Dating Advice Myths? Find out if they're true! #1

Uploaded by tytuniversity on 03.02.2012

i think these dating myths are basically things that college students ask
themselves all the time whether or not they're true or false so let's get right
to it. Dating myth number one is that girls always like guys that treat them
You tell me. Do you think that women like guys that treat them badly? Are you... hold on
Before you even answer that question Are you a good guy or a bad guy?
I think that to be successful in this world you
have to have a little bit of both.
Or at least be able to appear to have a little bit of both. I remember back
like last year you
wre having this ongoing conversation with Tom Hank, you know, who does some
uh... behind the scenes about
having to appear to be you know a bad guy. I think that that's necessary allen
meaner definitely
Here's what matters - age matters. You know when you were young
and i'm speaking to girls when i say you
it seems like you tend to be more attracted to the guys that are a little
bit that because you made you know you start to want different things that
standards that you place yourself in a friends place on you know the guy that's
going to work up with
they changed and i think they've been
you appreciate the value of having somebody that actually treats you well
but what do you think i mean you've had several relationships and entirely found
one that stuck but right what do you think about that sees that he did a bad
boys in europe in school i did it bad boys and i was ided one badly when i was
in high school uh... and he
eat didn't treat me right she was like possesses and crazy but and at that time
in my life i thought that that's how guys are supposed to be like a mister
online aside
and that and it's not ok like do you go out that you're right you maturity
realize that i need someone who supported up my needs
and my career someone i can talk to someone i can relate to on an
intellectual level backed anything so uh... and to be honest with you even now
with the guy and dating now he's about one hundred percent nice he's got uh...
so you know sweet and sour going on and i like that but you know i think i think
everybody likes that you don't want someone who's constantly like tell you
how awesome you are and how much they love you and how perfect you are you
want someone who can put you in your place we need to be put in your place
and don't you don't misinterpret that at all when i mean by that is
you know francis universal biases excuses with nothing
don't misinterpret that when when in fact what is your plates much like for
instance once in awhile act i can become bratty and i can be like
i don't know who need a plate if u absurd example
the other day the sakowitz rot right
and i was like
i watch this item warrants so we watched like the two hours sag awards everyone
wants a little basketball and started moping around about it and if you are
aptitude and he's like now
this this is not ok i wanna watch basketball i'm gonna watch basketball
and if you don't like it you can we when i was like
but to boil down
this myth nine fire in that
there's this yelp this concept you've probably heard that before but give a
cat annually to the cat interested you dangle some string in for a minute back
to the string made you drop the string on the floor and give it to the capitol
it's not interested anymore totally have to do a little bit at strength is also
all the sudden you're comparing women to cats that is the world inspected by a
member of the animal kingdom avenge with
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