Fidel! (2002)

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Excuse me.
Want take a ride in Batista's old Cadillac?
No, really, really. Let me help you. Where are you going?
That book's not gonna help you. Come on, l'll take you. No problem.
You're gonna love this ride.
You like seafood?
I could take you to Hemingway's favorite watering hole:
La Floridita.
That 's where he used to drink his 'mojitos'.
It 's the best lobster in all of Havana. Really. Delicious.
They have oysters, turtle.
Did you hear that when our great 'El Pappa Fidel'...
Hold on one second.
Our leader, was presented with a Galapagos turtle...
he asked, 'How long does it live?'
'Four hundred years'.
So Fidel hands it back. 'Four hundred years?!
That 's the trouble with pets.
You get attached to them and then they die on you.'
He never dies.
- Good morning, children. - Good morning, teacher.
- Sit down, please. - Thank you.
You know that we live in Cuba.
In what city?
Havana, Cuba.
Cuba. And what is today's date?
February, 15th.
And Tracy, what year?
Two thousand and one.
Yes, two thousand and one.
All right. Now take out your books, please.
Today we're going to study the life of Jose Marti.
You cannot call yourself a Cuban, any of you...
until you know the story of Jose Marti.
Jose Marti died fighting for the freedom of Cuba.
- L'll drive. - Yes, commander.
I love you too. Bye.
Watch this.
Come up.
Come on.
Fidel! Raul! The sailors are pissing on Jose Marti's statue!
Come on!
Stewey! Look at me!
Matt, come on up here!
Get that one up here.
No! Yeah, me! Take my picture!
Hold on, hold on! It 's coming. Get the picture, go!
Justice! Justice!
Justice! Justice!
Justice! Justice!
Please! Please!
You have my personal apologies for the inexcusable behavior...
of a half-dozen of our boys, who had a few too many rum and cokes.
- We don't want your apologies! - Give us the sailors who did it!
I assure you we do not take lightly the nearly sacred importance...
to your country of the memory of...
- What 's his name? - Jose Marti.
Marti. Marti. Jose Marti.
Please, remember the many years of friendship between our countries...
and the help we gave you in winning your independence from Spain.
Let me tell you about our country.
0ur history. The truth!
after thirty year of fighting for our freedom...
after Jose Marti...
Jose Marti?! Can you say his name now, Ambassador?
After Jose Marti and fifty thousand of my people...
of your people, who'd given their lives to be freed from Spain...
do you know what happened then, Ambassador?
Your president, Roosevelt... Yes, we do not forget his name!
He stole our independence from us.
More history for you. Who came out of our war...
with an empire from the Philippines to Puerto Rico?
Shall we tell him?
You! You!
- Who is that? - No idea, sir.
And who for the last 50 years have seized our land and...
stolen our sugar, and turned us into people who have nothing...
...because it belongs to you? - You! You!
- You! You! - 0ut! 0ut!
0ut! 0ut!
0ut! 0ut!
Come on.
You cannot stay here.
- I have to find my brother! - So you're Mirta?
- Rafael! - Are you all right?
She's fine.
My brother is staying for dinner.
- Hey. - Hi.
Just in time.
{Y:i}The tlme Is now elght o'clock and we have the pleasure of brlnglng...
{Y:i}to your homes once agaln the volce of the Ortodoxo Party...
{Y:i}...Senator Doctor Eduardo Chlbas. - Ladles and gentlemen.
I have talked to you every Sunday through these microphones at CMQ...
to protect the interests of all the people of Cuba.
{Y:i}I stlll contlnue to protect those Interests foryou tonlght.
{Y:i}People of Cuba, it has come to my attentlon that Educatlon Mlnlster...
Aureliano Sanchez Arango has diverted 3 million pesos...
to the construction of his private pleasure palace in Guatemala.
Three million pesos...
{Y:i}that we, people of Cuba, so desperately need.
{Y:i}Next Sunday nlght, at thls tlme...
{Y:i}Iwlll reveal the documents that bearwitness to thls mortal crlme.
{Y:i}Next Sunday nlght...
Minister Sanchez Arango, you will have to answer...
to the mothers of the children of Cuba!
{Y:i}Untll then, thls Is Eddy Chlbas slgnlng off.
{Y:i}- As always: Honor agalnst greed. - 'Honor against greed'.
Next Sunday, Eddy brings the whole house down.
- Lf they don't kill him first. - Just let them try.
Just let them try.
Where did we put the other flyers we had?
We're going to create a human wall around him.
Here, Eddy!
I don't have the evidence. It was promised me for tonight.
- From whom? - Some Prio's men led me to believe...
they wanted Arango brought to justice.
I thought I could trust them, but they crossed me. They have set me up.
- Cancel the broadcast. - How can I?
- I cannot. - What are you going to say?
Eddy, listen to me. What are you going to say?
This is radio CMQ. The time is now 8 o'clock...
and we have the pleasure of bringing to your homes once again...
the voice of the 0rtodoxo Party...
Senator Doctor Eduardo Chibas.
Despite the constant depredations of Batista...
of Carlos Prio...
the true sensibility of the Cuban people has not been dulled.
Because of our geographical situation...
{Y:i}and the rlch magnitude of our soll, and above all...
What 's he doing? Why isn't he coming our with the proof?
He will.
He's not even talking about it.
{Y:i}...her destlny wlll come true!
We have had our historical destiny...
{Y:i}frustrated because of the corruptlon of our rulers.
Ruler after ruler, year after year!
We must never again be ruled by this government, corrupted to the bone!
Nor must we vote for Batista!
{Y:i}We apologlze forthe Interruptlon...
{Y:i}of ourtransmlsslon.
{Y:i}In orderto comply with regulatlons...
{Y:i}no politlcal programs must go over its allotted tlme.
What 's going on? Why did you switch him off?
...and then gave the rest to the Yankees!
He's off the air and he doesn't know they cut him off.
People of Cuba, arise! People of Cuba, in the name...
of economic independence, political liberty...
and social justice, wake up! Wake up!
Wake up!
This is my last...
knock at your door.
We have to take him now!
Move! Move!
I was in the radio studio. I helped to bring him in.
L'm a lawyer. I have been campaigning for him.
Yes, l've heard of you. Natalia Revuelta Fernandez.
Can you tell Dr. Fernandez that his wife is here, please?
Yes, madam.
- Your husband is in there? - He is a heart specialist.
And Eddy is a very good friend of ours.
Whatever happens now, Agramonte will take over.
L've heard very good things about your work for the 0rtodoxo Party.
Perhaps you'll give me your address and l'll send an invitation to dinner.
Yes, thank you.
L'm sorry to say that the injures of Dr. Eduardo Chibas are too severe.
He's not going to survive.
I cannot give you any more information at this moment. L'm sorry.
You can come in and see him now.
I am sure we will meet again.
- My address. - Yes, thank you.
{Y:i}...a promlse to the people of Cuba.
{Y:i}So he took the only honorable way out. The shootlng of Eddy Chlbas...
{Y:i}was not sulclde. Thls was murder!
{Y:i}That was Fldel Castro, memberof the Chlbas campalgn team...
{Y:i}speaklng from Inslde the hospital tonlght.
We have no hospital to take our children.
Doctors will not even come here.
The most important thing now for you to do...
for all of you now, is to vote.
With your vote...
I promise, and promise again, that if you elect me to represent you...
l'll build hospitals and bring doctors to you.
Too many presidents have promised clean water, hospitals, doctors.
But they kept it all for themselves. What of our freedom and our land?
It 's only their freedom and their land.
Eddy Chibas was going to give Cuba back to us.
But the man who carries the fallen torch of Eddy Chibas...
who carries with him the hopes for the future, is Roberto Agramonte.
Mirta, Agramonte is 16 points ahead of the Prio Party.
