Haunted House - The Cage, St. Osyth, Essex, UK - North London Paranormal Investigations - Episode 1

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This is the town of St. Osyth
five miles west of clacton on Sea in the county of Essex
Many guide books list the main points historical interests as the
superb remains of a medieval priory from eleven eighteen
or the church of saint peter and paul the centre of town stil is use
there's one place in this town however
it is not so idealic as the rest
much like many of the English towns St. Osyth was once gripped with
a witch hunt fever
according to local historians, in fifteen eighty two, thirteen women were accused
of witchcraft and most were imprisoned before awaiting trial and some were hanged shortly
locally known as "The Cage"
This is that prison

from the outside "The Cage" looks like any other house in St. Oysth
A two bedroom semi detached house sitting just by the roadside
inside however shows its age with his tudor beams and low ceilings however
the houses remained unoccupied for the last two years for a very specific
last occupant living with us on had been experiencing paranormal activity for a
number of years into one final of an which proved just too much to handle my
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many previous residents of left the house as a result of this kind of
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terrible contracts are a few
that seem on the night was comprised of professional investigators mediums and
local historians
they were all in search of what those previous residents and others that
mentioned they'd seen themselves in this house
and it was not long before we saw some results
they began by using an electromagnetic philip willie and that that that's
device not only reasonably certain that promote back to committee but can also
be used to communicate with spirits around it
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uh... we've made a lot of metal usually but make energy
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it started responding incredibly well three questions off
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may have left revolving door of the house
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if your question the sensitivity of this the box
i have to hold a mobile phone right next to it just a touch screen they could be
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but this was different
the readings much stronger than usual
during the course of the night had appeared at the end of two plus
responding to questions bosco increasing its energy levels
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are you happy he asked
helen was not and easy
mediums g_m_ schools students on issues of the strong presence unity each
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i need to respond and such complaints in town
expansion plans
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and then she sings today three dead bodies
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to explain what others experience in the upstairs offer
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while starmedia gemma to go to the party to see what you felt
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what general was experiencing
there were two other mediums legal before
what added to the mystery however
was the revelation that amanda tragically taking his own life right
outside this door to door
only five years ago
adding to this
we went back to the children sharon
without the table you can see here on the left
had been moved in front of the tool from the inside
going well
visiting one of the story
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