He finally decided to show himself.
He prevented a Lugia from being captured, in Spain. What should we do?
Let him do as he pleases. A child that's still wearing
his diapers may come in handy in the future.
Gather all you can about him and deliver it to me as fast as possible.
Yes sir. Right away.
Show me what you've got, kid.
"I will be waiting for you. Esperança. PS: I hope everything is ok. I miss you."
Good morning, sleeping beauty. How are you, today?
Good, I guess.
That's what I want to hear.
If you can leave the bed, then starting packing your stuff.
- Already? - Yes.
I tried to communicate with the Rangers, but there was a problem with something...
I think we should hurry, so we can get to the city as soon as possible.
I'll be fast, don't worry.
- You need help? - No.
Leave me alone, I don't need your help.
Are you sure you're ready?
Maybe you should rest a little longer.
I don't know...
I don't want this to happen again.
Anyway, go take a shower, it may help.
And a cold one, if possible.