16 points! 0ne week left!
And Batista is so far behind...
that he might as well go back to his gangster friends in Miami.
Agramonte is going to be the next president.
Carlos Prio...
has fled the island.
But, until we have cleansed our beloved country...
of the corruption and crime that are his legacy...
free and honest elections cannot possibly take place.
- What is it? - What are you doing?
- L've been trying to phone you! - The phone is not working.
- Haven't you heard the radio? - Heard what?
- There's been a coup. - A coup?
Batista. We have to get out of here. The police are in the street now.
Stay here with Fidelito. You will be all right.
- Where are my shoes? - Here, here.
Batista won't hurt you if you tell him you're from Diaz-Balart Family.
- You have to say that, all right? - Here, here.
Be careful.
There they go.
- See you. - See you.
- Fidel Castro?! - He is not here.
He did not come home last night.
L'm Mirta Diaz-Balart.
- Have you talked to Mirta? - L'm gonna see her today.
- You shouldn't be taking those risks. - Yes.
You know your brother-in-law is working for Batista?
He's in charge of his youth organization.
Nothing will ever change here without a revolution.
- You should join the Communist Party. - Communist?
They're not interested in revolution. They run away from action!
The only way to get rid of Batista, and the only way to change things...
is to create a revolutionary army.
And I don't mean a few guys throwing grenades at the government buildings.
I mean an army.
It 's the only way to stop the coups and the corruption forever.
How else do we change things?
I need you. I need you to do this with me.
What do you think?
Sir! Excuse me, sir.
My name is Abel. Abel Santamaria.
I want to meet you since you jumped on the car at the American Embassy.
There is a group of us.
Twenty of us...
planning to bring down Batista. Will you meet with us?
What do you mean bring down?
By any means we can.
I believe that now is the time we can do it.
But revolution means...
that we have to be prepared to sacrifice everything.
Every one of us has to give up his own private dreams and desires.
From this moment on our only dream and desire...
is the liberation of Cuba. Nothing else matters to us.
How old are you? 26? 28?
- 22. - My God! 22!
Maybe you wonder if you will marry, who will you marry...
or what it feels like to be a mother.
Tonight you have to tear all that out of your heart.
you want to grow old and see a long line of sons and grandsons prosper?
Tonight, if you are with us...
the only legacy you'll leave, it's the new Cuba we are going to create.
Is it worth the sacrifice of our private dreams?
That is what each of us have to decide right now.
In 30 seconds.
Is everybody together?
Fidel Castro.
So you finally needed me.
- Would you like some coffee? - Yes, please.
My husband's at work.
Can you get pamphlets and flyers published?
Yes, I have good contacts with printers, of course.
And if the pamphlets called for an armed insurrection?
- Is that the direction you're going? - It 's the only direction.
So, if I gave you some of my writings, can you...
0f course!
Thank you.
And you think you can bring Batista down?
I don't know...
You're taking a big risk if you're going to call for armed insurrection.
If you do not take risks...
then nothing happens.
Relax the shoulders, Faustino.
So we've got a communist with us now!
That 's good! You're just in time.
- How are you? - Fine.
All right. Look. Where will Batista expect an attack on his army?
- Camp Columbia, absolutely. - Always Havana.
So we go to Santiago, here.
- Moncada. - The barracks?
We attack the barracks at dawn, the twenty-sixth of July.
Just in the middle of Santiago Carnival.
I don't have much time. L'm leaving for Santiago in an hour.
- Santiago? Why Santiago? - To take the Moncada barracks.
My God.
- Is it possible? - 0f course. We've everything planned.
The Manifesto. Raul Gomez Garcia has written it.
We attack the barracks at dawn. You're the only person who knows it.
As soon as we are inside and the fort is secure, we'll call you.
Then you release this manifesto to the radio stations, newspapers...
- To everyone, of course. - 0f course.
- Why Moncada? - It has the armory...
and everything else we need. We can protect the revolution from there...
and then it will sweep the country.
Everything is planned for an attack at 5:15.
In 3 hours and 12 minutes.
This moment now is the start of the beginning...
of the freedom of Cuba. And it 's your destiny to be a part of it.
Today our movement will triumph. Today and forever...
we will be setting an example for the people of Cuba.
And from this day, they'll pick up our banner...
and they'll move forward to victory with us.
Get down!
Don't be afraid! We are not going to hurt you.
Clear the gate. The general is coming.
Right now?
L'll do it.
How are you?
The armory's up there.
Go! Go! Go!
Ready to shoot!
Go! Go!
Cease fire!
- Where are they? - They left, went down the backstairs!
- Nobody went down that way. - Will you please take your men out?
There are very sick people here.
She's lying.
This man is one of the leaders.
0ut of the bed. 0ut of the bed!
- No, you can't. He's very sick. - 0ut of the bed!
You tell the officers in the barracks they can do whatever they want...
with those prisoners.
Hurry! Move!
Haydee Santamaria?
I have something of your brother's here.
Nineteen of my boys died this morning.
They would be alive at this moment...
had it not been for your brother.
L'll tell them to stop torturing your brother...
if you tell me who else...
led this attack.
Do you want us to take out the other eye?
If you took out his eye and he did not tell you anything...
do you think l'll tell you anything now?
Then you have just killed your brother.
Do you think it 's possible that they have made it out of the hospital?
{Y:i}Fortunately, our brave forces under the courageous General Chavlano...
{Y:i}fought off the cowardly assault whlch we suspect was backed...
{Y:i}by forelgn or communlst plotters.
{Y:i}Thls was a ruthless and unprovoked attack on ouryoung soldlers.
{Y:i}We do not know If any of the murderous rebels came out allve.
Come out! You are totally surrounded.
Were you in Santiago de Cuba on the 26th of July?
Yes, I was.
Did you take part in the attack?
Yes, I did.
So you admit then that you sought to bring about an uprising...
against the constitutional powers of the State?
In what country is the Honorable Prosecutor living?
The dictatorship that oppresses our nation is not a constitutional power.
Your Honor, please ask the defendant to restrict his replies...
to a direct answer to the question.
L'm answering the question in the only way I can.
The legitimate constitution is that which emanates directly...
from a sovereign people.
The half million farm workers who live in absolute poverty...
the 400,000 people, whose retirement funds have been embezzled...
by Batista's officials, the children who die...
Do you ask him for how long he has been unemployed?
Do you ask him how many children he has?
Which days of the week he had food to eat and which days he didn't?
...those who steal because they are hungry.
But none of the men who steal millions from the government...
has ever spent one single night in jail.
I quote from a document precious to the freedom...
of the United States of America...
'We hold these truths to be self-evident...
That all men are created equal.
That they are all endowed by their Creator...
with certain inalienable rights.
That among these are life...
and the pursuit of happiness.
That, whenever any form of government...
becomes destructive to these ends...
it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it...
and to create a new government.'
I don't fear prison.
Neither do I fear those who have tortured...
and killed 70 of my comrades.
Condemn me.
It does not matter.
History will absolve me.
Fidel Castro, I sentence you to fifteen years in prison.
Fifteen years?
Fifteen months, at the most.
{Y:i}'Everyday, I feel my bellef...
{Y:i}In sacrlflce and struggle gettlng stronger.
{Y:i}I am not asklng for, and I shall never ask for amnesty.
{Y:i}It's a great glft to us that Haydee Santamarla's been released so soon.
{Y:i}Because thls Is ouropportunity to make our Ideas known to the masses.
{Y:i}They're now llstenlng to us, because they've seen the slaughterof men...
{Y:i}who dled flghtlng for the freedom of all of us.'
Twenty-six of July, Batista killed our comrades.
{Y:i}'Batlsta's blggest mlstake Is to keepus allve and lmprlsoned.
{Y:i}Publlc oplnlon Is behlnd us and it can only get stronger.'
