Mika Häkkinen talks about Schumacher

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Here we are at the port of Monaco. It's not too bad at all for us here, Mika.
For sure. There's no hurry.
No rush to go anywhere.
Hey, listen, when you were driving, Michael Schumacher was your toughest rival.
Tell me a little bit about your relationship.
Your relationship as racing drivers, I mean.
Yeah, I was gonna ask "What relationship?"
Let's not go into that.
Let's stay on the subject of racing.
Well, I've raced against Michael since the year '83.
So we were just little kids driving go-karts. Tough battle.
After that we moved on to Formula 3, and ended up in Formula 1.
And we've had this weird rivalry going on ever since.
But we've had mutual respect on how professionally...
...at least I respect how professionally Michael has always handled the driving and the job.
But we've had a few such situations on the track in the past
when I would've liked to say quite a lot of different things to him.
What's the most memorable one ?
Erm, well, I think I'd say there was an extraordinary situation at Spa
when I managed to overtake him on the last few laps.
Ricardo Zonta, who was being lapped, got overtaken by Michael on the left and me on the right.
The speed was 300 km/h.
It's been said it's the most awesome overtake the F1 has ever seen.
Sounds wild.
It was a wild situation.
I'm sure Ricardo Zonta had to change his underwear after the race.
But what happened a few laps before that with Michael...
Michael outrageously pushed me on the grass at high speeds.
I was thinking "Hey come on, think twice. Peoples' lives are at stake here"
This is just motorsports, after all.
You don't have to go at it tooth and nail.
But then again I've given him a run for his money a few times, too.
Mika, Schumacher has now made a comeback.
With what feelings have you been following the man's escapades?
Well, I know since I'm 43 myself
My knees creak a little when I get up from bed in the morning.
The years start to have an effect.
No matter how hard you train, those are the laws of physics.
To be honest I was surprised by his return.
But Michael loves driving, this is everything for him.
Even so, I do know it's not easy.
He's got a young bloke, Nico, as his teammate, who keeps on beating him time after time.
Now everyone's cheering "hooray, he's on pole", but it's the first time in a long while.
But does that mean it's a single shooting star and then it ends here?
You never... you never know.
But I know the young drivers are so... They've got nothing in their lives except for this.
And I know Michael has other things, responsibilities in his life.
They affect his concentration, so it's not easy.
It's not easy. Back then you drove in competing teams, the biggest rivalling constructors.
And now you're kind of teammates, men of the same paddock.
Do you keep in touch at all?
Well, naturally, yes, we do.
I've been a Merc ambassador for several years.
I've done a lot of work in Europe, and quite a lot in China for AMG.
And I've done a few promotions together with Michael.
We do work together and it's interesting.
But this is a great example of the situation: You really don't want to burn your bridges behind you.
And the fact that...
The Earth goes round and round.
When I quit driving in 2001 I would never have believed that Michael would be driving with Merc today.
And that we would be working for the same company.
I like it, it's interesting, and me and Michael are becoming closer as people all the time.
It seems we're starting to grow up.