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One of my favourite ingredients in the middle of summertime
or as you get to the end of a summer
is this stuff.
Beautiful sweet corn.
Now, you pull back that husk
and you see that gorgeous yellow corn.
White corn is now also pretty commonly available.
There's beautiful ways to cook it on the barbie.
You can leave it in the husk just like that
and you'll sort of steam it more on the inside
but still get a little bit of a charred flavour.
Or you can just pick it up like that where it's already peeled,
drizzle it with just a tiny bit of oil, salt and pepper,
throw it on the barbie
and you'll get this beautiful charred sort of flavour to it.
It'll go nice and crispy. It's just delicious.
This is how you do it.
You get yourself a little oil
and then you just drizzle that straight over the corn.
I'm going to cook it both ways so you get to see it.
I've got a little bit of salt.
And a little bit of freshly ground black pepper.
So I'm going to pick a couple of these up,
straight onto the grill,
give it another drizzle of oil on the other side.
Right, so while the corn's on the barbecue,
I thought we might as well show you some other vegies on the barbecue.
We'll get really nice and healthy.
And what I'm going to teach you how to make
is an American dish, it's called a succotash.
Involves a lot of corn and all different sorts of vegetables.
It's very healthy
and it's a delicious accompaniment to most grilled meats
or barbecued meats when you're cooking outdoors.
I'm just going to keep my eye on my corn over here
because I can hear it cracking away.
You'll see you're just starting to get a little colour there already
which is just right, perfect.
Now, I have a big bowl of vegetables. I've got some green beans here.
We've got some red pepper.
We've also got some zucchini.
You get yourself some oil and you give it a good old douse in.
Remembering a lot of this oil's gonna cook off,
so don't be worried that you're putting too much on.
And some sea salt.
Just like that. And then you come over to the hotplate.
Now, don't do it on a barbecue that has the grills, of course,
'cause your vegetables will fall through.
But you just go ahead...
I've got my capsicum.
Let's have a look at the corn.
Beautiful. It's not quite ready, but it will be soon.
Let's see what's going on here with my zucchinis.
What you're looking for here is that you get a little bit of colour -
see how we're getting the caramelisation
on the outside of the zucchini? -
that's those natural sugars coming to the surface of the vegetable.
So once you've got a nice colour on some of these vegetables,
like my zucchini...
And then what we do, slide that straight over onto the board,
pick up a nice sharp knife...
..and I'm just going to cut this into a nice big dice.
And I'm just going to go ahead and scoop all of those vegies
straight into my dish.
And then we just carry on building that up
with all the other stuff that we're doing
and soon enough we'll have a succotash.
Green beans are next.
Mmm! Crunchy and delicious.
So you can hear that sizzling and popping underneath the barbecue.
That's absolutely what you want to hear.
I want to get a little colour on my capsicum,
so you can see it's starting to develop...
Needs just a tiny bit more.
You'll notice the corn went on first and then it comes off last
because it takes the longest to cook
because there's so many different little pieces
that you've sort of got to roll it around
and make sure that you come into contact with different parts of it,
you know?
You can pull that off
and you just want to go ahead and cut right on through, turn it around
and cut that just into a rough dice.
So now you put the capsicum in and you really start to see that colour
starts to develop in your succotash, which is great.
Right we are.
So once your corn's developed this beautiful colour,
you stand it up and then of course as the corn falls into your pyrex dish,
you'll be able to easily scoop it up.
We have the corn that we actually cooked in the husk,
which, of course, is a different way of doing it.
So all that you do with this one is you're gonna peel back that husk
and you can see the corn's kind of got
that bright yellow sort of steamed look to it.
I'm just going to pick that up...
So you can see the corn here really plays the biggest part of this dish.
And then you just go ahead and add that to your dish.
So then you bring your succotash back up onto the board
and then just stir that around.
Stir some of that corn through
the zucchini and the capsicum and the beans.
The last thing that I like to put on to it
is just some thinly sliced spring onions.
It's a real celebration of those summer vegies,
the succotash, you know.
Of course it's a vegetarian's dream, right?
It's just such a great combination to put on a table.
It serves so well with all sorts of barbecued food.
And to finish it off, I've got a little lime vinaigrette.
And if you want to learn more
about how to make great dressings or vinaigrettes,
you're in the right place because I've done a bunch of them,
so go and have a look.
What you do is just go ahead and pour that dressing all the way over.
Just before you serve, make sure you have a little taste.
I'm going to use this dainty little spoon here.
Mmm! Mmm!
It's so good. Excuse me. Yum!
A little bit of salt to finish it off.
One more crack of pepper.
And that is a delicious summer succotash.