- Every month we are... - Batista? What is he doing here?
- Batista son-of-a-bitch! - Dictator!
- Scum! ...offices, banks...
{Y:i}- Long llve the revolutlon! - Captain.
Freed Cuba!
There you are.
{Y:i}'Though I now have llght and I can read and write agaln...
{Y:i}I'll never forget the humlllatlon of sittlng alone In the darkness...
{Y:i}not knowlng If it wlll be for one month, one year...
{Y:i}one hundred years.
{Y:i}I klss all my books and then countlng...
{Y:i}I see I have an extra klss. With that klss...
{Y:i}I rememberyou, my dearest Naty.'
{Y:i}'Dear Mlrta, I have seen Fldelito's report card...
{Y:i}and I agree with you that he could be performlng more strongly.'
Mirta is filing for a divorce.
And she's leaving the country at the end of the week.
Where is she going?
United States.
With Fidelito?
- 0f course. - She's taking him to United States?
- No, she's not. - Fidel, she is...
No, she is not!
My son brought up in the U. S? She can go where the hell she wants.
But Fidelito stays in Cuba!
{Y:i}The alllance...
{Y:i}between ourselves and our partners...
{Y:i}the United States of Amerlca...
{Y:i}has never been so strong and so beneflclal!
A trading partnership...
a social partnership...
{Y:i}and a mllitary partnershlp that Is the envy...
{Y:i}of all the Islands of the Carlbbean.
Fidel! Fidel! Fidel!
Never in our history, has Cuba been more economically healthy...
We should have killed him, not captured him.
- Now we are stuck with him. - The longer we keep him in prison...
the more popular he becomes.
If we drive him into exile, the CIA will be able to help us control him...
and make sure he never comes back.
0kay. You better let him go.
0ne more, Fidel. Thank you.
Look here, Fidel!
We will continue the struggle for the freedom of the people of Cuba.
The war against poverty and despotism will continue.
The lives of many of our dear friends have been sacrificed...
and must never be forgotten!
Every man here in front of you...
is prepared to lay down his life for the freedom of Cuba!
And today I announce...
the founding of the 'Movement of Twenty-Six of July'...
dedicated to the men whose blood was shed...
at the heroic assault on The Moncada.
This is just the beginning!
- Batista has plans to assassinate me. - I expect he has.
Raul has gone to Mexico.
And you are going too.
Yes, but I will be back.
I will train an army there.
- He should never have released you. - It does not matter what he does.
He will lose, sooner or later.
Mexico is where we prepare for victory.
Would you like me to come with you?
- 0f course. - You haven't asked.
0f course I would. Can you? I didn't think that you...
That 's it. Come with me, next week.
I cannot.
- Why? - L'm pregnant.
And it 's your child.
- Cheers! - Cheers!
Maria is actually married to this wonderful guy, Avelino.
He's a wrestler. He's very good.
He has a friend who's also a wrestler. His name is Vanegas Arroyo.
He's a wonderful man. He's sitting right over there. He'd help us train.
But he's also a printer. Said that he'd print for us anything we need.
- Good. - Right now we have this cheap room...
at the downtown motel, but it 's nice and it's clean.
- We can use it as long as we want. - It 's the biggest screw-up in history.
Look at Batista. He's the worst man for Cuba...
he's the dictator. In my country, Argentina, it 's almost the same.
It 's so everywhere in Latin America. The worst rise to the top always.
Because every dictator has one thing in common: You, the Yankees.
Everything you do is done for the profits of your companies.
- That 's why the Soviet Union is... - Raul thinks the Soviet Union...
will be the savior of Latin America. We have to create our own destiny.
Not alone, but together. Everywhere in Latin America...
Guatemala, Venezuela, Argentina, Chile, Cuba...
- Do you know Neruda? - No.
'At the sound of the trumpet everything was ready on Earth.
And Jehovah divided the world...
to Coca-Cola Incorporated, Anaconda, Ford Motors.
But the juiciest slice of all was kept for the United Fruit Company.'
- Who wrote it? - Pablo Neruda.
- Why haven't I heard that before? - Everything where we come from... owned by United Fruit Company. - I love that poem.
- My name is Fidel Castro. - Ernesto Guevara.
Che! We just call him Che.
Welcome to Mexico.
I am here for one reason only.
To form a revolutionary army, to train it and make it so disciplined...
that it cannot be defeated.
By the end of the next year, l'll return to Cuba with my army...
l'll overthrow Batista's regime...
and announce the new revolutionary government of Cuba.
That is what will happen.
I told you he was shy and lacked confidence.
Every Cuban should know what we're doing and support us. Every Cuban.
But I liked what you said before. Not just Cubans, but every Latin American.
My revolution first, then yours.
0f course.
We'll land in 0riente, in an area between Niquero, on the west coast...
and Pilon, on the south coast. There, there are beaches along the coastline.
I have everything planned. The tidal charts, the terrain.
The group on land coordinating our arrival led by Celia Sanchez.
As soon as we are ashore, I take my army to the Sierra Maestra...
where we engage guerrilla warfare.
All we need now is food, money, clothes.
- Boats. - Boats.
And a few boats! And then, we will win.
0f course we will win. It 's inevitable!
It looks like it 's been underwater for thirty years.
It sunk in a hurricane in fifty-three.
- Is this the best you can get? - The best I can get for your money.
How long will it take to get it seaworthy?
- Two months. - Can that be seaworthy for open sea?
- How many people can it hold? - You're taking it along the coast...
25 would be safe enough.
- We need a boat for a hundred. - We're not gonna get anything bigger.
Two months is too long. It has to be ready by the twenty-fifth.
L'll see what I can do.
{Y:i}We'll have ten safe houses, ten men to each house.
{Y:i}Dlsclpllne wlll be ruthless.
{Y:i}No alcohol, no phone calls, no vlsitors.
I guess l'm sleeping on the floor.
{Y:i}Alberto Bayo wlll to all the world...
{Y:i}be a professorvlsitlng you to glve you Engllsh lessons.
{Y:i}When In fact, he'll be tralnlng you In guerrllla warfare.
{Y:i}He tralned the brlgades In the Spanlsh ClvllWar.
And go!
Get in position. And go!
Come on! Higher! Higher! Higher!
What are you doing? What are you doing?
- I can't. - You have to keep going. Get up!
- These marches are too long! - Come on, get up!
Get off of me! L'm warning you!
If you don't get up right now, you'll be arrested for insubordination...
and court martialed.
Everybody, back to camp!
Discipline is everything.
The revolution cannot triumph without absolute discipline.
We must show an example to the others.
- Bayo teaches this all the time! - Yes, I do.
- Lf Che can march with asthma... - It 's not good politics to shoot him!
We have to shoot him. If we show the others that...
we are weak in our determination, then we'll fail for sure.
0f course there has to be discipline.
That is why everyday I force it into their brains...
and why his actions cannot be tolerated.
But you'll have another bigger problem if you shoot him.
- What if the police finds the body? - L'm an honest man...
Then we make sure that they don't find the body!
You can't be sure. The suspicion of murder will be enough.
...and, before I die, I want... - I say we execute him.
A revolutionary brigade cannot survive with such people within it.
- So you agree we should execute him? - 0r he might turn against us.
And the revolution and our lives may be lost. There's much to lose.
So I say yes.
L'll work 20 hours a day.
L'll do every chore in the camp.
L'll do the work of all the soldiers, so that they are free to train.
But please...
I beg of you...
let me fight for the freedom of Cuba.
You are lucky to be alive. I would have shot you myself.
But maybe now, you'll have the chance to prove yourself.
Thank you, Fidel.
Thank you.
We cannot take any more men, Fidel. That 's 82, including us.
That 's already far, far too many.
I cannot sail with this boat if you put even one more man onboard.
