James Rodriguez Interview

Uploaded by workwithoutlimits on 15.01.2013

I have a list of mental and physical disabilities
that affect my everyday life.
I actually stopped working and did not work for eight years.
Because I was so sick, I could not work.
I got involved with a chess club,
and my counselor there helped me become involved in work again.
I know that many people fear that when they start
going back to work, if they are receiving SSI benefits,
these benefits will stop.
I was advised before going back to work
that this would not happen.
I knew how many hours I could work,
I knew the limit of how much money I could make.
So this was explained to me by my counselor.
She explained what my benefits were,
what my expectations should be going back to work,
the effect of going back to work on my benefits,
the amount I could make every month,
how that would affect my benefits.
One can go back to work and still receive benefits.
I am fluent in several languages,
and I wanted to exploit that line of work.
I never was content with the idea of never working again,
of living with benefits for the rest of my life.
So I most definitely wanted to go back and be on my own.
And to this day, I'm always waiting for a better position
in the work world.
My advice to others is to not give up.
My advice is to look in all the fields.
No job is too small.
No position is undignified when it is work.