The Tudors: The Dawn Of A New Age #BritishHistory2

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A lot of cool stuff happened after 1066, like the signing
of the Magna Carta, and the founding of Cambridge University.
But I want to get to some real juicy stuff. And the juiciest
of them all are the Tudors!
So basically, there was this guy called king Richard the
third who was a bit of player.
When King Edward the fourth died his 12 year old son took over
with Richard the III, the former kings brother, being named
his protector. So as you do, Richard locked the new king
and his brother in the tower of London and declared himself
king. The two boys were not seen since. All this happened in
A lot of people were none to pleased with king Richard's antics
and so they backed their best available candidate,
a chap called Henry Tudor Of Lancashire.
Sporting a red rose he assembled an army in Wales. THere were a
few battles between Hendry Tudor, and Richard III, with his white rose.They
met for a final time at Bosworth (Only 16 minutes away
from us) where Richard was killed. This battle was in 1485.
England was Henry's. The Tudor Dynasty was born.