Stop there!
We'll arrive at the Colorada beach, near Belic, in five days.
At dawn, on November thirtieth.
An armed unit of the underground...
led by Celia Sanchez will meet us at the landing point...
and guide us into the mountains.
Long live the Revolution!
They left.
All the safe houses are empty. He has left Mexico.
- Have you informed the Air Force? - Yes.
Also reinforce the Santiago garrison...
and have them put on alert.
I think that should be enough.
- We are sinking! - Start bailing out.
Use anything you can find down there!
- Take this. - Faster!
They have probably seen Batista's planes patrolling off the coastline.
What has happened to you?
These bandages?
L've had them for years.
For what?
My bones.
My bones are too weak.
It 's a deformity from my childhood.
That 's why I couldn't go on marching in the mountains. It hurt too much.
Why didn't you tell us?
Because you wouldn't let me on the boat if you knew I wasn't fit enough.
0ur position is wrong.
If those buoys are right, we are not heading for the beach.
So where are we heading?
I don't know.
Let 's call it off.
Come on.
What was that?
This is it. We have landed.
Landed? This is a shipwreck.
Carry only your personal weapons.
Everything else must be left here.
All right.
To the cane fields!
Let 's move to the cane fields!
To the cane fields to regroup there!
- Good morning. - Good morning, sir.
The forces of the Cuban people...
under the command of General Pedro Avila...
have today annihilated the expeditionary force...
of the so-called 'Twenty-Six of July Movement'...
{Y:i}alongwith its chlef, Fldel Castro,3O years old.
{Y:i}Many of the bodles of the other rebels have also been found...
{Y:i}Includlng that of Fldel Castro's brother, Raul.
{Y:i}Thelr bodles wlll now be returned to Havana.
It 's still 20 miles to the mountains. We can rest here...
until nightfall. When we get to the mountains, we will be safe.
The revolution will be safe.
We are going to win!
{Y:i}Batlsta Is lylng. I saw the attack from the mountalns.
{Y:i}I know that some of them got away to the cane flelds.
- Fidel? - He's not one of the men I saw shot.
- Is everybody searching for them? - Everyone.
But Batista's soldiers are all over the hills.
It 's a question of who finds them first.
My name is Alejandro.
Do you have any food I can buy?
My son is Guillermo Garcia...
under the command of Celia Sanchez.
We have been all looking for you, and praying that you have survived.
Carrying food with us, hoping to find you.
Go! Tell Guillermo that Fidel Castro is here.
He's in the mountains searching for you.
How many are you?
Guillermo Garcia.
Universo. Faustino.
What 's for dinner?
- Commander. - Big boy!
People support you because there's no way out for us without the revolution.
We have no doctors, no schools, no medicine, no rights. Nothing.
All these men are willing to join your army.
Thank you. Thank you all.
- Good to see you. - You're good?
How many rifles do you have?
Didn't I tell you?
His first words.
We have two.
Now we will win the war!
Long live the revolution! Long live Fidel!
We need to mount an attack.
We need a victory.
0therwise, who will believe we are an army?
Most important of all...
we need to show the people what we are fighting for.
Are there any land overseers in this area? Do you know them?
I know their names.
Everyone does.
There are three of them who have terrorized us for years.
We should execute them.
Then the people will believe we are fighting for them, not for ourselves.
Chucho 0sorio is one of the land overseers.
{Y:i}The worst of the three.
{Y:i}He may not look llke it, but he has terrorlzed every peasant In thls area.
{Y:i}Stolen from them, beaten them...
{Y:i}and kllled.
{Y:i}Frlday afternoon, he drlnks with the soldlers In the barracks at La Plata.
Stop there!
Colonel Gomez, from the Royal Guard.
- Colonel? Yes, sir. - We're looking for...
the leader of the rebel army.
- Fidel Castro. - Castro?
- Have you heard anything? - No, not him. He's dead.
Dead? Where?
That 's when I meet him. 0thers I have found, yes.
- Who have you found? - Who have I found?
- The rebels you've found, name them. - Yes, well... actually. 0ne I have found! - L'm Colonel Gomez, Royal Guard.
- Tell me his name now. - I remember his name...
No, I don't. I don't know his name.
- But we took his head off. - All right.
- Get off your mule. Tie his hands. - What?
Listen! Listen!
You are going to stay here.
And when you're sober, you're going to tell us the layout of the barracks.
Where they sleep, where they eat, where they keep watch. Everything.
And maybe, perhaps when you're sober, you'll remember...
what you just said to Fidel Castro!
- Take everything out! - Hands up!
Stop firing!
Hold your fire!
What are we going to do with them?
Let them go.
- Why don't we kill them? - Why? They are not our enemies.
Let them go. Che, give them your medicine bag.
- Let them go look after their injured. - No. We need those medicines.
Not now, we don't. We have no casualties.
Give them the medicine and let them go. That 's how we're doing it.
- Fidel, you can't... - That 's the way we're doing it.
- You are free to go. - Thank you.
Now tell them to kill him. Then we can go.
Shoot him.
Norma, this is Alejandro. Do you copy? 0ver.
That 's an army truck. Heading for the garrison of Bayamo.
Shoot the driver.
{Y:i}- Good. - Alejandro, thls Is Norma.
Fidel, we made contact with Celia.
{Y:i}- This is Alejandro hearing you. 0ver. - How are you?
{Y:i}It's wonderful to hearyourvolce. We are excited to make contact with you.
{Y:i}- At last l've the chance to thank you. - We're so pleased that you are allve.
{Y:i}I've a message to flnd you a reporter. What klnd of reporter? Over.
I want everybody in Cuba to know l'm not dead.
That our army is secure in the mountains. More than secure.
Invincible. So can you organize the reporter?
Who is the most famous reporter in the United States? 0ver.
{Y:i}The best foryou Is Herbert Matthews. He's with the 'New York Tlmes'.
{Y:i}He covered the Spanlsh ClvllWar. Over.
Are you a journalist, Mr. Matthews?
L'm a business man.
L'm taking a look at the sugar refinery l'm thinking of buying.
No journalists are allowed east of Santa Clara. Step out of the vehicle.
Stay there.
We are from the Matanza Sugar Association.
When this American gentleman goes back to New York to report...
that the political climate in Cuba is unhealthy for foreign investment...
l'll make sure your superiors find out that was you who taught him that.
Now, please let me get passed before I report these matters to Havana.
And this gentleman from the New York Times, are we keeping him waiting?
Good. Keep him waiting a little longer.
Make it more exciting for him.
Go to Matthews. Tell him to come for the night.
Invent a raid from Batista's forces which we have successfully repelled.
- And give him some shooting tonight. - Lf you give him too many stories...
...he's not gonna write it down... - None of it is untrue.
It 's just not true yet.
Let him write, we have the mastery of the Sierra Maestra.
- Mister Matthews? - Yes.
Universo Sanchez.
- The commandant is arriving. - Thank you.
Welcome to the Sierra Maestra.
- L'm sorry you had to wait. - Not at all.
Today the revolution is in the mountains...
tomorrow it will be in the cities. When the people of Havana...
and Santiago learn that we have defeated Batista here...
they'll know that we will defeat him everywhere.
You truly believe you can defeat him here?
0f course. 0f course we will defeat him here.
It was announced, it was the day I flew into Havana...
that Batista had taken delivery of sixteen B-26 bombers.
Yes, from your country.
- The forces available to him... - We're expecting...
a massive aerial attack against us at any moment.
As you can see, it 's impossible for them to find us in these mountains.
The only way that they can logisticaly defeat us is from the ground.
But how can they do this if they don't know the ground?
And we know every inch of it.
We shall come down from these mountains...
as a new revolutionary government of Cuba.
>> Napisy pobrane z << >>>>>>>> nowa wizja napisów <<<<<<<<
And we know every inch of it.
