Kem Sitsongpeenong Musashi Interview Nov

Uploaded by musashithailand on 28.12.2012

Hello. I’m Peter and today I’m talking with Kem Sitsongpeenong.
Kem, can you tell us what sport you play?
Muay Thai.
How many years have you practiced Muay Thai?
15 years.
Can you tell a little about your history in the sport. How old did you start?
13 years old.
Where have you competed?
Ratchadamnoen, Lumphini, near home and abroad as well.
- Do you currently compete overseas? - Yes.
Can you tell us where you’ll be competing in the next few months?
This month I’ll be competing in Japan.
- And who will you fight in Japan? - Maowi Fower.
We spoke just a bit ago and you said he’s heavier than you?
Yes he weighs more.
Alright, sounds interesting.
What does a normal week of training look like for you?
I have to train hard.
If I’m preparing for a fight I train hard otherwise I’ll train less intense.
I suppose as you’re about to fight someone heavier you’re now training quite hard?
Yes I’m training hard, twice as hard now.
You must go all out, no giving in right?
Yes 100%.
Let me ask about your diet.
Do you have to control your diet in any special way?
If I’m preparing for a fight I have to. I eat twice as much.
So as you’re preparing for a heavy opponent you’re eating twice as much?
Yes I have to try!
So you have to control what you’re eating when preparing for competition.
When you’re not preparing can you eat differently or do you eat maintain the same diet?
My diet stays similar. But it’s more dialed in for competition.
May I ask you about Musashi’s products. How long have you been using them?
About 3-4 years.
What products do you currently take?
I like the chocolate flavor.
The chocolate flavored protein... you never tried the vanilla?
No I never have.
You’re heart is stuck on chocolate then?
Yes, it helps my muscles.
You’re currently using Musashi’s protein.
Do you notice a difference when you’re not using the supplement?
When I don’t supplement I don’t feel the same.
But when I do supplement it helps my muscles.
So you said your favorite is chocolate...
There’s no chance I can change your mind and try vanilla right?
Nope. I like this flavor. It’s what I want to eat!
No argument there, chocolate is delicious.
Is there anything you’d like to add about your training...
or Musashi’s supplements for the viewers to hear?
Be careful training for Muay Thai. It’s not easy.
And supplement with protein. It helps your muscles stay strong.
Thank you.
Thank you for your interview today and good luck to you.