Marlene & Rebecca - Part 45

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You can't.
You can't tell me that you don't love me.
That's also the reason why you could never live with Tristan in my appartment in New York.
Where you'd be reminded constantly of what you ran from.
Stop this.
You know this marriage is a mistake.
Then tell me at last.
"Rebecca, I don't love you."
For the most beautiful rose in my life. (Tristan's letter)
I'll hurry, I miss you already.
With love, your Tristan.
(Rebecca's voice: I'll leave you alone.)
(Rebecca's voice: But only if you look me in the eyes and tell me you feel nothing for me.)
Dear Tristan, I miss you too.
{Knocking on door}
Excuse me countess..
Tanja von Lahnstein tried to call you. Multiple times.
Oh God!
The shooting with Marlene. Oh no, no, no. What time is it?
Oh God, Tanja will kill me!
She didn't say this exactly. But it aims in the same direction.
Half an hour. Tell her I'll be there in half an hour!
Agh, Justus, do me a favor and put the .. uh .. designs in the portfolio, thank you.
Very well.
We could remain on schedule if you knew what to do. So what will you do?
I'll go through the dress sketches exclusively in front of the press and I'll be enthusiastic - I hope so
May I remind you that this competition was your idea?
There's Rebecca.
It's about time!
Now don't look like a wounded deer.
Coffee is over there.
Excuse me I need the portfolio once more.
Here we go.
Marlene does it marvellous.
You know we've received hundreds of designs. Some were eliminated for plagiarism of famous labels.
But many designs are really outstanding.
We're of course happy to hand young designers a chance.
I think that's it. I'd like to move on to the second theme.
By the way, all designs are still in the running.
I want none of them visible in the pictures.
I need the folder just a second.
Rebecca, can I please talk to you?
Now is not the time for private conversations.
We continue.
Everyone who has nothing to do here, disappear.
Especially you!
Could you reveal to me what that was exactly?
I'm not talking about the shooting but about the disturbed look at a certain person.
I've no idea what you mean.
Mind you, according to my last info, you had a short, but meaningless escapade with Rebecca..
Now you look forward to your marriage with Tristan, do I need an update?
Then what is your bloody problem?
I made sure Rebecca won't design this dress, but there's no way I can ban her from the firm!
Where is the folder!
Rebecca makes me nervous.
That poses the question: why?
Because she is so stressed,I tried to reach out..
As friend, but she doesn't give us any chance at all..
No, she demands me to tell her I don't love her
that is completely ridiculous, isn't it?
- What did you answer? - Eh?
At the question whether you love her or not. What did you answer?
Heavens, Marlene!
What about Heavens Marlene?
Do us a favor and clearify your sexuality!
There's nothing to clearify ! Don't you start too!
Good, because we need no complications!
We're promoting the dress for your wedding with Tristan!
- The one I love! - How nice.
Now get out and clearify with Rebecca, unambiguous!!
And bring the portfolio with you!
Rats! I forgot it.
Uh, I have to take my notes out.
You left so quickly..
You wanted to tell me something?
I wanted to give you an answer.. to your question.
{ Sigh }
I don't love you.
No roses. The time for roses is definitely over.
Okay, sorry!
Rebecca, I've looked through all designs.
You made a good selection.
This design here is however without name or adress.
Rather unprofessional to submit it this way, isn't it?
Yes. Very brazen. That's why I wanted to take it out.
No idea why it's still in the folder.
Perhaps because it is by far the best?
I want the name and the adress of this designer.
I love this dress. It seems to be made for Marlene.
Well, congratulations.
(Tristan by phone) Marlene, I was just thinking of you.
Did you get my flowers?
Yes. They are really beautiful.
I hope you arrived well, wherever you are?
I did, and I can already reveal that you will love my surprise.
I love YOU.
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