We shall come down from these mountains...
as a new revolutionary government of Cuba.
I take it.
0ne more.
- Excuse me. - Mr. Matthews, he's ready.
So you are Celia Sanchez.
Your organization is very efficient.
- You don't seem to be betrayed. - We have a very loyal unit.
Good. There are only 18 of us here. 0ne betrayal...
then one attack from Batista, and we are finished.
- We need to recruit. - We're already training soldiers...
in the cities in 0riente. They'll be ready to join you soon.
As for weapons and ammunition, Faustino will get supplies in Havana.
What else do you need?
The movement must never listen to the communists.
The revolution is here. The heart is here.
No, it is not.
Not yet.
You have to make it here. That is what l'm telling you.
How can you have a perspective of what goes on beyond the mountains?
It 's impossible.
What you need is someone you can trust...
who can be here and who can travel through the cities.
Someone who can keep you in touch.
You eyes and your ears in the cities.
Then your judgements and planning will be right there as well as here.
And then the heart of the revolution will be here.
{Y:i}'Fldel Castro, the rebel leader of Cuba's youth...
{Y:i}Is allve and flghtlng hard and successfully...
{Y:i}In the rugged, almost lmpenetrable fastness of the Slerra Maestra.'
{Y:i}'Presldent Batlsta has the cream of hls army around the area.'
'Thousands of men and women are heart and soul with Fidel Castro.
Throughout Cuba, unemployment is high, corruption is rife.
Castro and his Twenty-Six of July Movement...
is the flaming symbol of the opposition to the regime.'
'It is a revolutionary movement that calls itself socialistic...
offering a new deal to Cuba: Radical, democratic...
...and therefore, anticommunist.' - Unbelievable.
'The personality of the man is overpowering.'
'It was easy to see that his men adored him and also to see...
why he has got the imagination of the youth of Cuba all over the island.
He was an educated, dedicated fanatic...
a man of ideals, of courage and of remarkable qualities of leadership.'
'He has the mastery of the Sierra Maestra.'
'He has the mastery of the Sierra Maestra.'
Look! Look!
Dance! Dance! Come dance.
The ammunition.
It 's very simple! We need anti-aircraft weapons!
Where do we get anti-aircraft weapons?
The president of Costa Rica offered us guns. We can go to him.
- How do we get their weapons here? - I have a friend.
{Y:i}He's a memberof our movement. He has done a lot of work for us.
{Y:i}He's a rlce planter and has a pllot llcense, so he could fly the arms...
{Y:i}Into hls farm. I know he wlll do...
{Y:i}as he wlll do anythlng forthe movement.
{Y:i}Hls name Is Huber Matos.
When Celia came to me with the news that you had attacked the Moncada...
I heard your name for the first time. And I said to her...
'Today democracy was reborn in Cuba. And its name is Fidel Castro.'
Today its name is Huber Matos.
And the voice of Fidel Castro coming to you...
from the heart of the Sierra Maestra...
in the first free territory of the Americas.
{Y:i}We are an army that wlll not be defeated.
{Y:i}From thls moment, the country...
should consider itself in total war against the dictatorship.
The entire nation is determined...
to be free...
or to perish!
To counterattack, Raul, you'll take 65 men...
and defend Sierra Cristal.
Camilo, you will take 50 men, and attack Batista here, at Bayamo.
Huber, you'll command troops protecting the head-quarters.
Che, you'll take charge of the central zone.
0ne small victory after one small victory, again and again...
{Y:i}and they wlll not have the stomach to flght on...
{Y:i}whereas we, we wlll flght to the death.
We're the Cuban people! You are the dictatorship! You could be on our side.
You think you deserve to live? You! Do you deserve to live?
A thousand soldiers have died attacking the liberators of Cuba.
{Y:i}How many more llves must be lost before Batlsta surrenders...
{Y:i}to the wlll of Cuba?
{Y:i}Must he lose ten thousand soldlers...
before he submits to the inevitable victory of the revolution?
Hold your fire. Nobody move!
They don't listen.
{Y:i}Today, troops led by Camllo Clenfuegos...
{Y:i}after a slxweek herolc march...
{Y:i}through the provlnces of Orlente and Camaguey...
{Y:i}marched vlctorlously Into the provlnce of Las Vlllas.
{Y:i}Everywhere, soldlers of Batlsta's army...
{Y:i}are now jolnlng and flghtlng with the revolutlon.
{Y:i}Dellverlng the flnal blow to Batlsta's forces...
{Y:i}troops led by Che Guevara have captured and destroyed...
{Y:i}an armored supply traln and now march trlumphantly...
{Y:i}Into the city of Santa Clara...
{Y:i}And they are now advanclng trlumphantly on Santlago.
{Y:i}The trlumphant revolutlonary forces...
now have the support of the land owners, businessmen...
and industrialists of 0riente.
This is the voice of Radio Rebelde...
and the victorious army of the revolution.
0ur proposal is for a junta led by General Cantillo...
to whom you'll formerly hand over the government before your departure.
The junta will receive every military and financial assistance from the CIA.
That will at least save us and Cuba from Castro.
To the United States backed junta of General Cantillo...
the revolutionary forces of Cuba order you to surrender.
If there is no surrender by six o'clock today...
this evening, you will be attacked.
Revolution, yes! Military coup, no!
In our view, a military coup is now unsustainable.
We can no longer give you our support.
Either publicly or clandestinely.
Batista has left the country!
Long live Cuba!
Freed Cuba! Freed Cuba!
Fidel! Fidel!
How are you?
- How are you? - Fine!
I need you to stay here. To secure Santiago.
- Are you flying to Havana? - I will march there!
The war is not over!
The war has not even begun.
{Y:i}Now we launch our greatest offenslve agalnst corruptlon...
illiteracy, disease, hunger, exploitation, injustice!
This is a revolution for schools, for teachers...
for hospitals, for doctors!
This is a revolution for the people!
Fidel! Fidel!
Neither capitalism, nor socialism!
But revolutionary humanism!
A revolution as Cuban as the palms...
not a red revolution. But an olive green revolution.
A democratic revolution of the poor and for the poor.
Fidel! Fidel!
Cuba freed forever!
Freed Cuba! Long live Fidel!
The country or death!
Any chance a hungry soldier could get a steak and some grilled onions?
This is good.
This is very, very good!
- He liked? - Yes.
Thank you.
what can we do first?
Do you think we should cut your rents in half?
What else?
Tell me. What do you want from me?
How are you?
- You can't sit there. - That 's where Che is sitting.
- Could we get some coffee? - The coffee is coming.
All right, let 's sit down.
First law of the new revolutionary government of Cuba:
Every Cuban male must wear a beard. Do we need to take a vote?
Look, telegrams. All from foreign companies.
Wanting to know if their investments and contracts are safe.
They will have to wait.
Because in this revolution, we'll always go to the people first.
That is our first law.
And we'll tell them what we're intending to do and we'll ask them...
'Is this what you want?'
A true people's democracy. That is how Cuba is to be governed now.
We have a meeting this afternoon with the directors of the National Bank.
They want to know who they'll be meeting.
- Who is a good economist? - Che!
- Give it to Che. - I don't know anything about banking.
L'm sorry. I thought you said who is a good communist.
If we can't give them a good economist, we give a good communist.
Absolutely. Che, you do it.
Introduce yourself as the new president of the National Bank.
You certainly look a good president of the National Bank.
People of Cuba...
as from today, the rents from your landlords will be cut in half.
Under the Law of Agrarian Reform...
no land owner will ever again evict you...
from the land you have worked with your own hands.
{Y:i}No longerwlll the exploiters and forelgners In ourcountry...
{Y:i}Ilve of the sweat and sufferlng of the people.
{Y:i}We'll bulld 1O thousand classrooms, and we'll traln 1O thousand teachers.
{Y:i}Under Batlsta,4O% of Cuba could not read orwrite.
{Y:i}Under Fldel Castro, everyone wlll read and write.
{Y:i}We wlll traln 1O thousand more doctors.
{Y:i}Free medlcal care wlll be a guaranteed rlght of every Cuban.
{Y:i}Students In the city wlll teach the workers In the country.
{Y:i}And In the flelds, an army of urban workers wlll joln the peasants...
{Y:i}Implantlng a rlng of coffee plantatlons around Havana.
{Y:i}Withln 1O years, we wlll rlval Mexlco In coffee productlon.
What about elections?
What about elections?
- What about elections, Huber? - That 's the question l'm being asked.
Why are you bringing this up now?
Because we promised to return democracy to Cuba...
when we were fighting in the Sierra.
We are here in government because we promised...
to build the people hospitals and schools, because we promised...
to give the land back to them. And that is what we are doing now.
We must keep that promise to the people first.
What is more democratic than that?
- The revolution first! - But we also promised elections.
We'll keep our promise. We'll always keep our promises to the people.
- Next item? - We have the names of men...
responsible for carrying out Batista's political murders. What will we do?
We'll set up tribunals and put them on trial immediately.
And we execute them.
Anyone who resists us.
Again, this is the first task of the revolution, to keep the revolution.
If we don't get rid of our opponents, they'll come back and kill us.
- Che is right. - So we must kill them first.
It 's the only course of action.
I have a question for you, people of Cuba...
should I be commander in chief of the armed forces?
Should the armed forces be the armed forces for and of the revolution?
Should we put those who are against the revolution...
on trial for their lives?
Raise your hand if you agree that Batista's murdering henchmen...
must be executed!
The jury of one million has voted.
- How are you? - Nice to see you.
- Welcome. - Nice to see you.
- Welcome. - Thank you.
- Welcome. - Thanks.
We are the government and we still have to meet illegally.
This meeting is absolutely off the record.
Any mention of it to anyone outside this room...
will have serious consequences.
You all understand this?
Because I invited you here as our comrades.
As comrades of the revolution.
The question that l'm asking is...
how do we now transform Cuba...
into a marxist-leninist society?
That is my question.
And that is our task in the years ahead. That is the future of Cuba.
Which will secure the revolution for generations to come.
Nationalization of all industry. The creation of State farms...
and the abolition of the private enterprise.
Your task is to turn policy into practice.
But let me make it very clear for you now...
if you, as the Communist Party...
wish to play a roll in the future of Cuba...
the new communist state will be under my control.
We will not reform under you...
but you will reform under me.
{Y:i}Cuba marchlng trlumphantly on.
{Y:i}One bllllon dollars...
{Y:i}of Yankee owned property has now been returned to the people.
{Y:i}The program of natlonallzatlon Is almost complete.
{Y:i}Our beloved Fldel has announced that all oll reflnerles...
{Y:i}wlll be ceased by the Revolutlonary Councll...
{Y:i}and put Into publlc ownershlp.
{Y:i}With our sugar plantatlons, our mllls, our farms...
{Y:i}our mlnes, our utllitles, our factorles...
{Y:i}and now, our reflnerles In the control of the revolutlon...
{Y:i}Cuba's destlny Is In ourown hands!
This is the outline of the classes of the revolutionary instructions.
0nly the recruits have to attend.
'Party construction.
Ideological struggle.
Scientific Marxism.
And atheism.'
This is Stalin.
I cannot teach my recruits all this.
I have to do something. Say something.
What is the worse that can happen?
I will have to resign.
And then what?
I will be cutting sugarcane for the rest of my life.
{Y:i}I do not want to become an obstacle to the revolutlon.
{Y:i}But I belleve that If I'm forced to choose between followlng Into llne...
{Y:i}orwithdrawlng for my rulers governor of the provlnce of Camaguey...
{Y:i}not to do harm, the most honorable and revolutlonary actlon for me...
{Y:i}Is to leave.
{Y:i}I know I have the support of my offlcers In writlng thls to you.
{Y:i}It seems rlght for me to polnt out...
{Y:i}that greater men become smaller when they start to be unjust.
{Y:i}Please, ln the name of our fallen comrades...
{Y:i}In the name of our people, Fldel, do not bury the revolutlon.
{Y:i}Iwrite you not as major Huber Matos.
{Y:i}But as your long tlme frlend.
What is he plotting?
- A rebellion against us? - He doesn't say that in the letter.
If there is an officer rebellion in Camaguey, that 's just what the CIA...
All he's saying is he's wanting to resign. To go quietly.
Resignation itself is a betrayal of the revolution.
He worked tirelessly for me when you were in Mexico.
And all through the Sierra.
He couldn't have done more for the revolution. He's been the most loyal.
But he is not loyal now!
Call Camilo.
Tell him to go to Camaguey to take command of the forces there.
And put Huber Matos under arrest.
Go and get your mother.
- Brother. - Camilo.
Come on in.
This way.
Apart from my orders to arrest you, 15 of your officers must be arrested.
My officers? Why?
Because they have also resigned.
Resigning is not an offense for which people should be arrested.
Don't you think that?
Camilo, don't you?
There's a lot counter-revolutionary activity going on in the country.
- A lot of plotting against... - He's just resigning, Camilo.
That 's all he's doing.
As far as I know, there isn't even a plan for a trial.
A trial for resigning?
I hope not.
- Then why are you arresting him? - Fidel's orders.
- Any type of criticism... - It was a private letter to a friend.
A comrade.
I have no intention in publishing this letter.
And neither should he.
'You rose up magnificently...
and fought in the name of reason and justice.
But now I fear, that if you take this path...
you will be destroying your own work.
You will be burying the revolution.'
We have a clear and absolute policy on acts of betrayal.
We cannot kill him as if he was one of Batista's executioners!
Why don't we just let him resign and go quietly?
- He betrayed Fidel and the revolution. - I dare he won't go quietly!
He'll go to Miami, then what will he do?!
The CIA will give him and his family whatever he wants...
and he'll return, this time with more arms against us.
Don't be stupid! No revolution has succeeded without absolute discipline.
What do you think, Celia?
He's been a friend of yours for years, you introduced him to the revolution.
He's a sincere and honest man.
- That is not relevant. - However, Raul...
Che is right. Any dissent of the revolution is a threat.
But we all know Huber Matos.
He would have given his life for you, Fidel.
You must remember when there was just three of us.
Before the Moncada, before anything...
you said, 'The revolution will not devour its children'.
Now what are we doing? Are we any different from Batista?
Either Matos is a traitor or Fidel's a liar. Are you calling Fidel a liar?
Marti taught us, 'The first duty of each man is to think for himself'.
Are we against Marti as well? Huber has the right to think for himself.
We're all followers of Marti. We ought to disagree with that?
The duty of a true revolutionary...
is first of all be loyal to the revolution.
If Huber renounces the revolution, he may let in the forces to destroy it.
If the revolution dies before its first birthday...
what did your brother give his life for?
Che is right.
While we are building hospitals...
{Y:i}and tralnlng doctors, so that every person In Cuba...
{Y:i}wlll have the best medlcal care In the world...
{Y:i}Major Huber Matos and 15 offlcers under hls command...
{Y:i}were consplrlng agalnst us.
{Y:i}We cannot tolerate consplrators agalnst the revolutlon.
We cannot tolerate conspirators against the revolution.
Traitors of Cuba, destroying the morale of the Army!
Threatening all our programs for schools and hospitals.
So I ask you, people of Cuba!
Defenders of the revolution.
I come back to you, to ask you the question...
what shall we do with those who betray the revolution?
Should we put them to death?
We will defend the revolution!
We will defend the revolution!
At all costs, we will defend the revolution!
Now you can show magnanimity.
If you save his life, people will love you for that too.
If we kill him...
no matter how secretly we bury him, somebody will find the grave...
then light candles there, and make it a shrine to his memory.
Don't make martyrs for another revolution.
I consider myself neither a traitor...
nor a deserter.
My conscience is clear.
If this court should find me guilty...
I shall accept its decision, even though I might be shot.
I would...
consider it one more service...
for the revolution.
This court...
finds the accused...
guilty of high crimes of treason and conspiracy...
and sentences him to 20 years.
{Y:i}It has been a very dlfflcult tlme...
{Y:i}for all of us. Foryou...
{Y:i}and for me, personally. But...
{Y:i}from thls bitter and dlfflcult ordeal...
{Y:i}the revolutlon has emerged vlctorlously.
{Y:i}In every vlllage, ln every street, In every city...
{Y:i}we wlll create committees forthe defense of the revolutlon!
{Y:i}There wlll be no place forcounter-revolutlonarles...
{Y:i}to hlde In Cuba!
Why should life in Cuba be any different for writers...
artists, movie directors and poets...
than it is for soldiers, bus drivers, waiters and miners?
What use is an article about American beatniks to the revolution?
That was the last publication.
Artists, from now on, will have the freedom to create art...
for the masses. Everyone sacrifices themselves for the revolution.
There's a journalist here from Moscow wants to see you.
Not another one! We've just dismissed 50!
This is not just any journalist. He's very close to Kruchev.
A gift from the people from the Soviet Union.
Thank you.
And also, from Premier Kruchev...
who has personally watched the direction of your revolution...
with great interest and admiration.
I have instructions of Deputy Premier Anastas Mikoyan...
to discuss with you the possibility of presenting...
a Soviet trade fair in Havana.
Maybe we should try the vodka and caviar first.
Yes, I think it will be very interesting for us.
As the first step perhaps, for diplomatic relations.
Let us first agree to the trade fair.
To introduce a new policy, first you go to the people.
Explain it to them, and then seek their approval.
That sounds like a very good policy.
0f course.
This is good.
This is very, very good.
Cuba, yes! Yankees, no! Cuba, yes! Yankees, no!
We must expect the savage blow of the imperialist fury at every moment.
We face an invasion of the parasites who left our beloved country.
An invasion paid for by a country...
that insists on its own sovereign rights...
and will take their arms against us, because we insist on ours.
This will not, and cannot be tolerated.
We will defend this revolution of the humble...
by the humble and for the humble, to the last drop of our blood!
We shall be victorious!
The country or death!
Cuba, yes! Yankees, no!
{Y:i}...we used agalnst them weren't very effectlve, therefore we were not...
{Y:i}the brlgade was not able to malntaln alr supremacy on the beach.
{Y:i}The operatlon was a fallure...
{Y:i}and the responslbllity rests with the White House.
I have just spoken to Kruchev.
The Soviets have information that the Yankees plan a direct invasion.
We discussed strengthening our armed forces...
Soviet military advisers and weaponry in Cuba.
So, what 's he offering?
Strategic nuclear weapons.
{Y:i}Withln the past week, unmlstakable evldence has establlshed the fact...
{Y:i}that a serles of offenslve mlsslle slghts...
{Y:i}Is now In preparatlon on that lmprlsoned Island.
{Y:i}We'll not be prematurely or unnecessarlly...
{Y:i}rlsk the course of a worldwlde nuclearwar...
{Y:i}In whlch even the fruits of vlctory would be ashes In our mouths.
{Y:i}But neitherwlllwe shrlnk from that rlsk at any tlme it must be faced.
Whatever Kennedy says, whatever he decides for his country...
we do not stand down from the principle that we have the right to...
determine what we do in our country. Whatever Kennedy says or does.
I will sit down with this guy and talk about anything he wants.
He seems like a nice guy.
I think we can work things out with this president.
But we will not be told what we can do in our own territory.
We've just picked this announcement Kruchev has made in Moscow.
'In order to save the world from nuclear catastrophe...
we have given an order to dismantle the arms in Cuban territory...
and to return them to the Soviet Union.'
- It has to be US propaganda! - No, I had it personally.
Get him on the phone immediately! Why wasn't I informed by Kruchev?
- What time was this broadcast? - Eight o'clock, Moscow time.
I had no communication with Moscow for the last 3 days.
They're our allies. It was an agreement between me and Kruchev!
Here is the rest of the announcement, 'In return we accept the US promise...
that they will never again attack the sovereign territory of Cuba...
or sponsor any attack on the sovereign territory of Cuba.'
- That has to be a victory for us! - How can it be a victory...
when we were not even part of the negotiations? Turn on the television!
- Proves the Soviets stand behind us! - By standing down to Kennedy?
It only proves the Soviets will not risk to attack imperialism anywhere.
And I wasn't even consulted. These weapons are on our territory.
And they are deciding themselves if they keep them here...
or take them away without talking to me?!
This is only a victory for the United States, Fidel.
Kruchev will now want to make amends.
We can take advantage of that, Fidel.
We can get the industrial plants we need.
We can get the loans we need, we can get the conventional weapons.
We can make it with the Soviets, so that we never again...
have to rely on the Yankee dollar.
Why is sugar cane production down again?
We have had so many volunteers working in the fields.
We have all been in the fields.
- There have been problems. - What problems?
- The transition from private to state. - Why? Why should there be problems?
They're all getting the same money. Why work harder than the next man?
Who is saying that?
- That 's what they are telling us. - Who?
- The workers in the field. - Give me names!
- I cannot give you names. - Are you saying...
that we will not sustain the revolution...
if the people have no material gain from it?
Their ideology is not being taught correctly. They have to develop...
...a communist consciousness. - They've been taught it.
But the Cuban likes to look at the skies and dream.
- No Cuban I know. - Why is milk production down?
That 's because we told everyone to concentrate in sugar production.
- And everything else has gone down. - So it is my fault...
for asking the people to put all their efforts in the cane fields?
In my view we're not planning the economy properly.
Something goes wrong here and we all run to fix it.
Something else goes wrong there and we all run to fix it there.
We are not using foresight and developing long-term strategies.
What about coffee production?
- The land was not suitable for it. - Who says that?
I brought in experts to advise us and help...
We don't need advisors!
To tell me l'm wrong?!
The economy is failing...
because we are not inspiring the people to work for the revolution.
All of Cuba has to be a guerilla army now!
They have to understand that work for the revolution...
is a moral imperative.
Then, the harvest will be up. Then, everything will grow.
You and your agricultural committee are dismissed.
- But you are using... - 0ur dialogue is over!
Maybe we can ask the Soviets for a loan.
No, no. The Soviets are part of the problem.
Their machinery doesn't work, their spare parts never arrive...
and you're developing a mentality of waiting for them to provide for us.
Cuba has to break free from all imperialism.
- Russian as well as Yankee. - How can we break away...
from the Soviets when we do all of our trading with them?
The answer is to put more volunteers in the fields...
plant more coffee seeds, and develop better cows.
And we must not allow counter-revolutionary ideology...
to infiltrate the planning of the economy.
Arrest him for betraying the revolution.
His ideology is destructive to the people he is here to serve.
The history of imperialism has been the history...
of the exploitation of trade between the poorer, African...
{Y:i}Aslan and Latln Amerlcan natlons...
{Y:i}and the lmperlallsts.
{Y:i}Soclallsm exlsts to put an end to that exploitatlon.
{Y:i}By uslng our poorcountrles as a source of cheap labor...
{Y:i}the masters of the Kremlln have become accompllces of lmperlallsm!
Why is this Argentine idiot making statements on behalf of our country?
What are you going to do? He'll ruin our relationship with the Russians.
Then who will we sell our sugar to? We'll have no money, no economy...
and once again the Yankees will be out to destroy us.
- Alexeiev. - He can go to hell.
He won't be able to answer the phone now. Just make a note for me.
Che has our total support.
Well, he doesn't have mine.
The Soviets are furious with us.
- But wasn't I telling the truth? - Telling the truth is not politics.
You do not tell your wife everything...
you do not tell your children everything...
you do not tell your friends everything.
And you do not tell your allies everything.
L'm resigning from the government, Fidel.
If the Soviets are furious with me, then you must get rid of me.
You know what my answer to that would be.
But still, l'm resigning from the government.
And l'm resigning my citizenship.
L've made my decision long ago. There's nothing left for me to do here.
Revolution is fomenting in Peru, Guatemala...
in Argentina. In Africa, in Congo, Angola.
In Latin America...
we need our independence.
And it won't be won with the Russians.
It will be won by fighting for socialism ourselves. So l'm...
l'm going back to the mountains.
Back to fighting.
We want to start the war...
in any country, any country in Latin America.
If I trained the guerilla force here just as you did in Mexico...
and took them up to the mountains and create the guerilla war...
then this war will inevitably spread out to the neighboring countries...
creating the revolutionary conditions in those countries as well.
This will bring down the Yankees...
and they would never, Fidel, never...
be able to contain several guerilla movements in neighboring countries.
It will become worse than Vietnam for them.
Just one spark...
in one guerilla movement...
in one mountain range...
and the whole thing just...
If anyone knows it can be done...
Where would you go?
To Bolivia.
You could go to Bolivia.
From Bolivia, you could go to Peru.
To Chile...
to Argentina.
First my revolution. Then yours.
L'll talk with the communists in Bolivia. With my friend, Mario Monje.
We'll lay the groundwork for you. You pick the best fighting men.
And train them here.
I will give you everything you need.
We'll just have to fight our way out.
- Let 's go to the city? - Sure.
No good to Cuba...
no good to us...
and worst of all for you...
no good to the Soviets.
There is a training book at the CIA...
that we use to track down guerilla units.
It 's your book.
'A guerilla movement cannot be successful...
without the support of the peasants.'
Good advice.
And you had the support of nobody.
Come on.
Shoot me.
You are only going to kill a man.
Turn the head, please.
Excuse me.
Ramiro says the CIA had him killed.
Ramiro would be right.
But I told him...
I told him he would be safe.
I told him...
I would lay the groundwork for him.
He trusted me to do that.
It was the Bolivian Communist Party who let him down, not you.
It was they who abandoned their support for him.
Che would not have trusted them.
But he trusted me.
He trusted me to get that right.
- Comrade Fidel, how are you? - How are you? All right?
How are you? My comrade.
Two hours and 40 minutes.
55 minutes.
0ne hour and 20 minutes.
Four hours and 55 minutes standing in line...
and that 's all I could find to buy.
This will soon stop.
- Soon we'll have enough food... - No steak and no onions.
To pay the education of your grandchildren, to pay doctors...
I know, I know! Sacrifices have to be made.
Fidel, don't you remember me?
I remember you.
- Don't you remember me? - Yes, I remember you.
In the kitchen of Havana Libre. The best meal of my life!
The best meal of my life...
3 o'clock in the morning, when we entered Havana!
Every night since then I have prayed for the revolution.
For 10 years, every night.
And every morning I wake up and things are worse.
My grandson works on the docks.
Today they loaded the whole boat...
with can milk for Vietnam.
We don't want our money spent on revolutions in Africa and in Asia.
We need the food now, here. Don't interrupt me when l'm talking.
Ten years ago you asked us what you could do for us.
Well... you can listen to us now.
We want to be free to trade among ourselves...
and to be able to complain about the good-for-nothing party managers.
- Without being thrown into prison. - But you are free to complain.
What am I gonna do now? Arrest you?
And am I not listening to you now?
The problem is that we are not working together, as a people.
What we need to do is work more for the revolution and not for ourselves.
What we need is more sacrifices.
We promised that we'd have milk for everyone by the end of this year.
- These results are worse than ever. - Why don't the cows produce enough?
Because the crossbreeding program has not given the result we hoped for.
Nothing to do with it. I set this program up myself.
And this cow is the best milk producer in the world.
In theory, yes. But because of the climate...
- Are you blaming the cow? - No. 0f course not.
It 's a wonderful program you have devised for us. What l'm trying to...
There is nothing wrong with the cow!
{Y:i}Our revolutlon...
is not a revolution of the bourgeoisie!
0ur revolution is a revolution of communists.
Nobody shed his blood here fighting against the tyranny...
fighting against the imperialists, against bandits and bankers...
in order to study the right of somebody to make 50 pesos...
{Y:i}selllng hotdogs and frled eggs.
{Y:i}58,O12 buslnesses In Cuba are stlll prlvately owned.
{Y:i}Today I announce the great revolutlonary offenslve...
{Y:i}the entlre ellmlnatlon of prlvate buslnesses In Cuba!
Turn that off.
{Y:i}The last pregnancy of bourgeolsle wlll be llquldated...
{Y:i}In thls herolc offenslve.
Thank you.
How is she?
This may be the last time you will see her.
You have been...
very wonderful to me.
I want you to listen to me.
You must not interrupt me.
You must listen to me...
when I tell you...
that you are losing touch with the people.
It 's not that they have stopped loving you.
It is the nature of power.
Being in power for so long...
you are losing touch with people's dreams...
what they want in life.
They have doctors...
they have schools...
and for that they will always be grateful.
But you are not giving them what they want now.
Do not...
make them wait for you to die.
Do not make them look upon you...
as their dictator.
- Are you listening to me? - Yes.
I will never...
never lose touch with the people.
I promise you.
{Y:i}Fldel Castro Is allve and well, despite at least elght CIA plots to klll hlm...
{Y:i}and one plan to undermlne hls lmage by maklng hls beard fall out.
{Y:i}I'm certaln In my heart that lwlll be the flrst Amerlcan presldent...
{Y:i}to set foot on the soll of a free and Independent Cuba.
{Y:i}With the economy dlslntegratlng, the Sovlets pulled the plug.
{Y:i}No one can recall shortages as great as today.
{Y:i}They say the Amerlcan embargo Is to blame...
{Y:i}Do you have the questlons written down?
{Y:i}These are the Straits of Florlda.
{Y:i}About 1OO mlles of shark-lnfested waters between Florlda and Cuba.
{Y:i}Estlmates are that forevery 1 Cuban who makes it allve,2 do not.
{Y:i}That would mean so farthls year...
{Y:i}4OO Cubans could have dled In the treacherous waters.
For 40 years, we have been the target of your assassination plots.
Your mercenary invasions, your military attacks...
insurrections planned and paid for by your CIA.
For 40 years you have declared economic and political war on us.
You have done everything to destroy us by undemocratic means.
Because you say we are undemocratic.
Forty years.
And you are still refusing to accept your neighbor's decision...
to live in his own house as he wishes.
Is that democracy?
To punish every country that disagrees with you?
Before 1959, you had one policy for Cuba:
That we must be exploited.
After 1959, you had one policy for Cuba:
That we must be destroyed.
Is that democracy?
We are proud that we have survived all your attempts to destroy us.
So do you think we will give up the revolution now?
Do you think I will sell out the revolution...
for which men and women have sacrificed their lives?
Just because your companies demand the right to sell...
what they like, how they like and where they like?
And then expect your military to support the companies?!
And your CIA to assassinate those who protest against them?!
Do you think I will sell out the revolution for that?
I will never betray the revolution.
{Y:i}Even if I was told that 98% of the people in Cuba...
no longer believed in the revolution...
I would continue to fight it.
Even if I was told that I was the only one who believed...
I would carry on.
I would be the sole revolutionary.